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October 31, 2022

Blogtober: Day 31.

This was a beautiful month, probably the best
October in years for weather and productivity.
It sounds like we may wake up to a blanket of
snow tomorrow morning. Goodbye, October!

~ Chy

October 30, 2022

Blogtober: Day 30.

We had the best time last night at our local
Museum's Halloween Party. They asked us
to set up on site with our radio station. So
we did and enjoyed providing music and
conversation live, on air. It was a very late
night ~ I think we hit our pillows around
4 am .... but up bright and early to tackle
our long list of outdoor Fall prep. All done
now and happy to have a quiet night not
in costumes! Do you have Halloween plans?

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 29.

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... pyjama bottoms, matching jersey top, comfy oversized cardigan and matching socks. All ready to settle in for a bit of a break from a very busy weekend and a super productive day. Now, we chill!

What I'm reading .... the following magazines I borrowed from the library: Britain (The Official Magazine) x 2, Daphne's Diary x 2, Country Woman x 1 and Mother Earth Living x 1. I have to take them back to the library soon so trying to finish up my reads.

What's happening in my kitchen .... dh made a lovely Sunday dinner and he's now putting all the dishes in the dishwasher. Soon the hum will begin and the kitchen will be closed.

What's outside my window .... blue sky, breezy wind, warm air and whispy thin trees now that most of all the pretty leaves have fallen to the ground.

What I'm thankful for .... a warm cottage, the ending of our landscaping for this season, the extra projects that we set for Spring 2023 but tackled because the weather has been so amazing, a good car so I can drive our granddaughter to school in the morning and then take our son over to his dealership to see if they figured out what is wrong with his car ~ hoping the news is good as budgets are tight.

What I'm smelling .... the sweet smell of the buns that he baked. The kitchen still smells lovely!

What I'm hearing .... my family on a video link while I'm writing and we're all laughing so hard.

What I'm crafting .... Halloween thingy's.

What's on my mind .... our son's car, the tragedy in Korea, all the things I hope to do on my holidays, and NOT work!!

Words to live by .... see the quote above. 

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 28.

More photos from our Thanksgiving feast with
family and friends. At the top, a veranda view
from the front steps. A sweet arrangment from
our neighbors down the lane. Others did also
bring along gifts and wine. We truly had no
expectations of gifts but it was very thoughtful
of everyone.  A photo of the turkey, the buffet
all laid out, then a shot of our dd waiting to "dig
in!" The apple cake that was part of desert is in
the next shot, and then a photo of the table. Our
best friend Trevor kept getting his elbow in the
way of the shot, and when I teased him, his man
response was to put his entire arm in the photo.
Men! Finally, a picture of my very full plate,
that was soon followed by a very full belly!
And full hearts for those who were with us.

For all my U.S. friends, a taste of what is to
soon be on your tables in November! Enjoy!!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 27.

We had bacon and eggs and waffles for
dinner last week. And then a few days
later, dh made egg salad sandwiches.
Same eggs but for some unexplained
reason, I had an allergic reaction. Now
eggs are on the "deadly food that I can
no longer eat." What the heck is going
on in my body? I am so very frustrated!

~ Chy

October 26, 2022

Blogtober: Day 26.


It's all spooky and dark in the Secret Garden! We
can't wait for all the little trick or treaters to visit!

~ Chy

October 25, 2022

Blogtober: Day 25.

Decorating the cottage in the Fall is one
of my very favorite seasons to highlight.
Warm colors, childhood memories and
items from the garden or the forest. It's
a look that makes our tiny abode so cozy
and welcoming. Are you ready for Fall?

~ Chy

October 24, 2022

Blogtober: Day 24.

Early morning light on the master bedroom fireplace.
It's darker and darker each day. We're not even in to
Winter yet and I'm already wishing for Spring! But
promised myself to embrace it this year. Embracing!

