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July 31, 2018

Deck Staging.

With the completion of our deck,
it was time to dig out the furniture.

In time we'll get a new set but this
one is working just fine for now. 

We bought it at a local big box store. 
Originally listed for $600, we paid
a lovely $188 for the set, which
included the loveseat, 2 chairs, a
glass top coffee table and all the
cushions. It's sturdy and comfortable.

We've included a couple of our green
wicker chairs to add color to the set.

I did a bit of "staging" and added this
artwork to compliment the sage and candle.

As dusk fell, we lit the tiny candles on the
table and sat in the quiet, content with our
new deck and our peaceful spot in the big
woods. No where else I'd want to be ....


Right outside the Farmer's Market
is the vintage Streetcar that takes
passengers from the south side of
the river over to the north side. We
went a couple of years ago and it
was great fun, until the wind picked
up. Then it was just a bit scary! I
would go on again ~ maybe this year.


I'm taking some time this Summer to sort
all our photos and I came across this shot
of our puppy Celti and our daughter's dog
Lola. Celti at this time was bigger ~ she
was about 12 years old here, making tiny
Lola about 2. In time, Lola was almost as
big as Celti and definitely more energetic
than Celti, who was always so laid back.
She rarely even barked but she didn't need
to. She could get anything she wanted to
without barking. Celti just had her own way.
We still miss her and wish she was still here.

Amazing Art.

When we were at the Farmer's Market
the other day, we stopped to view this ....

Isn't is amazing? It's done by an artist
who only worked on it for 2 whole
days. This would take me a year to
put together. But he did it and it's an
amazing work of art. We were so
very impressed with all the colors.

The Market.

We have a couple of Farmer's Markets 
during the week in our small hamlet.

But sometimes we like to venture in the
big City to visit the market off Whyte Ave.

Fruit, veggies, baking, art of all kinds, and
music in the background, creating atmosphere.

I love all all the vibrant colors and the freshness.
We bought the orange cauliflower on the left.

Our last stop was visiting the artisan who felts
wool into hats, socks, art and even some toys.
She is so talented and fun to talk to. I'd love to
learn how to felt one day. Intriguing and colorful.

Do you have a Farmer's Market close by?
If you do, do you visit yours often?

My Mom.

She's feisty, smiling and cracking
jokes ~ and not good ones! Her
pelvis is broken and her pain is
great but she is inspiring in her
attitude and her beautiful, sweet
smile. Even in a hospital bed!

Tiny Explorer.

L wanted to see our veggie patch
and we were happy to do a tour.

She was very interested in the vines
growing in the pumpkin raised box.

And had fun watering the beets.
She wants to come back to see
how big everything gets. I'm
hoping we can send her home
with a pumpkin or two in the Fall.
Wouldn't that be so sweet?

"It's Daddy!"


L found the little scrapbook we have
all about her daddy. She said "it looks
just like him!" He is a bit taller, sports
a thick beard and his hair is darker now.
But yes, it does still look like him and
it was fun to see her look through it.


After a very busy weekend, we decided
to treat ourselves with a greenhouse tour.

The pond is not looking healthy but
the rest of the landscape was amazing.

Many colors and inspiration ~ lots of
ideas to take home to our garden plans.

I hope one day to have beautiful and
colorful perennials filling our space.

My favorite of the day ~ a hosta that
is the opposite of the one we have.
White with green edges instead of
green with white edges. Sweet!

We finished off our tour looking at
various kinds of rose bushes to add
to the plan. I love the soft greens of
this one. It has light pink rose petals.

July 30, 2018

Girly Room.

Our granddaughter had her first sleepover
at our house on Friday night. Tons of fun!

For the last couple of years, our little guy has been
sleeping in this room when the mama works nights.

But on Friday night, this room became a special
spot  for a tiny girl to play and dream. I'm so excited
we had the chance to have her sleep over, in the 
room we had always dreamed she'd sleep in one day.

Lacey Gloves.

We visited one our favorite greenhouses
on the weekend and look what I found!

Yup, lacey gloves. Every gardener should
have a little lace ~ don't you think?


It's fun to walk over to our little veggie patch
each day to see the progress of our plants.

We've got flowers like crazy for the pumpkins
and zucchini's. Lots of pods for the peas and
leaves growing taller for the carrots. The
beets are bigger every day and the onions are
tall but thin. Our cabbage and lettuce are not
doing the best but they're still coming along.
Progress in our "experimental garden" is
exciting each day and we're so happy!

No Tornado.

On our last day of our grief daycamp,
a Tornado Warning was issued. It was
the perfect conditions that had been
brewing for days and days. Scary!

I informed my staff and volunteers but
we kept the warning under wraps so
the kids wouldn't be worried and panic.
We put our Emergency Plan in to
place but never had to actually put
it in to action. And by the time daycamp
was over for the week, the warning
had ended. The clouds were scary all
day but eventually turned to blue sky.
I hope this was the only warning!

Fruit Salad.

My famous fruit salad. Okay, it's not
"famous" but anytime I make it ....

.... it's a hit and everyone asks for more.
Perfect on hot, Summer afternoons.

July 29, 2018

Curly Q's.

When it gets hot and humid, I can make
my hair curly just by scrunching it up ....

.... and adding a little spray. So much easier
than getting out the hot curling iron!

New Bridge.

We were in the big City on Saturday
and drove over the brand new bridge.

This bridge replaced the vintage
one that was about 100 years old.

It's quite the sight and hard to
with a phone camera ....

.... but I did a pretty good job. We
don't go in to the big City often ....

.... but when we do, I'm sure we'll
be taking a trip over the new bridge.