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June 4, 2013

Full day ....

.... that I get to decide what to do with. My list of possibilities is long but I truly only have about 7 hours to play with before I have to go in to provide counseling for a grieving widow. Til then, I plan to:

*pull up the last forms for our taxes so we can print & send. We're getting refunds so no worry about deadlines here.
*input my receipts into my spreadsheet for reimbursement on Thursday, just in time for our holidays at the end of June.
*do our personal banking for June & maybe even July - a busy 2 months coming up & the last thing I want to be doing is worrying about deadlines for payments.
*take in a deposit of cheques & cash for the centre - my administrator usually does this but she's in the city & I have all the money here. Faster for me to do it rather than drive it all the way in to her. 
*box up the brand new printer that is not working to take back to Costco. A really good one but we appear to have chosen the dud in the pile.
*create a press release for our new centre - exciting news that our community needs to know about!
*wash the floors - we have tiny doggy prints gracing the landscape from all the rain on the weekend.
*start to pot all my flowers sitting on the deck in the sun - they are doing well but I need to move them off the deck & spread the color around the yard.
*pull up the rhubarb and the weeds - a big job that we started on the weekend but it kept raining, so we had to keep stopping. Blues skies today so this task should be finally completed.
*mix the organic dirt we bought with some new grass seed to fill in a few dead spots - our grass is looking lush & full, except for a couple of spots that aren't as nice.

Whatever does not get done today, no despair shall incur, as I have tonight off & tomorrow too!! It will feel good to go back to work on Thursday, with all of these completed. Wish me luck!

So what's on your 
to do list for today?

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