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February 29, 2024

Goodbye February.

It was unseasonable warm, without any snow,
until this week. So now we're starting to leave
Winter and get ready for Spring, only to have
Winter finally show up! Thankful our region
is not being hit as hard as down south but also
thankful the snow may help us have less fire
concerns this Summer. More storms in the
next week. But Spring will soon be here. Yes!

Are you ready for this next season?

~ Chy

February 28, 2024

Bedtime Reads.

Dear grandson sometimes sleeps upstairs if his mom
has to work a night shift. He wanted to read the other
night, and while he was down in their apartment, I
grabbed these 3 books that we gifted him as a baby
and a toddler. He was surprised but did read them!
The first two on the pillows have his name in them
and really special as his name is not super common,
so it's hard to find things that have his name. And the
big one below the pillows is actually the first book we
bought for him after he was born. It's got some moving
parts in it and he loved when we'd read this to him. I
love that we've instilled our passion for reading in him.

~ Chy

Homemade Cookies.


Baking homemade cookies is something
I don't do very much anymore. Part of it
is time ~ when I was a mom at home,
baking fit in to my day with my littles.
But now they're grown, life is so busy
with work and projects, and cookies
have taken a back seat without littles
in the cottage to gobble them all down.
I was excited last week with our "down
the lane neighbors" coming for dinner as
they have 3 kids and the cookies would
be so needed. They loved them and I
did send home some goodie bags. The
cookies were a hit but I wish I had sent
home more as we still have cookies a
full week later! Next time, more will go!

Do you like baking homemade cookies?

~ Chy

The Storm.

We've been getting ready for a big storm that was predicated to hit our region over night on Sunday night and continue in to Monday. However, I was heading in to town yesterday afternoon to do a few errands, visit my mom and then go to an event meeting at 2 pm. As I started down our country road, the snow started to fall. The ground was bare and earlier, there had been some sun. By the time I finished my errands and visited my mom, the snow was a bit thicker. I headed to the meeting but did decide if it got too bad, I would head home early. As the snow continued, we all did decide to head home while it was still light and manageable. The photos above show the progression in about a 4 minute time span. Please note, I was on our lane and pulled over to take these shots, with no traffic around me at all. The snow got thicker, the fog set in and visibility was so poor that I'm glad we ended early. The last photo was of the cottage, which is not visible with the fog and snow fall. So crazy how quickly this came on. We were at +10 or 12 C on Friday (different weather reports have different recorded temps for the day) and basically no snow on the ground, to - 30 C today with the winchill and over 24 cm's of snow falling in 24 hours. Crazy! But happy for snow. 

Last Summer was the first time we've ever been on alert for a fire close to us. The dry weather we've had all Winter has been a big concern, so this new and huge snow storm is quite welcome in our area. I truly hope it helps to cut down the risk of fires this year. We've worked so hard, like everyone around us, to live in a beautiful area, in a sweet cottage and to lose all of this to a fire would be devastating. For now, while it's freezing outside, we're cozy and warm inside the cottage, with lots of tea, movies and books to watch, and my Lego to build. A quiet work week helped as well.

Where every you are and whatever weather
you're experiencing, wishing you well today!

~ Chy

February 26, 2024

Christmas #4.

We had our neighbors from "down the lane" over for
our 4th Christmas Dinner. They had company over
the holidays so we all decided to gather after. And then
there were some illnesses, crazy hockey schedules
and school. But we finally found a date and time that
worked well ~ Family Day in Alberta! We created a
very lovely "Pasta Bar" and followed that up with a
sweet and fun "Dessert Bar" which included icing
cookies. The food was amazing but the company was,
as always, the best! Excited for the next gathering!

~ Chy

February 25, 2024

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my clean but ripped jeans, a warm Winter sweater in light green, light gold and ivory. Matching socks, hair loose, my new Celtic necklace and my earrings.

What I'm reading .... still reading ADHD 2.0. I can only do one chapter at a time but it's a good read.

What's happening in my kitchen .... dinner is done but so magnificent tonight. Now the dishwasher is on and the only light is the one over the range.

