About Me

May 13, 2012


I haven't been posting much with so many projects underway. But I miss having time to write & have decided to make this a priority to get the creative words flowing. Heading out to the coast for a 2 week "writing holiday". Can't wait to enjoy the sun & the sea.

Lots of treasure shopping has happened lately. Almost every Friday we end our week by taking some time to check out the charity shop & occasionally, the Antique Mall. Here's a few thing we've uncovered in our travels:

Vintage sewing needles. Marked down to $1.

Vintage basket for $1.

Small china saucer commemorating the birth of Prince William.

Vintage lamp for our upper hallway. Vintage light fixture for the new house. Vintage porcelain hanging doll for our armoire. Vintage silver frame. Wooden frame.

Good finds this week. Part of our "writing holiday" will also be a "treasure hunt". Looking forward to our time off!