~ Chy

October 23, 2022

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... pyjama bottoms, a tank top and a comfy hoodie, with warm socks and my slippers. Hair is in a messy bun as we worked outside ~ I did shower but chose not to wash the hair as I'll be back in the shower first thing in the morning for work. Cozy and warm for tonight.

What I'm reading .... I finished the "The Home for Unwanted Girls" on Monday. It was so good! The author has another book, not related, that has had great reviews, so I may see if I can find that one. I did buy a couple of new magazines on Friday so may dive in to those this week. 

What's happening in my kitchen .... dishes are washing away. Dh made his now famous "no allergy for Chy Chilli" and it's amazing. Real chilli would be potentially deadly for me with my crazy allergies but he figured out a few years ago how to make a version that I can enjoy. Lots of leftovers. 

What's outside my window .... clouds and cool air. It's a bit more like Fall this week. Some areas of our Province even got some snow. Not here! Not yet! Stay away!!

What I'm thankful for .... everything in my life, even the challenges! Life is good, even when days can be hard.

What I'm smelling .... the candle I have lit while I write. It's a new one that is kind of woody or Fall like. 

What I'm hearing .... watching "East New York" ~ very good series. Reminds me of "Third Watch" that we used to enjoy.

What I'm crafting .... grand daughter's dollhouse ~ still. 

What's on my mind .... work, snow, work, rain ....

Words to live by .... see the great quote above!

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 23.

Guess what's happening outside in the
Secret Garden? Yup! Halloween has
arrived and we're starting to make the
cottage look spooky for October 31st!

~ Chy

October 22, 2022

Blogtober: Day 22.

LIke the photos I've posted tonight, life has settled. Our cottage is finally feeling like home. Work is busy and sometimes stressful but mostly I feel honored every day to be in my chosen field. Kids are well and thriving. Grandbabies are growing. My mom is progressing in her dementia but is currently healthy and smiles and chats when we visit. Our Family Centre is full with families and our recent events have kept us busy and connected. I truly have nothing to share that is negative in any way. I'm beginning to work self love in to my life each day. Once my work is done, I'm ensuring that I take time to read or write or play in my studio or work in the garden. Almost done our landscaping. We've even managed to get some 2023 Spring projects off our list. Being ahead of the game is great!

Fall has been super busy. We had our annual walk for baby loss families on August 28th. At that time, it was still pretty warm and sunny, but the leaves had started to turn, so it was a beautiful day walking along the treed paths as we stopped to remember each baby with their names written in chalk on the sidewalk. After that successful and memorable day, we started our preschool year and I launched with my team all our grief programming at hospice for the season. We had a Sunday afternoon candle lighting for resident families who had recently had a loved one die at hospice. And then a gala on October 1st for baby loss was our next event. I was asked to give a speech and we loved every moment of this special day. We were contacted by the organizing committee and I am honored to share that we have been gifted $10,000 for our programming that supports baby loss families. Such an amazing donation to our centre. Our most recent event was our 1st annual retreat for baby loss families last weekend. It went so well and we ended the day gathering together with other baby loss families at the big bridge in the City that was lit up for us in pink, blue and white. With all these events done, we have a lovely break before we present 2 candle light services in December ~ 1 for hospice families and 1 for our baby loss/child loss families out here in our tiny hamlet. I truly feel that 2022 has had just a couple of challenges but for the most part, it's been such a beautiful year and I hope this continues well in to 2023. Cherishing this good year!

I know the warm weather will soon turn to cold air and snow on the ground. But for now, we're hanging on to every last moment of Fall until it disappears. Soaking it all in.

So how is Fall in your region?
Warm and sunny? Cool and snowy?

~ Chy

October 21, 2022

Blogtober: Day 21.

With just 10 days until Halloween, we've been busy
putting our outdoor decorations up, inflating the
inflatables, placing pumpkins around the cottage
and ensuring little trick or treaters will be spooked
just a bit when they come to visit! Our decorations
are just slightly scary. Having raised many small
children, I'm always wary of making it too horrific,
especially with all the littles that visit. So excited!