What's outside my window .... we are in the middle of a true blizzard. Finally, a Winter storm! It was supposed to start late tonight and last thru the next 24 to 48 hours. But it started this afternoon, when I was out at a meeting for our gala event in the Fall. It got so bad, we all left a bit early to travel home safely before it became impossible to see. I struggled a bit and my 10 minute commute quickly became 20 minutes. The fog, the blowing snow and the light made it hard, but thankfully, there was very little traffic and I took the back roads home to avoid the highway. Today, I visited a friend for signatures on our society bank account, then drove over to visit my mom and take in some supplies as we won't be coming in to town all week, then stopped at our office to drop off paycheques, then to the meeting. I left at 1 pm, and was home by 4 pm, with the snow was piling up.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community. Feeling blessed, safe and loved. And so thankful to be home after a scary drive home in the snow.

What I'm smelling .... the scent from fresh folded laundry.

What I'm hearing .... the dishwasher making our dishes sparkle! We had to wash dishes by hand for years, so I'm still so thankful for this hard working appliance.

What I'm crafting .... nothing today but I do plan to work on Cary's IG account this week and style out her little closet. Her pile of clothing and boots is starting to take over her space and I need more hangers. But for now, I'll try to get everything back in her little clothes cabinet.

What's on my mind .... my mom's health, the many projects we're working on, announcements that need to be made this week, and our big anniversary in the Summer. A mix of good, exciting, not so great and lots of hard work coming up!

Words to live by .... the quote for today is above. I found this on FB and plan to take it and create a sign for our office. So sweet! Hope you enjoy this week's quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy 

February 24, 2024

New Baby.

We have an incredible volunteer at our
centre who recently had a sweet, new
baby girl. This was after much loss and
heartache. It was such a privilege and
honor to hold her little one at a meeting
she attended in our little office. I'm truly
looking forward to having this one in our
space and watching her grow from tiny
baby to curious toddler, and beyond. I
had fun finding a little gift to welcome
her to the world and hope she loves this
musical soft toy. Her mom loved it! Yes!

Have you had any little ones visit recently?

~ Chy

A Night Out.

We went out with some of our board members from our festival society the other night. A chance to relax and enjoy the company, but also talk about a few items that need our attention. We chose a local pub that the guys have been to but I've only ever had lunch outside in their patio area. So it was a new experience. We timed our arrival so we had some dinner, drinks, our chatter and then stayed for the open mic night. Great music with local talent. A ton of fun for the night. We solved a few things and gained energy.

I have a salty Margarita, lime flavored. I usually like raspberry or strawberry but this establishment only had lime and they don't make the slushy ones. It was good but not my favorite version for sure. My dinnner was amazing: a chicken breast, with mushrooms, onions, lettuce, pickle, mayo and cheese. So delicious. I had this one other time and at that time, opted for a Cesar salad. Amazing! This time, I chose the house salad and it came with a balsamic vinaigrette. Equally amazing! Next time, I'll have the Cesar again, and switch it out each time. I think I prefer the outdoor experience  as well. Being in the sun and noshing!

Today we're off for a quick drive in to the Big City to pick up a sink I ordered yesterday for our new centre. It's from Ikea and on sale and the sale ends next week so wanted to ensure we didn't miss out. It's a similar version of the white porcelain sink we have in our kitchen, also from Ikea, but it no longer has the back piece where we place our dish and hand soap. Which is just fine for this smaller kitchen. Such a great deal ~ couldn't pass it up. Once we have that secured in our car, we'll drop it off at the office for safe keeping, then head over to the grocery store for food, take that home and put it all away, have some lunch and then I'll head back to town for one counselling session. After that is done, my dear friend and her little daughter (another "grandbaby" for me to love!) are coming over for a visit. We're planning to launch a podcast together so we need to sort out our name for the series, our topics and our schedule. Looking forward to our visit. After that, I'll head home, just in time for dinner, and then we'll likely just chill tonight. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon for our baby loss gala that will be held in October. If the predicated snow arrives earlier than shared, I'll stay home and connect by Zoom. But if it's clear, then I'll drive in to town and meet in person. Hoping the later. We are supposed to get about 15 cms of snow by Monday and the temperature is going to plummet by 25 degrees. So we'll be going from plus 10 C yesterday to - 15 C by Monday, and with the windchill, it will hit between - 20 and - 30. A small deep freeze. We need the snow, just not the freezing temperatures. Knowing this was coming, we're stocking up on food and making sure things are all done around us so we don't have to come back in to town this week if it's a bad storm. Haven't had one all Winter, so we'll see what happens. I am very worried about forest fires ~ we're going to attend an Open House in March that is focused on how to protest our property this year. Never had to do this before but the climate has changed in our region. 

