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June 2, 2013

Sunday Task List.

Today, I hope to accomplish the following:

*snuggle with  my beloved in our comfy bed, listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof, while watching multiple episodes of Criminal Minds (I know, it was romantic until that part!). 
*lovely hot bath and condition my long hair that needs a good haircut.
*empty the fridge of leftovers so we have room for this week's groceries.
*move the items that are currently stored in my studio back into the newly created "library" - the floors are now in & it's time to reclaim the space in both the studio & the library.
*work on our "new house" scrapbook as we have another meeting with a potential builder this week.
*attend an Annual Board Meeting by conference call this afternoon for the national board I am on. Elections today & I'm slated to take over as the President. A new path!
*family dinner & then we all watch "Game of Thrones" together. 
*snuggle back into our comfy bed at the end of the day, satisfied we completed our list but still found time to marvel at our rapidly greening yard or took time to read or play with our grandson. 

How is your day shaping up? 


Chy said...

P.S. So far, I've accomplished & ticked the first two items off my list. Now off to do the fridge!!

Chy said...

Two more things crossed off my list:

*the fridge is now pristine & quite empty!

*I'm in the middle of my conference call!

Half way there. Busy, busy Sunday!