~ Chy

October 20, 2022

Blogtober: Day 20.

The next dollhouse I work on will have
these four colors: light pink, cream, sage
green and warm brown. Love how they
meld together in this Victorian. Sweet!

~ Chy

October 19, 2022

Blogtober: Day 19.

When the morning sun creeps in thru
the windows on the east side of the
cottage, creating a warm spot that is
more than inviting in our great room.

~ Chy

October 18, 2022

Blogtober: Day 18.

When dinner is over, the lights are low,
the kitchen is clean and the range light
is on. I love the end of day when the
cottage becomes cozy. Our tiny home.

~ Chy

October 17, 2022

Blogtober: Day 17.

Soup becomes a staple in our cottage
when the weather changes from
hot weather to cool days and nights.
Hearty homemade chicken soup!

~ Chy

October 16, 2022

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... pj's as we're all tucked in to bed!

What I'm reading .... "The Home for Unwanted Girls." 

What's happening in my kitchen .... nothing as it's well past dinner time, the dishes have finished washing, counters cleaned and the lights are off. All ready for tomorrow.

What's outside my window .... dark skies and warm air.

What I'm thankful for .... our cozy cottage and the amazing warm Fall we're having.

What I'm smelling .... fresh sheets on the bed.

What I'm hearing .... "Family Ties" on the tv.

What I'm crafting .... grand daughter's dollhouse. Still. BUT what I'd love to craft would be the amazing refinishing project above. A tv cabinet turned in to a storage/seating unit. Wouldn't this look great in our mudroom?

What's on my mind .... what I'm going to do with  my afternoon off tomorrow.

Words to live by .... "You're both Angels!" .... a comment from a participant at our Baby Loss Retreat this weekend.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 16.

Decorating before our Thanksgiving
Dinner. I love changing out our decor
for each season and especially for any
holidays. Makes the cottage so cozy.

~ Chy

October 15, 2022

Blogtober: Day 15.

So many things to share. Our retreat was beyond
perfect! And after the day, we headed in to the
Big City to gather at the bridge as it was lit up
for International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day.
I promise to write more later and post photos of
our very special day. For now, we all need sleep!

~ Chy

October 14, 2022

Blogtober: Day 14.

Today was crazy busy with tw0
counselling sessions, then packing
up to get ready for our retreat that
is tomorrow. Tonight we set up
and stood back to look at all our
work, a dream come true. Ready!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 13.

It was late in arriving but now we're set
for next year when our preschool will
honor and reflect on September 30th
for "Truth and Reconciliation Day" in
our country. A day to mourn and ask for
forgiveness with our Indigenous Community.

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 12.

It is so warm in our region that
grass and flowers keep growing!
I'm sure snow will appear at some
point but for now, we're loving it!

~ Chy

October 13, 2022

Blogtober: Day 11.

Our mat at the preschool at the beginning of last
year's school term. So bright and new. All ratty now!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 10.

Early morning sun on a beautiful Fall day.
I'll have to post some of the amazing pics
of our little country abode ~ the colors
this year are stunning. Very impressive!

~ Chy

October 10, 2022

Blogtober: Day 9.