Well, that's our day today. Hope yours is lovely and amazing!

~ Chy

February 23, 2024

Morning Sunbeams.

I've written before how much I love how
the sun casts light and shadows on our
lavender walls. I forgot of how often it
is a different look when it hit furniture.

~ Chy

February 19, 2024

Family Day.

Today was Family Day in Alberta. An extra day
off to take time with family and enjoy each other.

Happy Family Day!!

~ Chy

February 18, 2024

Grocery Costs.

Our grocery haul for the week. Dh is in charge of our
shop and he set a budget of $135 per week. Most weeks,
he does really well, staying under that amount or even
hitting it right to the penny. But some weeks, like this
one make it go higher ~ we have guests for dinner so
there is no way to feed 10 people within our typical
budget for the week. So thankful we are comfortable
enough to go over without being worried. But we have
really noticed a big increase in the cost of the items we
like to buy. It's harder to eat healthy. I'll never really
understand why junk food is often cheaper than food
that is nutritious. Food is survival and should be free!

How are you coping with higher food costs?

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

"When climbing a mountain, what is the secret?
You must never forget to keep looking up, and
never lose sight of your destination through
keeping your eyes fixed on your goal. So too
it is with life: you must make it your mission
to find what is truly important in life and keep
your focus on that alone, for you may think that
the outside world is where you exist, but your
thoughts are where you truly live."

Words by Tahlia Hunter

What I'm wearing .... golden brown cord leggings with my favorite April Cornell soft, velvety short dress. Curly hair today, and a touch of make up. All brought together by my lovey's Valentine gift to me ~ a sweet heart shaped necklace. Warm socks on a sunny Family Day Long Weekend.

What I'm reading .... ADHD 2.0. Suggested by my counsellor.

What's happening in my kitchen .... we have invited our neighbors down the lane for dinner to celebrate Family Day. We're having a Pasta Bar, followed by a Dessert Bar ~ can't wait to enjoy yummy food and great company!

What's outside my window .... a sunny, warm February day.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community. Feeling blessed, safe and loved.

What I'm smelling .... dinner cooking. And a candle burning.

What I'm hearing .... laughter as dh and dd cook together.

What I'm crafting .... a tiny document to put in a sweet frame listing dinner options for tonight.

What's on my mind .... my mom's health, the many projects we're working on, announcements that need to be made this week, and our big anniversary in the Summer. A mix of good, exciting, not so great and lots of hard work coming up!

Words to live by .... the quote for today is above. Tahlia Hunter is my favorite. Hope you enjoy this week's quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

February 14, 2024

Valentine's Sweets.

Treating my staff has always been a
special thing for me to do. I'm sure I
get this from my mom who loved to
have treats in her office. Seeing them
smile when little gifts show up or a
special day is honored makes it so easy!

~ Chy

"All You Need is Love."

Two kids got married, with a whole life ahead of
them. He promised her a life of "adventures" and
he has delivered! She hoped for calm and quiet.
But life continues to be a roller coaster all the time.

They had a total of 12 very wanted and hoped for
pregnancies, but ended up with just 4 healthy babies.
Their lost babies have never been forgotten and
created a journey of helping others along the way.

Now everyone is grown up and living their own lives
but still hang out with the mama and the papa for
special days and holidays. Not always all together
because of distance. But "all you need is love ...."

Our motto and a favorite song from our childhoods.
Now with 2 sweet grands and many grand pups
and kitties, life is full. Hurts, trials and tribulations
mixed with hope, hard work and love all around.

Wishing you and your sweet family a very
Happy Valentine's from our little clan!

~ Chy

February 11, 2024

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... jeans with a hole in the knee, a teal tank under my light hoodie, and matching socks. Two long braids to keep my hair out of my eyes while I replace some wallpaper and work on paperwork. A very busy Sunday!

What I'm reading .... "The Many Faces of MAiD." I'm doing a lot of research and watching community reactions as MAiD becomes more common in Canada. When I worked in Palliative Care, assisted deaths were welcome in our hospice. But outside of that setting, it seems there is growing concern for how far MAiD will go. I'm here to support families and not be an outspoken advocate on either side. On a personal note, with my mom's dementia, if she could have when she was first diagnosed in 2017, I know she would have chosen to have MAiD ~ she's alive and we're grateful but I do often wonder "what is her purpose now" as she progresses and has lost most of her language and many of her abilities. A sad story to share but worth it.

