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July 31, 2019

Goodbye July ....

A truly busy month! Our 1st Annual Music
Festival was a big success. We celebrated a
significant anniversary. Finished our Pergola.
Booked our contractor for the deck. Busy time!

~ Chy

Foggy Morning.

Our start to the day was very foggy.
Lasted until after lunch and then it went
away. The sun came out, then it rained,
then the sun was out, then it was dusk.

A very crazy weather day. At least it
didn't snow! How was it in your world?

~ Chy

Front Garden.

All our rain has helped our tiny front garden
grow well this year. In time, I want to see this
full of bushes, plants and blooms. But for now, 
we have started with perennials and I love it!

My hosta is going well. It was dicey in the
Spring if it was going to come back. It did!

I love all the pink. I looked out last night though
and I think a deer may have munched the blooms ....

A new addition to the garden ~ some creeping Thyme
that promises to spread. I've given it some good space.

More as we go. I'm loving being able to now see
progress but still have the final look in my dreams!

How does your garden look this year? Do you have
the garden of your dreams or are you still building it?

~ Chy

July 30, 2019

Dusk Lights.

Capturing the light coming from our
living room, on a cloudy, dark night.

Always gives me comfort to have some
light at night, even on Summer evenings.

~ Chy

After the Rain.

More rain again today, but as we cozied
up on the couch to watch "Coronation
Street", the sun suddenly re~appeared. A
lovely way to end a gloomy and cold day!

~ Chy

Comfort Teddy.

We've had a number of intense thunder
storms, with brilliant but scary lightening
the last few weeks. And look who has
found it's way to our bed ~ my teddy!

~ Chy

Earning his way ....

Coming home from town and our little
guy decided he needed to "earn my way"
by bringing our compost bin back from
the road where it's picked up. Sweet kid!

~ Chy

In The Garden.

Perfect words to describe our
over flowing gardens right now!
Thank you Susan Branch for
inspiring all of us to garden.

~ Chy

Garden Peas.

We have started harvesting our peas.
With all the rain, our garden is full!

Added them to our dinner the other night.
So sweet and full of flavor. A favorite!

~ Chy

King George VI.

And finally, a photo print of King George
sitting at his desk in Buckingham Palace.

My kids were shocked we took this to
the booth as we're big fans of all things
British and love the Royals. But it was
$10 and will sell for $48. It includes an
incredible note on the back, handwritten,
from May 1st, 1939. Priceless really!

~ Chy

Art Studio Frame.

This one did end up in the booth! Paid a
tiny .25 cents for it and it's listed for $6.

~ Chy

Sweet Dish.

Another find from our recent trek to
the charity shop in our little hamlet.

It was marked at $1.25 but was half price
that day, so I paid 62.5 cents. Not bad for
a perfect condition glass tray that still
had the price tag on it for $16.99. In the
end, it stayed home instead of going to
our booth! Sometimes I fall in love ....

~ Chy

July 28, 2019

Finally .... Food!

After weeks of Festival Planning, then
delivering, we finally had time for a
true hot dinner. Chicken, four cheese
risotto and veggies. It was so welcome!

~ Chy

Everything Old.

Another find I almost kept but have now
priced and placed in our booth. Too cute!

~ Chy

Postal Woes.


There's been reports and pictures of
mailboxes being broken in to recently.

I'm off to the post office tomorrow to
show them these pics. I'm guessing the
mail delivery person has seen these
but I want to make sure we get a new,
more secure box. They are replacing
boxes but it's done by damage/break
ins. Hopefully this is enough to get us
a new, secure unit for our subdivision.

~ Chy

Apple Maps.

Followed this guy down the highway the
other day going to town: Apple Maps!

~ Chy

Regal Plant Shelf.

A trip to the charity shop netted a few
new items for our antique mall booth.
I almost kept this one to hang on the
wall and put some small plants in it.
But didn't as we don't really need to
buy or collect anything more. Our
home is comfortable, not cluttered
and we don't need to fill it up. So off
it went to the booth. I do truly hope it
sells soon so I don't change my mind!

~ Chy

Geese Crossing.

When we were out and about yesterday,
we came up to a group of cars stopped.

Turns out, eveyone was waiting for this
gaggle of geese to cross the roadway!

~ Chy

Puppy Treats.


We're taking care of Lola this Summer
while our youngest dd is off exploring.

Every night, just before bed, Lola gets
to have 2 little heart shaped turkey treats.
But we ran out so off to the store we went,
She was so excited when we got home!

~ Chy

Cozy Pantry.

Our rainiest Summer ever will not stop!
It is making our evenings feel like Fall.

However, we love our cozy home and
this shot of our Butler's Pantry shows
just how little light we're having in the
early evening. Cozy, sweet and warm.

~ Chy

July 27, 2019

Rock Wall.

When we built our house a few years ago, our
builder was kind enough to place these rocks and
boulders of all sizes close to the house for us to
place some day. And some day has arrived ....

Our neighbor down the road was able to use his
tractor to move them in to place for our "rock wall
garden" we've been dreaming about. Behind these
will be a row or two of good soil, then we'll place
wrought iron fencing that is about 4 feet high in
just after the soil, which will one day be filled with
perennials and bushes. It's start of extending our
English Garden concept to the back of the house.
Pictures to follow once we have the rest in place
and you can see the progress and hopefully blooms!

~ Chy

Pretty Pink Pot.

Two smaller vintage pots sit out on the
steps of our front veranda. Love all the
pretty pink blooms we have this year.
So much rain has created so much color!

~ Chy

Birthday Girl.

This sweet baby had a birthday on the
11th of July. Our first born and feistiest!

We found huge cupcakes (her favorite)
and sparklers for the each one to light.

Later on the weekend, we had ice cream
cake, another sweet favorite for all of us.

The sparklers were super bright and in the end, we
didn't light all of them for fear the alarm would go off!

My choice: strawberry cheesecake with chocolate
swirls on top. So delicious but so very filling!

~ Chy

One Day ....

I'm learning each day how to garden. This year, with
all our rain, I finally have filled pots with blooms that
just won't stop! We were at the nursery last week and
they had filled this stone planter with beautiful plants
that have also filled every inch. One day, I'd love to
have a planter this big to fill up. So luscious and full.

~ Chy

Valentine Plates.

Spotted these vintage Valentine's Plates at the old
Antique Mall a few weeks ago when I did a shift.

My gramma collected these plates when she still
graced our lives. When she died in 1982, her girls
(my mom and 2 aunts) split up the plates. For years,
my mom had hers in the dining room. Then they
moved to the coast and I can't remember now if I
actually saw them in any of the homes they lived
in out there. They came home when my dad was
diagnosed in 2000, he died in 2002 and back in
2017, my mom moved in to care. We had to pack
up her house and there are still some boxes in our
garage that I've been going thru. And guess what I
found? At least 12 of the plates! They were all in
perfect condition, safely tucked away in sturdy but
beautiful display boxes. Now I'm going through
each to decide which ones to hang up and which
ones to gift to my daughters. Feeling so loved ....

~ Chy

Sweet Art.

I'm a huge fan of Susan Branch, who has a million
books ~ okay, not quite but many. She uses art and
words together. I've never seen anyone else do this.
Until I came across this photo in an Art Magazine.
As I begin to expand my art journey, this technique
is something I hope to incorporate. Isn't it sweet?

~ Chy

July 24, 2019

Intriguing Item.

Spotted this at our Antique Mall in the
big City. Now I'm trying to figure out
what  I could use it for, if I were to go
back and buy it. How would you use it?

~ Chy