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September 30, 2021

Canada's First Annual Truth and Reconciliation Day.

🧡  Today, September 30th, our country paused
to reflect and honor every small child who was
removed from their ancestry home and sadly
moved to a government run residential school.
We remember all the children who never came
home and those who survived but have lived
with decades of horrific memories. As more and
more mass graves are discovered, we feel shame
and anger, horror and disbelief. All of our actions
today will begin the healing process but can never
change what was done. We can only learn, and
move forward. Today, we hold broken hearts. 🧡

~ Chy

Dream Dress.

We hope to renew our vows when we
get to our 40th year. Can you imagine
walking down the aisle in this amazing
gown? I found it by accident and have
saved it for future reference. My dress
was unique the first time and I would
love to have just as unique for the 2nd
ceremony. What do you think? Nice?

~ Chy

Colorful Trees.

Our Summer was not the best but look
at the amazing Fall we are having! It
is beyond beautiful. We just came back
from the West Coast and it's usually so
green there but it was brown and dry.
Here we have lush and green and now
all the sweet Fall colors in abundance.
I love this season, especially this year!

~ Chy

All Tidy.

I won't even show you the before as it was not pretty. We do really well most of the time keeping life in order. But after we came home from our vacation and then I came down with this nasty chest cold, our mudroom and our laundry room were quickly becoming untidy. And I do not do well with untidy! So while I've been home recuperating, I've slowly put these two spaces back in order, back to all tidy. It took forever but manageable in little bits and actually helped me feel better, not physically at all but mainly psychologically. Now I can relax and let my body heal as my mind is tidy and well. Life is best when our work is done. 

                                      ~ Chy

Morning Lights.

Different views of the morning light
that fell on the cottage early today.

~ Chy

Wasp Invasion.

We've been dealing with a pretty intense
wasp invasion this Summer. Everyone
has, so we're not alone. Thankful for
Nader who finally figured out where
they were coming in and he was brutal
in his attack. Fingers crossed this worked!

~ Chy

September 29, 2021

Second Option.

The second option for new office space would be the
other counselling room. I like this one a bit better with
the colors and the softness. There are some downsides.
I may not get to decorate with my own touch. I will
get that confirmed before I make any decision. I would
also be separated from my team and all the other staff
members as this is on the other side of the hospice. It's
not a bad thing as I would have complete quiet and be
able to concentrate. But as quiet and shy as I am, I am
also social and thrive on the conversations that happen
down the hall. I will have to give this idea some good
thought before I make any decisions. In time, in time.

Which one do you like the best?
What would you do if you were me?

~ Chy

Changes Ahead.

After all my planning, dreaming and then decorating,
there is a chance I may end up moving offices. We do
need more space for new employees and my team is
looking at moving two of my counsellors down to the
group rooms where we'd set up office space for each.
And then I may stay where I am OR move in to one
of the counselling rooms on the upper floor where I
currently reside. I have my choice between one of
the two rooms and am just deciding which one would
work the best. I may just stay where I am as well. I
have posted 4 pics of the one space and will post the
other counselling room later. Too many decisions!

~ Chy

Fall in the Cottage.

We've started decorating the cottage
for Fall and bought a pair of "Spiced
Pumpkin" candles for the mantel. I
love the scent and the very Fall colors.

~ Chy

New Treat.

Have you come across this new chocolate
treat yet? I've had one and immediately it
became my new favorite treat! I'm sure I
will find some of these in my stocking ....

~ Chy

Simple Dinners.

Our simple dinners to me are the best. I
love fancy dinners for parties and life
celebrations ~ weddings, funerals and
everything in between. But the easy to
make and easy to eat are my favorites.
I could eat chicken and salad every day
but know that's not what dh and family
would want each day. It's a treat though
when I can have it and love how good
this easy meal is to eat. Do you agree?

~ Chy

Hobbit House.

A sweet and tiny Hobbit House. Can you
imagine living here? Our dd traveled to
New Zealand a couple of years ago and
was able to tour the "Lord of the Rings"
set. I'd love to go one day as well. Such
a magical and mythical place to see ....

~ Chy

September 28, 2021

After the Storm.

After a big storm, the evening light through
the windows in the guest bedroom. Love.

~ Chy

Out my Window.

The wind is blowing today but yesterday
was calm and full of colors. Fall is here!

~ Chy

Downtown Abbey.

I scored an amazing deal on Marketplace
the other day. An new, unopened Limited
Edition of the complete series of the tv
show "Downtown Abbey." The lady who
was selling it had no idea the value of it
and listed it for just $30. I was the first
to contact her and didn't even offer lower
as the listed price on Amazon is $185. I
am thrilled to have this to watch over
the Winter. We started the first episode
of the first season last night and I can't
wait to crawl in to our cozy bed tonight
and watch the second episode. I know it
is a great series and now we can watch!