What's happening in my kitchen .... we went for the first time ever to a new butcher shop in our hamlet. We thought the pricing was much better than we thought it would be. For dinner tonight, two super thick pork chops are now marinating in an Onion and Thyme rub from Salt Spring Kitchen. Some veggies and a salad will accompany this lovely dinner that we can't wait to eat tonight. Hopefully amazing!

What's outside my window .... beautiful sunny, cloudless day. It was so warm and we went for a lovely walk down our lane. Waved at some of our down the lane neighbors. topped to see if our trees are going to try to bud early this year. 

What I'm thankful for .... my sweet family, my home, my friends and our community. Feeling blessed, safe and loved. 

What I'm smelling .... the fresh smell of newly folded laundry in the basket. After all these years, I still love doing laundry.

What I'm hearing .... dh just put the Super Bowl on for a bit to see the opening. We cheer on the CFL here in Canada so this doesn't mean a lot to us but he likes to watch a bit and see the half time show. I'm not really watching but enjoying the company in the room while I relax on the couch after a busy and productive day. Sundays are never dull around here.

What I'm crafting .... this week, I'm going to start repainting the cottage ~ all the walls need to be done and the trim. Today, I replaced some of the wallpaper in the main floor 1/2 bath ~ turned out great and now we can do the board and batten in this very small space. And start the crown moulding now that we've figured out how to make the cuts for the corners. Not really crafting but a break from the dollhouses to work on our own little dollhouse. 

What's on my mind .... we're making a big to us announcement on Wednesday and then on Thursday, it will show up in our local newspaper. So excited to see if we get good feedback. This is a big move for us but it's also so very scary. I trust it will go well but anxious too. Fingers crossed!

Words to live by .... the quote for today is above. Hope you like it as much as I did. I love finding a new quote each week.

Hope you enjoy this week's quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

February 10, 2024

Teapots and Trees.

Two my favorite things in this print ~ a teapot for warm tea and beautiful trees that grace our Earth. We have many teapots in our tiny cottage ~ I may have to do a post one day showing each of them and why we chose them. And of course, the cottage is surrounded by trees. We literally live in a little forest. As I look out my window, I see snow on branches for the bit we got the other night and it looks like, a bit from last night. So pretty! When we lived in town, we always chose houses that had trees so we could imagine we lived in the country. Now we do and I love their towering presence, though sometimes when the wind is high, it can be a bit scary. We watch our trees all the time and have a company that comes in to cut down the ones that look like they'll fall over in a breeze. Hate cutting them. Safety is key.

It's been a busy week and today is a bit quieter, but still busy. While I have a counselling session this afternoon with a lovely client, dh and dd are going to get our groceries for the week. Then they'll pick me up and I need to find my Country Living magazine for January, then shop for a baby gift for a friend, then back to our centre to drop off the supplies from our Music Club that we had last night. Home to unpack, make dinner and then another Oilers hockey game tonight. That's my sweet spot to cozy up on the couch and write. Or dream. Or nap. The possibilities are endless!

What are your plans on this fine Saturday?

~ Chy

February 6, 2024

An Eclectic Winter.

This Winter has been the most eclectic Winter that I've ever experienced. From no snow, to a bit, to a warm trend that felt like Summer, to a bit of snow, to a week of bitter cold, followed by another warming experience that meant we all have had messy cars as the bit of snow had melted, creating muddy country roads. On the weekend, we had some snow again, not much as you'll see by my photos, but enough so the mud was less. And then yesterday, warm again, so out came the mud. In between all of this, we've had warmer than normal temperatures (I still haven't put my - 40 C Sorels yet!), some rain (in Winter?) and a ton of fog (spooky and scary!). As much as we've loved that we haven't had any blizzards and travelling into town and even into the Big City has not been a challenge at all this year, the big worry is with very little snow cover, we run such a big risk of more forest fires this coming year. After being on alert last Spring for the first time ever, this has created some stress for us. Fingers crossed we get more snow and have a rainy Spring. We're hiring a tree company soon to come in and ensure that our little forest can be cleared a bit to decrease our risk. We don't want to take trees down but I do worry the brush under the trees is too much right now. I'd rather have this taken care of then be worried every time there is a fire near by.  Please keep our region, our whole country in your thoughts and blessings. Thank you for this.

