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June 12, 2013

Homemade Soup!

Stuck at home with a bad cold the last few days. Achy, hot, cold, uncomfortable. Thankful for my cozy house, a job that allows for ample sick days without guilt, warm quilts to snuggle under & a family that cares enough to make sure I have juice & soft tissues.

Pouring rain for days & more to come for the next week ~ it is truly never ending! We have a very lush world to gaze at but unfortunately, we're having to gaze at it through the window. 

This morning, I got out of my warm, cozy bed to drive C to work, thankfully just a few minutes from our home but too far when the rain is this heavy. After dropping her off, I drove to the grocery store to get fresh ingredients for homemade soup. Feeling a bit stronger today & after I've rested for a bit, I'll head down to the kitchen to start cooking. Looking forward to the warmth of this yummy dish!

How do you make yourself feel better 
when you're sick?

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