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July 31, 2020


It's been a week! But the long weekend in our Province is here and we are going to make it a fun but relaxing one. This holiday, Heritage Days, is an opportunity to take a break and reflect on where we all came from and the beauty of our country. However, with Covid, the big festivals and all the celebrations are either cancelled or have gone virtual online. We are hosting a small gathering tomorrow, outside of our friends studio, to launch our new radio station that my dh and 4 other partners have created. We will all be wearing our masks and stay at least 6 feet from each other, a task that is manageable as the space is large. Our son is going to stop in tomorrow morning as well. Other than that, we hope to rest, read, play, paint and truly take a break for the rest of the weekend. No work until Tuesday and this is a most welcome relief from the busyness of life at the moment. I do plan to work on my tiny greenhouse project and if it gets a bit cooler, we hope to actually start work on our big greenhouse project now that all the pieces have been gathered. I look forward to learning all how to use the greenhouse to extend our growing season. Something to look forward to during these difficult times. A long term goal in my opinion always helps me stay focused and continue to move and grow. It's all we've got for now.

I love our sun room turret at the end of the day. It always looks so peaceful and light. I'm ending July and this week with this shot and hope you enjoy it as well. Be well. Stay safe. Enjoy your weekend. Be in the moment. Breathe. Live. Celebrate. Love. Rest. Create. Enjoy. We got this!

~ Chy


Sitting on the veranda in the sun last
night while contemplating painting
the tiny rocker. A lovely shade of very
light pink is my first thought. And as
I gazed in that direction, I noticed the
pattern on the deck from all the spindles
in the railing. As a visual artist, it is
these things that catch my eye and help
me keep perspective when live around
me is chaotic or troubling. Life is good.

~ Chy

July 30, 2020

Twenty Weeks ....

.... since we've been home indefinitely.
I'm grateful for our good health, our
cozy cottage, our busy jobs that can
be done from home, our amazing kids,
our helpful neighbors and sunny days.
All of these have made this a bit better.

I do miss all my colleagues, though we
talk all the time on Zoom and by email
and Teams. And we got together 2 weeks
ago today for a retreat (socially distanced!)
and that was amazing and so healing. I
miss meeting my clients in person. I miss
just casually heading out to the store. I
miss visiting my mom when ever I want to.
I miss travelling. I miss so many things.
But I'm grateful we have this time and
the chance to get through this so that we
are all very healthy, safe and thriving. It is
our new life and we are embracing it in
the very best way we can. I hope you are too.

Be well.
Stay safe.

~ Chy

July 29, 2020

Evening Meal.

Look who came to visit us tonight for
her evening meal. Our sweet mama deer!

No sign of her baby. We wondered if
maybe the little one was sleeping and
mama slipped away to get in a few
bites while she had the chance. Sweet!

~ Chy

Wordless Wednesday.

~ Chy

July 28, 2020

My Morning. Our Night. Thankful.

In the morning, I wake up to the sound
of sweet birds singing. I am so thankful.

At night, we sit on our front veranda and
watch the trees blow in the breeze and
the frog jump across the paths. We watch
the sky change in color. I am so thankful.

~ Chy


Mother Nature is really not being kind to us this
week. After a lot of rain and dreary days, we have
all been so excited to see a week full of sun. Except
that the sun has come with extreme temperatures
and now we are under a "heatwave warning!" It
is nice to wake up to sun and we have managed to
figure out the best ways to keep our little cottage
cool when it's hot outside. We put the air on once
in the morning for about 20 minutes, then leave a
fan on (part of the system) to continue to move the
coolness around. We do this again before bed and
once more mid day if we need to. Windows are also
kept closed, along with blinds and shutters. We did
go outside yesterday and watered all my pots, the
gardens and the veggie patch. We also moved the
pots out of the direct sun onto the veranda so they
would be covered and cool. Little guy played out
yesterday twice but not for long. He got super hot
really quickly so back in to the cool house he came.
I'm fine with this heat, as long as it doesn't bring
storms in to the mix. So far, so good. It would be
the last thing we need at this time. Wish us luck!

~ Chy

July 27, 2020

Tik Tok Gone!

I was so curious what all the chatter was about "Tik Tok" so my daughter downloaded it on to my phone. And this morning, I took it off my phone. Yup, that Tik Tok is now gone from my life. Let me tell you why ....

It was only about 48 hours, but in that time, I became enthralled in the mini stories of people all around the World who shared their lives, their births, their deaths and everything in between. But I became very concerned and found it hard to wait for "part 86" of their journey. I worried about mama's who had lost babies. I wondered how someone was doing in labor. I felt tearful for someone's memorial video. I became anxious with ALL the "Karen" stories, especially those related to mask wearing (or NO wearing). It was a lot of lost time. I jokingly told my husband, who was away most of the weekend filming, that I had not once turned on the tv because Tik Tok was too entertaining! So this morning, after realizing I hadn't done my workout, I was negotiating with myself how long I can be on it for and realizing I was failing miserably at that choice, with no breakfast, and no shower, that it had to go! Dd wouldn't tell me how to get the silly thing off my phone, so I checked the Google and guess what? Simple 2 steps and it was gone, gone, I say, forever from my life!! 

Back to reality. I'm off to shower. 
Have a lovely day my blogging buddies!

~ Chy