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January 31, 2018

JPC #31: Door Entrance.

In our last house, we had french doors
on our Living Room and again across
the hall on our Dining Room entrance.
Our builder suggested a different way
for this house as he thought 6 sets of
french doors in one house was way too
much. I didn't agree at first but now I
do. I love our arched door entrances.
Spacious and open, yet they are still
defining a formal space in our home.

JPC #30: Time.

Our sweet pup Celit died over 4 years
ago. We miss her so much every day.

They say "time heals" but I always thought
it really doesn't heal. Until now.

This sweet little dog that I got to play with
on the weekend has changed my mind. I
said when Celti died there was no way we
would get another dog. But now, with
time, I can see and feel that my heart has
healed. And a new pup would be so loved
and so welcome in our home. Time heals.
It does. I can say that now. Time heals.

JPC #29: Flowers & Leaves.

Spring is just 50 short days away. Just over 7
weeks. I think I can hang on knowing that
soon our garden will begin to bud and our
veranda and porch will hold pots of flowers.

JPC #28: Seating.

Our front room, aka as the Living Room or
Sitting Room. The best place to just sit and
think, or read, or dream. A place to converse.
A place to relax. A place to be. A place to sit.

JPC #27: Monochrome.

The only monochrome we have around 
us right now is pure white fluffy snow.

JPC #26: Paint It!

Our next house project will be adding wainscotting
to some of our walls. Not all of them. Just some.
Like this one. which will soon be white, with trim
and character adding to the charm it already has.

JPC #25: Bedroom.

Our Master Bedroom has 2 "zones" ~ 
our sleeping area and the turret, that we
use as kind of an office/reading nook.
A beautiful sunny spot, even in Winter.

January 30, 2018

JPC #24: Kitchen Dining.

Our kitchen nook. One day, I'll figure
out how to make cushions for the sweet
window seat under the big window. For
now, it's a hard seat but a great view.

JPC #23: Basket.

A basketful of sweet Teddies, all
representing our tiny little ones,
gone too soon, forever loved. Sits
in our guest bedroom. We love them!

JPC #22: Hint of Spring.

A tiny rose plant, brought one a few
weeks ago when I was under the
weather from my dh, who wanted to
give me a little hope for Springtime!

JPC #21: Collection.

Bunnies, bears and babies. I have lots of little
collections but these are some of my favorites.

JPC #20: Bathroom.

A quiet serene spot in our house.
Perfect for long, hot, bubbly baths.

JPC #19: Table.

Our tiny table in our Living Room. It's
actually a vintage wash tub bench. Lots
of conversations happen around this
small table. A fun addition to the house.

JPC #18: Outside.

It snowed on Thursday. And Friday.
And continued on through Saturday.

My outside pictures for the January Photo
Challenge. Crazy how much snow fell.

January 29, 2018

JPC #17: Art.

A piece of art in our Dining Room. This
lovely painting is of a vintage kitchen.

An AGA cooker, in the same color as
our sweet little AGA from England.

We love collecting art and this piece is
one of our favorite ones to have in our home.

JPC #16: Fireplace Warmth.

Our little electric fireplace in our theatre room
gives us an amazing amount of warmth at night.

JPC #15: Going Green.

It was a big gamble to choose green and ivory for
our kitchen, laundry room and bathroom cabinets. 

We truly don't tend to follow any trends and color
is important to us as a family and as artists.

Our builder and his team were skeptical, until
they all visited after we moved in and then .....

.... they all said "now it makes sense" which created
some great laughs. No laughing on our end, just a
reassurance that "going green" was an authentic
choice for us to make. Our home, our colors.

JPC #14: Sunday Selfie.


A no make up day on a Sunday.
It is what it is ....

JPC #13: Vintage.

I chose this picture of our Dining Room, where we enjoy scrumptious meals on my grandparents vintage furniture. They had this set made for them not long after their wedding in 1938. We feel so honored to have it in our house. When my grandmother died, our family had to decide who would take what items and what would be given away. No one actually wanted her furniture, except for my dh and I. We were so happy when the other family members (my cousins and my mom and my aunty) all said yes to our offer to take the furniture. History and good memories in one very special room.

JPC #12: Starts with "M".

I could have used one of our fireplace mantels for today's post "starts with M" ~ we do have 3 in the house. I could have used memory and talked about my mom's journey with Dementia. I could have used the word Mom and talked about how much I cherish my life as a Mom to our kids. But in the end, I chose the word "maybe" in relation to this photo I took last week when I was at our very tiny local county museum. This photo is of a local house out in the country that we almost bought. Why the word "maybe"? Because we had many maybe queries at the time. Maybe it has asbestos. Maybe it has ghosts. Maybe it's not priced right. Maybe it will have many hidden issues. Maybe it will collapse into the well. Maybe we won't be able to reno it the way we want. Maybe the neighbors won't like us. Maybe it will be too loud, so very close to town. We decided to not pursue it after first making an offer than realizing we had way too many concerns. When we decided the next day to pull our offer, after letting the couple know that we were excited to own such a neat property but we had some things to check out and they basically insisted on an offer so they could stop showing it but we said if we couldn't get our answers we would pull it and they were perfectly fine with that, but then when we did, they were horrible. Even talked about suing us for lost potential ~ we made our offer at 10 p.m. the night before and pulled it by 8 the next morning ~ not sure how many showings they lost in that time. In the end, the family that eventually did buy it flipped it after doing the renos but they never lived in it because the amount of asbestos that was in the structure. Many things they just covered up (we went to the open house) and lost money in the end. So it was the right decision. But sometimes we still talk about "maybe" we could have done a great job on it! Would have been fun to live in a house with so much history. Love our brand new, from the ground up, home. And the amazing history we are now creating here with our family. 

JPC #11: Most Used Room.

 The most used room in our home has to be our "Great
Room" aka as the Family Room. Used every day.

 We gather here to be together. We watch movies.
We play games. We have family celebrations here.

A room just big enough for all of us. Big enough for
writing, watching, play and the big Christmas Tree. 

JPC #10: Wall Decor.

One of the rooms in our new home that I've
had fun decorating has been our guest room.

Choosing art and vintage items for the walls
has been a fun challenge as we searched.

Our grandson sleeps in this room when his mama
works nights as a nurse. We've had a number of
guests sleep here too from my dh's best friend who 
often visits to band members from a music group
we've hosted to our son and his lovely partner.

Our granddaughter may even get to sleep over
soon now that's she's almost 5 and mom and dad
are now comfortable with the idea. Can't wait. 

I do hope you enjoy browsing the wall decor 
we've chosen and hung for our guest bedroom.