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June 9, 2013

My 100th post ....

.... for the year 2013. My previous 100th post was a combination of all my posts since I started, but that was 70 posts ago, so now I feel like this one is a more official post as an accomplishment of this many posts in one year. Getting better at blogging much more consistently, something popular bloggers suggest so readers have something to look forward to, knowing you'll post often. That's my goal & I'm feeling good about reaching it. 

So just how did I celebrate this milestone? 

Yup, that's right, I planted!

A great way to spend some time today, in between the rain.

These flowers were potted at the end of planting my big pots with lavender. The rain was holding off, so I quickly grabbed this vintage planter I bought at the Car Boot Sale held at the Antique Mall at the end of May. It was an entire $1 & I love how nicely the Begonias fit into it. It needs a nice, wispy Spike Plant to go between, but for now, I put in the rusty metal stick that the seller thru in for free. I like the look!

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