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January 7, 2012

Post Christmas Gift!

Today, we were gifted the most amazing
Victorian/Colonial home.

White clapboard siding with black shutters.

Three stories, ten rooms,
wood floors & three fireplaces.

It's sixty years old & needs a ton of work.

But we're up for the challenge & can't wait to start.

I'm already dreaming about colors & searching
the net for the right furniture to fill it up
once the reno's are complete.

Pictures to follow,
once I find my battery charger!

January 3, 2012

Tea Pot Tuesday!

And on an actual Tuesday!!

My latest find: a dark plum color,
resting under our tree.

Ready for a "good cuppa" when we
sit down & put our feet up tonight
to watch Coronation Street,
a family favorite!

What do you watch when you have a cup of tea?