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September 30, 2023

Why We Love Having a Dining Room.

I've heard many people talk about the
"ditching" of Dining Rooms. We have
always had one and can't imagine living
without one in our home. It serves a
great purpose when you have a larger
family. Room for everyone to gather.
A place to store all the beautiful china,
silver and pretty glass we've been gifted
and we've thrifted over the years. And
all the linens too. Special memories have
been created here. Laughter and puzzles.
Dinners and meetings. I can't imagine ....

~ Chy

Getting Ready.

This time of year always feels like the reverse
of Spring for me. Today, we're working outside
to clean up the gardens and tidy the garage so
we're all ready for Winter. Time to empty the
pots and turn the dirt. Get rid of the pallets and
give away our firewood we won't use. Empty
the little hot tub and clean out the greenhouse.
Set up the rink for skating and wash all the
exterior windows. Make sure there is nothing
left that could be lost over the season. All of
these tasks will be done over the next 2 weeks.
Today is garage, gardens and hanging up our
Fall decor. Dear neighbors down the lane are
coming over for Thanksgiving dinner later
next weekend and we're excited to host them. I'll
be baking after our outside work: my raspberry
cheesecake, pumpkin tarts and butterscotch
confetti. Might even make my salad and cut
up the sweet potatoes. Will see how my energy
is after all the outside work. It's feeling like
Summer this weekend so taking advantage of
the lovely weather. Hope your enjoying the sun!

~ Chy

Still so Beautiful!

I took these photos a few weeks ago
but we're back to foggy days again.
I kind of like the eeriness but it can
be a bit hard to drive, not knowing
if there's a moose standing in the
middle of the road. Still so beautiful!

~ Chy

September 29, 2023

Comments to be Approved.

I have made the hard decision to monitor my comments
for now. I've had a troll who will NOT leave me along.
He/she leaves not appropriate comments and fills up
the box. So for now, I've disabled free comments and
for those who wish to leave a sweet note (I hope you
will still visit and comment!), I'll approve yours first.

~ Chy

September 28, 2023

Au Natural.

I get asked ALL the time how I color
my hair. Would you believe this is my
completely natural hair color? I'm not
sure why it has become this but I love it!

~ Chy

September 26, 2023

Fall Riding.

Beautiful Fall day ~ perfect for riding the Spyder!
We won't have many days like this left for a ride.

~ Chy


September 24, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... ripped jeans, green tank top and wheat colored cozy sweater, with warm socks on my little feet. Braids for tomorrow ~ my hair will be all curly when I wake up and it's dry.

What I'm reading .... I have a stack of books to read but think I'll start with Matthew Perry's book. Dh got it for Christmas last year but I haven't read it yet. 

What's happening in my kitchen .... nothing. All shut down for the night.

What's outside my window .... howling coyotes and a cool breeze!

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community.

What I'm smelling .... the candle we just blew out. Fall scents.

What I'm hearing .... the tv. And nothing else. A quiet night.

What I'm crafting .... a small "tiny house" dollhouse.

What's on my mind .... wondering if my surgery, set for November 8th, will be cancelled due to a large outbreak of Covid at the hospital ....

Words to live by .... sweet quote above. 

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Pumpkin Hunting.

Pumpkin hunting will be happening today. We need
a few to fill the front veranda before Thanksgiving
dinner with our neighbors from down the lane. We
do have a couple of "fake" white ones but need orange.

Wish us luck!

~ Chy

September 18, 2023

Art Therapy.

Working on Art Therapy projects in my
current post~secondary classes. Fun!

~ Chy

September 17, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... late day shower after working outside for a good part of the day, so my hair is down and damp. Wearing my big grey lined socks (so warm), my Halloween leggings (Sweetlegs), my long flowy black jersey shirt (Sweetlegs) and my oversized grey knit cardigan. It was almost 25 degrees Celcius today but tonight I'm feeling pretty chilly. The sun is setting, night is on it's way.

What I'm reading .... design blogs for ideas for our new space. So much to think about and we feel like we only have one opportunity to get this done well!

What's happening in my kitchen .... the dishwasher is quietly doing its job. I'm about to start working on my raspberry cheesecake for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with our family, and our neighbors down the lane. Lamps are on now that dusk has settled in.

What's outside my window .... it was an amazing day with pure blue skies, no wind, warm sunshine and the bugs are disappearing. So much nicer to work in the garden when I don't have critters crawling on me or trying to take my blood. I love Fall the best ~ less bugs!

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community.

What I'm smelling .... the chocolate I'm enjoying as it melts in my mouth. We fast each day from 8 pm until 12 noon, so this is my treat for the day. Yummy!

What I'm hearing .... the show dh is watching, the dishwasher and dd's laughter from upstairs as she chats with someone on the phone.

What I'm crafting .... actually doing a big purge of our Art Studio so we can get our Fall projects all organized. I have the opportunity to also have elective surgery in November and I'm planning on what I can work on while I recover. 

