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June 16, 2021

Deficit Mode.

Storms continue to fill our days. And nights as well. I appreciate the rain but when you live in a forest, the crazy wind can wreak havoc on the trees. We have one that looks like someone pushed it over and it's trying so hard to get back up. I'm sure we'll have to take the chainsaw to it on the weekend. Today has started out windy with cloudy/sunny skies. Not sure what the forecast is just yet. It's almost not worth the time to look as  it changes hourly around here anyway. Hoping to get thru today without tons of thunder and lightening. It's definitely not my favorite thing.

As you can see by my photo above, I'm working away on creating a memorial table at our hospice to remember our residents who have died. We have the tall candle, the short pot to hold pens and a lighter, and the memory box behind where staff can write notes to share memories. We'll also have a scrapbook with a page for each resident if the families are open to this. I'm almost done and hope to set this up today. Then I need to start to look for an item we can order to give to each family when their loved one dies. So many wonderful ideas that we can incorporate in to our programming. I've got a short day on site this morning, then a long afternoon into the evening with counselling from home. I'm feeling super tired today but hope a quick workout will help before I shower. My energy is definitely in a deficit mode this week. Hope you are doing well and have an amazing day today! Be as kind to yourself as you can be.


~ Chy

June 15, 2021

Sewing Vignette.

Over the last year of working from home and living from home, all the time, we've worked on various projects to keep busy. The art studio was one area that got a lot of our attention. It's been fun pulling it all together. We're almost done. A bit more organizing to complete, then some curtains to source or sew, and hang. Then I'll take photos and show how we put together this amazing spot to create. 

As you enter the studio, on the left side is a little alcove and we placed a vintage dresser in this spot. Inside the dresser is baby clothes that had meaning and we've kept. Some very vintage from my childhood up to our little grand babies. Not sure yet if these precious items will be shadow boxed or made in to quilts. But for now, they are safely tucked away in my dh's grandfather's dresser. The bottom drawer also holds the overflow material I've collected for quilting. We have a tall dresser in another corner that holds the majority of my material, as well as lace, extra doilies my gramma made and sewing tools. Now I'm all ready to sew again.

I created this sweet corner with sewing in mind. The lamp was a thrift store find and perfect as we've added a bit of teal into this space, along with our traditional lavender, sage green and ivory. The carved shelf was a clearance bin sale from Michael's. The original tag said $69.99 but I paid $10.00 for it. A collection of thimbles, buttons and scissors grace this space. The tin sign was an antique mall find and it finally has it's home. Ejoy my little sewing vignette!

Off to shower and get ready for work. Sleep last night was not great with the storms but they've finally stopped. I have a break later today between work and my board meeting tonight, so a nap may be in order. Hope your day is amazing and quiet! Namaste my dear blogging buddies. 

~ Chy

June 14, 2021

Thunder Storms.

After a beautiful weekend of warm sun and blue skies, we woke up to a very strong thunderstorm this morning. Rain, lightening (even a warning) and the loudest thunder that I've ever heard. We had storms thru the day, my first at hospice for the year. This picture is looking northwest and that dark cloud was very quickly over our building rain and swirling the clouds. We're under a warning tonight, and have sun, rain, lightening, thunder, wind and now it's calm but dark. Supposed to last thru the night and well in to tomorrow. I'm not sure what the purpose of thunder and lightening is but wish we could just have rain as needed, without all the drama! I got lots of work done, despite the noise.

Our cottage is pretty humid tonight. We'll likely turn the air conditioning on for a bit before we head to bed to cool everything down. Hoping it's not too loud thru the night. Our weekend was busy, so I'm feeling tired today. Fingers and toes crossed that the thunder gods let us sleep tonight!

Hope you had an amazing, quiet day today.
Namaste my dear blogging buddies!

~ Chy

June 13, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my blue floral Victoria's Secret pyjama set ~ shorts and a tank top. It's hot tonight and this is cool.

What I'm reading .... "I Was Anastasia." Almost done. So good! I don't want to put it down. Should be a movie!

What's happening in my kitchen .... closed up for the night. Clean and quiet. Ready for tomorrow's creations.

What's outside my window .... birds still singing, frogs croaking and a sun setting behind the trees.

What I'm thankful for .... a beautiful weekend, time with our son and his family to celebrate his birthday, great gardening and lovely neighbors who helped out, then came back later tonight for appys and beer on the deck. So very blessed.

What I'm smelling .... my coconut cream on my hands.

What I'm hearing .... a show about Carrie Fisher.

What I'm crafting .... our sweet granddaughter's dollhouse.

What's on my mind .... the task list for the week, wondering if we can get our 2nd dose earlier than what is booked, and if I'll get up in time tomorrow to do my workout before I shower and head in to work for the morning.

Words to live by .... the quote above. So timely ....

                   Namaste my dear blogging buddies. 

~ Chy

Growing Spider.

I bought this Spider Plant as a tiny sprig
last Spring when Covid first started. Our
greenhouse began an option of curbside
pick up and we jumped at the chance to
buy some plants as well as the seeds we
needed for our veggie patch. Look at
how big this sweet little plant has gotten!


~ Chy 

Almost There.

Getting close to being done with my
new office set up. I still need to grab
a couple of curtain rods, bring in a
newly painted cabinet to sit between
the 2 comfy chairs, hang 4 pictures
and bring in all the plants I've been
cultivating at home. I won't show any
pictures now until it's completely done.


~ Chy

Potato Plants.

We took a chance and planted some
seeding potatoes in the garden. And
look what sprouted! They look good
so far. Will update the progress soon.

Have you ever grown potatoes
in your garden? Do tell. Namaste.

~ Chy

New Plants.

I'm almost done planting all our pots.
I have 4 more to do after today. I did
pot these 2 on Friday. We went to the
tiny greenhouse I posted about earlier
and came across these black petunias.
Aren't they amazing? I added in some
pink and then the trailing vine as well.
I'm super happy with this arrangement
and truly can't wait to get the last 4 pots
done. Then we can sit back and enjoy.

Are you done all your planting for now?

~ Chy