Our Canadian Thanksgiving for 2022 was beyond amazing! We celebrated with family and friends, with 12 for dinner and will have to look at a bigger table next year. It was a lovely weekend of working on the cottage to make sure it was ready for a crowd, cooking a few dishes ahead, baking on the day of and opening our door to our guests, who all arrived with gifts in hand, not something we were expecting but so lovely to be spoiled. For dinner, we had roasted turkey infused with oil and rosemary, flavored stuffing, tasty gravy, creamed potatoes, Caesar salad, sweet cranberries, cheesy biscuits and a Winter Harvest salad with Balsamic Vinegarette. After we ate to our hearts content, we had a short break while sharing stories at the table, and then we brought out the apple cake I made from a recipe a dear friend shared (rave reviews), tiny pumpkin tarts with whipped cream (dd made from scratch this year) and my favorite, Key Lime Pie (I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie). We filled our cooler on the deck with coolers, ale and Strongbow. And turned our Butler's Pantry in to a small bar with ice, different spirits and my Irish Cream. The small children played, the adults conversed and laughed, and we went well in to the night. I didn't want anyone to leave but in time, we all said our good nights and today, we're still sharing these new memories and laughing at the funny moments. Today, we thought about doing a bit more landscaping as the morning was warm and sunny, but I was achy and we decided to take a day off. In the afternoon, the rain started, so we got dressed in our warm sweaters and headed in to town to look for Halloween costumes. No luck so we're looking online tonight. But we treated ourselves to hot chocolate while we browsed the very quiet stores ~ many people have Thanksgiving dinner on the Monday. We like Sunday so we can have Monday off if we want to just chill. 

As we left town, the rain started to get harder but calmed as we got to the cottage. We settled in for a cozy afternoon, watched a documentary, I had a nap and woke up to a very windy storm outside. The wind was so strong we had to move the Fall items on our veranda closer to the door as the pumpkins and plants were rolling around! It was loud and almost scary how fierce the gusts were. It's still storming now but with the darkness, we can't see if everything is okay. We'll check in the morning but hope everything is okay out there. I'm sure all the beautiful leaves on the trees will have blown down to the ground. That will make me sad.

I may share more about Thanksgiving, including photos but for now, that's the quick rundown. A great day with amazing company, beautiful food and another warm, Fall day. Thanks for reading! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

~ Chy

Blogtober: Day 1 to Day 8.

Blogtober! I love doing challenges and though I'm late in starting, I'm going to do a catch up post and then do my best, in this busy season, to ensure I can post each day until the end of the month. Will you be joining in this year?

From Day 1 to Day 8 this month, aka as October 1st to October 8th, we have been getting ready for a big Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends, tackling our Fall purge, completing the last few outdoor landscaping projects while the weather is amazing (even finished a Spring project!), work of course, and finalizing the plans for my upcoming baby loss retreat on October 15th. Oh, and in between all this, on October 1st, we were honored to be at an inaugural baby loss gala that I had to do a speech at. A beautiful night that brought more awareness to the impact of baby loss on the community. Amazing night!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner will be on Sunday, October 9th. Many families in Canada celebrate on the Monday but with all holidays, we love to have our celebration on the Sunday and relax on Monday. We have the 5 of us, our neighbors, also a family of 5, his parents and our bestie. So that's 12 altogether. Wait, that's 13. I forgot our little guy will be away for the weekend, so, in the end, just 12. I'll post about this special day next. Many memories were created yesterday!

Work is busy but going much more smoother than it was several months ago. I'm loving heading off to hospice each day again. Sad I lost that feeling for awhile, but cherishing that it's back. We're all healthy, though I just got over bronchitis (again!), and we're settling into a Hygge kind of Fall. My mom is well, though declining, my brother was just here for a short but lovely visit, and dh is loving his new job that has just passed the 6 month mark. He's thriving and growing. Radio station is doing well, our centre is busy with Fall programming, and we're moving forward with some new ideas ~ to be shared another time. All in all, life is good.

The next big project is our baby loss retreat next Saturday. I'm going to use the above photo for some posts this week. As our program is called "H.E.A.R.T.S. Baby Loss Support Program" and we've not done a retreat before, though we have put on a number of workshops. My goal one year is to have a full weekend retreat that is away from the Big City. For now, a one day in town is our plan. Can't wait!

Well, that's my update for now for Day 1 thru Day 8. Stay tuned for Day 9 and Day 10. And all the way to Day 31.

~ Chy

October 8, 2022

Soft Ringlets.

I don't curl my hair every day. Usually just for special
days or events or big meetings. I'd love to do it each
day but it's a lot of time that I just don't have. When
I do curl it, the compliments make it worth the time!

~ Chy