What's on my mind .... potential surgery (see above) and all that I'd like to get done before that day so I can recover without feeling that there are things that need to be done. Yes, I am a planner!

Words to live by .... sweet quote above. I try to live with words like this every day. And hope others do too.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... a braid in my hair, warm wooly sock, ripped blue jeans and a long and flowy purple hooded top, with a lacy trim bottom. All under a warm, heated blanket.

What I'm reading .... blogs and how to film a presentation for this week. I have a pile of books and magazines to be read that is sitting beside our bed but haven't had time to get to those just yet. Hopefully later in the week.

What's happening in my kitchen .... it's quiet as dh is on a trip. I need to figure out my dinner soon. Likely some warm chicken rice soup and crackers as it's chilly outside today.

What's outside my window .... more smoke from the fires in B.C. Kept us inside, again, today. I wanted to plant our last new bush ~ a sweet Mock Orange. But it was too smokey and my planting will have to wait. Garden will be done soon!

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community.

What I'm smelling .... the Fall decorations dh brought up from our storage room so I can decorate the cottage while he's away. The pine cones have a cinnamon smell that reminds me of the season. So yummy!

What I'm hearing .... the tv and my fingers on the keyboard.

What I'm crafting .... we went to the annual Dollhouse Show and Sale today, and now my brain is working overtime on which project to tackle. One at a time, slow and steady.

What's on my mind .... my presentation that needs to be filmed and sent, and the other presentation I have all ready to go for later in the week.

Words to live by .... please see above for this timely quote that popped up on my feed this week. I'm working thru some pretty hard stuff right now and this was just perfect to keep me on track. I'm always wanting things to be done quickly but realizing some things take time to be worked out. Wishing for a lovely ending for a difficult experience.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

September 10, 2023

Who Needs a Car?!

We can actually get some groceries with
our Spyder. Yup, there are 4 different bins
that can hold several big bags of food, and
then these 2 smaller ones that held our buns
for our Sunday Dinner as well as some
treats and the alcohol as well. Ingenious!

~ Chy

September 8, 2023

Last Planting.

We've added to our garden once more.
I love buying plants from our local
greenhouse in August and September
when they put their perennials on sale!

~ Chy

September 6, 2023

Cozy for Guests.

As the days begin to get shorter, the sun
is setting earlier and earlier. Our little
cottage is starting to feeling cozy as we
begin to get ready for Fall and cool days.

Our guest room at dusk, ready for guests.

~ Chy

September 5, 2023

My Bleeding Heart.

Each year, I have a moment of panic
when my Bleeding Heart looks like
it will never bloom. And then magically,
it comes to life and we end up with this
amazing bush in our front garden. A
favorite, in memory of our loved ones
and such beautiful color for the cottage.
I might add a second one next Spring.

~ Chy

Turning Color.

Fall is starting to set in. Even my Sedum is turning
color. My favorite season. I hope it lasts long this year!

~ Chy

September 4, 2023

Motorcycle Lessons.

Back in May, we took motorcycle lessons together as
we waited for the bike we bought to be ready. I wasn't
sure I'd like to ride a bike but at the end of the day, after
a lot of great coaching from the instructor, I was hooked!

Now on to truly riding the bike ....

~ Chy

September 3, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... a nightgown, bare feet and loose hair.

What I'm reading .... how to make a presentation poster on Canva. I am off to a baby loss conference soon and will be presenting with a poster.

What's happening in my kitchen .... all done for tonight. Even the dishwasher has finished it's cycle and is now quiet.

What's outside my window .... smoke from the fires in B.C.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community.

What I'm smelling .... the Fall candles we put on the fireplace. Started a bit of decorating today as it felt like Fall, even though our trees are still so green.

What I'm hearing .... the tv and my fingers on the keyboard.

What I'm crafting .... still working on the gift bags for our donations. Big job!

What's on my mind .... how much fun tomorrow will be. 

Words to live by .... no quote today. Just a very cozy picture of my favorite corner of our cottage. Warm and inviting, with late day sun through the window.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Afternoon Class.

A dear friend and I took a class at IKEA a few weeks
ago and had a blast. It was a great project and we both
went home with two different sized frames with dried
flowers. Taught by the amazing DIY Mommy, it was an
honor to be there with my friend and to be taught by a
real life blogger! I'm hanging my frames in the studio.

Have you taken a class lately? Or time off for yourself?

~ Chy

September 1, 2023

Hello September.

I think we're in for a beautiful Fall. Smoke did settle
into our area from the fires in B.C. today. But rain
is in the forecast and the nights are starting to get a
bit darker. Trees are still green and my flowers are
doing pretty good, though not as vibrant as they were
a few weeks ago. I love Fall but happy that it's taking
some time to get here. This Summer has been hard,
but also full of new adventures. Welcome September!!

~ Chy