Are you a fan of the series?

~ Chy

Flying North.


This gaggle of geese seemed a bit confused
the other day as they flew north instead of south!

~ Chy

Chalk Love.

One of our residents was featured in
the news recently and the community
gathered to write messages of love
with chalk in front of our hospice ....

~ Chy

Oliver the Cat.

Oliver the Cat has certainly made himself
at home at the cottage. We love that he
does a lot of "hunting" of little creatures
and that he likes to hang out. Sweet kitty.

~ Chy

September 30th.

We have a new day that has been set aside for honor and remembering. It is September 30th and has been called "Truth and Reconciliation Day." My staff has the day off to reflect on the residential school experience that is an event all of us in Canada wish had never happened. But it did, and now we try to understand, honor and give our hearts to those who survived and those who have suffered for decades with the grief and loss. My team at the hospice is working on this day but we are taking time to reflect. I ordered these books for our lending library and hope that staff, volunteers and our residents find these helpful. We wear orange this day to show our love and support. It can take away what happened but the sea of orange is comforting that we have all finally recognized what was done was not okay. It will never be enough but it's a start.


~ Chy

September 26, 2021

Sweet Wreath.

Even with Fall all around us, I had
to share this sweet wreath I found.
Isn't it amazing? Maybe for our
front door for next Spring. Yes!

~ Chy

Watermelon Love.

My favorite fruit, especially on hot
Summer days is watermelon. I had
to post this Susan Wheeler print with
the bunnies enjoying their boats in
the creek, and the watermelon slices
to snack on while they sale around.

Do you have a favorite fruit that you
love in the Summer? Or all year round?

~ Chy

Copying A Design.

This not mine. It's a borrow pic.
But I fell in love without. And
I have fresh lavender, two small
hearts that are purple and white,
and a vintage basket very similar
to this one. I plan to create this.

Have you ever copied a design?
I love bookmarking future ideas.

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my pyjamas! Freshly showered with bare feet and two long braids in my damp hair.

What I'm reading .... still reading the same book. Still slow ....

What's happening in my kitchen .... dh is making homemade pizza for dinner. Mmmm! So good!

What's outside my window .... the sun is hitting the trees and the vibrant Fall colors are incredible.

What I'm thankful for .... a sweet cottage to live in amongst the new season upon us.

What I'm smelling .... pumpkin spice melting in my Scensty burner. Smells like Fall in the cottage.

What I'm hearing .... dh teasing dgs who is having a rough moment. A bit of acting is happening right now!

What I'm crafting .... dgd's dollhouse in progress.

What's on my mind .... I've been battling a cold all weekend and trying to figure out the Covid rules for returning to work tomorrow, if I'm allowed to ....

Words to live by .... great quote above!

Namaste, my blogging buddies.

                                      ~ Chy

September 24, 2021

Teary Day.

Last week, we had some pretty significant losses at our community hospice. The air became heavy, our hearts saddened and weary. I sat on the floor, outside of one of the suites, when the family asked if I'd be close by. My response "I'll be just outside the door," and that's where I sat for a good part of the day, keeping those out who didn't need to be inside. And present for those who needed a break from listening to the last breaths of their loved one. A break to cry, share and listen. It was an honor to be there and to offer care and compassion. These are the cherished moments that make our work so valuable, and yet, so hard. 

I've kept busy all through the week but each family who was grieving their personal loss of their loved one was always present in my mind. By yesterday, I was tired and the tears I had held at bay began to creep from the corners of my eyes. Someone would ask how I was, and the trickle would begin. I spent time in my office, trying to put the sadness aside. And would take breaks and sit in my favorite counselling room. But by the middle of the afternoon, I couldn't keep the tears contained. Dh came and picked me up a bit early and home we went, where I could cry without making anyone else sad. I'm so grateful for staff that knew even though I had smiles on my face all day that something wasn't quite right. As the counsellor who offers support to all, it's sometimes hard to remember that I need to grieve too and feel all the emotions around me. I had today off and it's been a wonderful day of enjoying the sun, putting life back in to order, Zoom calls with amazing people, and dreaming about tonight, tomorrow and the future. I'm feeling more hopeful for returning to work next week. The weekend will be busy but restful so I'm sure my energy will be restored as well. Can't wait!

Hope you've had an amazing week. And that if
you have tears, you are well supported, as I was.

~ Chy

September 21, 2021

Wedding Morning.

A beautiful spot on the ocean to take
their vows and dance the night away.

That is the U.S. on the other side of
the water. Guest chairs on the grass.

Dd, dgs and ds talking about the details
for the ring bearer and the proud groom.

A tent to cover everyone for the late
dinner and the fun celebration to follow.

Gramma and dgs waiting for their cues. This
wedding was a whole year late because of Covid.

But the wait is turning out to be so worth it
as their plans begin to unfold. Such a great day!

~ Chy