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June 30, 2023

Goodbye June!

It was an "interesting" month,
a busy month, an unreal month
and a bit quiet of a month when
we were away. Goodbye June!

~ Chy

June 22, 2023

Festival Week.

It's Festival Week here at our little
cottage in the big woods. It's a crazy
time as we ensure all the last details
are in place, the musicians are on
their way, and all the bills are paid.
Truly we love it, but this week is
always tiring yet exhilarating at
the same time. I'll write in July!

~ Chy

June 20, 2023

More Rocks ....

More rocks to place. Our neighbor put the first
round along our drive but now we have this lot!

~ Chy

June 14, 2023

International Bereaved Mother's Day.

On the Sunday in the week before Mother's Day in May is International Bereaved Mother's Day, a special day that began a few years ago to honor and celebrate the mama's who have experienced the loss of a precious baby or sweet child. It's a bittersweet day but one that was created to provide opportunities for sharing our stories, for receiving unique support and for providing awareness to the World around us. I cherish both of these days as a way to honor, love and remember our sweet babies: Bretton, Ciara, Birkley, Cabriola, Cambria, Beau, Cree and Bentley without guilt. And a week later, honoring and remembering this special time we've had raising and loving Chelsea, Brady, Brodie and Chynna. I wish there was also an International Bereaved Father's Day and hope to encourage the creation of another special day, just for dad's who have experienced tremendous loss in their lives. This year, IBMD was held on Sunday, May 7th, with Mother's Day itself on Sunday, May 14th. Father's Day this year will be on Sunday, June 19th but for today, I'm choosing to honor my dh as he remembers our babies in his own way, with grief and love, tears and gratitude.

                                      ~ Chy

June 6, 2023

Stormy Days.

Every day now it seems we're having
big storms. It's hot, there is still a bit
of smoke from the fires and then the
rains come, which is great but the big
storms are more than enough. We need
the rain but not the thunder! Stop please!

~ Chy

June 5, 2023

Special Lunch.

Dh took me out for lunch to Sherlock Holmes,
our local pub. It was amazing though my hunger
was diminished. The last few weeks have been
difficult, and I don't have the energy to share yet.
But so thankful for his love and compassion as
I navigate new things in our lives that are big ....

A grilled chicken breast with lettuce, pickles,
mayo, melted cheese, salad and sweet lemonade.

~ Chy

June 3, 2023

So Very Loved.

I forgot to post about Mother's Day .... it was a
sweet day, with love and gifts, laughter and good
food. I was, as always spoiled with items that
made me giggle but also feeling so very loved!

~ Chy

June 2, 2023

More Green Kitchens!

I love when we come across photos of green kitchens. In 2014, when we designed our little cottage, this was our dream. But it was a bit of a concern for our Builder and his wife, who is an Interior Designer. The concern was resale value. But our thought is that we will be here for awhile, so why do a house for someone else's tastes OR what is on trend? No regrets at all and now we love to see so many green kitchens now in 2023. I feel like we started a trend, though of course our little kitchen, in our little cottage in the big woods was not visible to most people. So highly unlikely we were the catalyst for this change. But one can wonder!

                       What color is your kitchen?
                     Is it your dream or for trends?

                                     ~ Chy 

Summer Dinners.

Loving our warm weather. But it's hard
to cook when it gets too hot. For our
Summer dinners, we indulge in a lot of
easy and cool meals. Today: ham salad!

~ Chy

June 1, 2023

Hello June.

Excited to see this beautiful month. A
month filled with gardening, goodbyes,
hellos and relaxing. And lots of work to
make it all come together. Hello June!

~ Chy