You may be wondering about my photos above. The top left is the sweet branches we were gifted by a client for our front steps. I loved placing these as a welcoming path for guests who visited us over the holidays. There were smaller branches too and I put these in our dining room on the table, surrounding the big candle, as well as on our vintage cabinet in front of the windows, and a bit on the tea wagon. 

The second photo on the right is Bruce the Moose and Santa Claus, sadly, resting on the ground with a bit of snow cover. I'm glad they are not buried but they look so sad when they are not inflated. I love when they are up. With the higher cost of electricity this year, we haven't had them up as often but when they are up, I feel like a kid excited about something as simple as an inflatable!

Third photo is our new Hydrangea bush. I didn't cut all the blooms off as I wanted to see what it looks like in the snow. I love how this looks, even with the little bit of snow.

Fourth photo is showing our little girl and boy statues on their seesaw, in the snow, in the snowy forest.

Fifth photo is our stone bench right by the statues. Looks so empty and needing some company. I look forward to the Spring when we have flowers growing close by. A sweet spot to sit and reflect on a warm Summer day.

The final photo shows a bit of green that has popped up. Some of our plants are a bit confused by above normal temperatures and lots of sun. Today was cloudy and foggy but the sun should be back soon. 

It will be interesting to see if we end up getting a blizzard or two along the way. Hopefully not, though some steady, frequent snow would be so very helpful. 

Hope all is well where you reside!

~ Chy

February 4, 2024

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... jeans with a hole in the knee, a light t-shirt with lace trim, my black zip up hoodie, black socks with flowers, and my warm slippers. It's a messy hair day!

What I'm reading .... the following magazines so I can return them to the library on Tuesday when I'm in town: Dollhouse Miniatures, Mary Jane's Farm (x 2 issues) and Country Living U.S. Edition (x 2 issues). The CL I'm trying to see if it's anything like the Country Living U.K. Edition that I buy each month and love, love, love! So far, I like the U.K. version better, probably because of how we designed our cottage, things I love in life, some British ancestry and our lifestyle.

What's happening in my kitchen .... dh has our scrumptious Sunday dinner in the crockpot. I skipped lunch just so I could have lots of dinner tonight. Can't wait to dig right in!

What's outside my window .... a very cloudy, foggy, misty day. Feels so good to be home, in our warm and cozy cottage. It's supposed to snow but so far, we've not seen any flakes today. Other parts of our Province have had snow and ice, with many warnings to not travel. Will see what happens.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community. Feeling blessed, safe and loved.

What I'm smelling .... dinner in the crockpot. Smells Heavenly!

What I'm hearing .... a documentary on Netflix, while we both tap away on our laptops. Once we're done, we're going to build another bit of our new Lego project we started.

What I'm crafting .... playing with paints today to see what color to paint the exterior of the big dollhouse I received at Christmas. Difficult to figure out the correct shade.

What's on my mind .... my mom's health, the many projects we're working on, announcements that need to be made this week, and our big anniversary in the Summer. A mix of good, exciting, not so great and lots of hard work coming up!

Words to live by .... the quote for today: "There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you." ~ Beatrix Potter. I love her words! As I continue to write as much as I can, these words swirl in my head. I also chose Beatrix Potter today for my quote because of the image above, a sweet little garden scape that I hope to create in our Secret Garden this Summer. Spending time today to figure out how and where to find, or maybe even try to make the items needed to create this. Wish me luck with this new creative project!

Hope you enjoy this week's quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Breakfast Meetings.

Each week, we attend a very early morning breakfast held by our local Chamber of Commerce. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to gather to share information about their services and programs, and to connect with others in our community. We've been going for over a year now and really look forward to meeting with everyone, even when the weather is chilly. Only a few meetings have been missed - the day after my surgery in November, we didn't venture out. And a couple of times when the highway has been too icy and therefore, too unsafe to travel in to town. I truly missed those mornings and was so excited to be back the following weeks. On my birthday in November, it happened to be a breaktfast morning, so the whole crew joined in on singing me "Happy Birthday!" Truly, a lovely group to be part of.

~ Chy

February 1, 2024

Hello February.

A short month, full of love and
hope for an early Spring. What
are your wishes and dreams
for this sweet, loved-filled time?

~ Chy