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November 30, 2023

More Memories.

More Birthday Memories to share tonight. The flowers
were the sweetest surprise from our neighbors down the
lane. They also included ales for dh, who had his birthday
10 days ago. Best neighbors ever! My cake was amazing
and we loved the look of it. Dh found the cutest Minnie
Mouse card and he did gift me with a book I said I may
have to look for but he found it, a metal back scratcher to
replace the one he did break, and a new wheat bag for
the Winter. My big gift was my Lego set (Assembly Square)
that we found on sale before my surgery. Feeling loved!

~ Chy

Birthday Memories.

I had a very special birthday today. I
truly was not excited for today but in
the end, it was so special in so many
ways. I may have to share several posts.

This morning, we went to our weekly
Chamber of Commerce breakfast and
dh shared it was my birthday and I was
caught off guard. And then they all sang
"Happy Birthday" to me and it was the
sweetest moment! I was truly touched.

After the meeting, we headed to our office
for a bit to gather what we need for our
even tomorrow night, then had a meeting
with our volunteer centre for our festival.

Once that was done, we headed to one
of our local hotels to talk with their team
about our requirement for next Summer's
festival. At the end, after an amazing tour,
the GM asked if we had plans. Dh said
"it's Chy's birthday, so we're going to
head home for a bit before we celebrate
with family later. And then they offered
to have us come into the restaurant for
lunch, on them. We had the best time
eating the amazing food and talking
with staff who were brought over to be
introduced to us. We were so full at
the end but they sent us home with a
tray of birthday desserts. So incredible!
We will be back for dinner over time.

Let me share the photos: #1 is the name
of the restaurant. I'm assuming its a chain.

#2 is our appetizer: garlic aioli Crustini with
a goat cheese dip. A great start to lunch. #3
is a shot of my burger. I'm not a meat eater
but decided to try this for the cheese and
the bacon and pickles. It was so very good.
#4 is the Caesar Salad that came with my
lunch. It was equally amazing. I did have
to take half my lunch home as it was too
much for me. #5 is a shot of the in house
made lemonade that I now want to know
what they mix it with. Again, so good! And
finally, #6 is a shot of the washroom. So
elegant. We felt so well looked after and
know that this is the perfect spot for artists.

More birthday memories coming up!

~ Chy

November 29, 2023

Summer in Winter?

We are having the best weather so far.
NO snow, at a time of year when we
would have had a least one blizzard
and a constant stream of cool to cold
air, with snow here and there, always
with lots of sun. But at the moment, my
garden is struggling with how warm it
is and the trees and bushes are not sure
if they should bloom or wait .... I was
able to sit outside yesterday in the sun
and wait for dgs to come down the lane
from his bus drop off. The birds were
singing, the geese flying overhead (to
the North by the way!) and the air was
warm and lovely. How is your weather?
Hope it's warm and sunny where you are!

~ Chy

November 26, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... jammies. An early night to try and get caught up on my energy.

What I'm reading .... still thumbing thru the magazines we gathered for my recovery.

What's happening in my kitchen .... it's quiet as dinner is done and the dishwasher is doing a rinse.

What's outside my window .... NO snow! Warm air, birds singing. Where is Winter?

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community. 

What I'm smelling .... the candles dh lit for me. Love the soft light and sweet smell.

What I'm hearing .... the tv, and as always talking and laughter. Never a shortage of that in our little cottage.

What I'm crafting .... nothing at the moment. Some Lego and working on making sure my scars are healing.

What's on my mind .... recovery, what's next, Christmas and my sweet family.

Words to live by .... sweet, very timely personal quote above. I don't have the energy to look back to make sure I haven't used this one before. If I have, please forgive me.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

November 19, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... soft gold cords, a lighter gold colored sweater and warm, wooly socks. Braids for tomorrow ~ my hair will be all curly when I wake up and it's dry.

What I'm reading .... research in the moment on ADHD/OCD.

What's happening in my kitchen .... though it is dh's birthday, he's busy in the kitchen creating us an amazing Sunday dinner. He wouldn't let me help as I'm just 10 days out from my surgery and we spent some time in town today. So now he's making me rest on the couch while he makes scrumptious food. So excited for dinner tonight!

What's outside my window .... dh just turned on the Christmas lights outside and I can see the inflatables are slowing coming to life. Looking good for this year.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community. And I'll add an amazing surgeon!

What I'm smelling .... dinner cooking and the fresh laundry we just folded. Everything smells so heavenly!

What I'm hearing .... the Grey Cup game is on. Not our team but we're waiting for the half time show to see Green Day perform. Not sure we'll keep watching after.

What I'm crafting .... Christmas decor to fill the cottage.

What's on my mind .... my next class tomorrow, the presentation dh has to make on Tuesday to our County Council, the Middle East conflict, and how our budget is doing. I haven't really checked much since my surgery so tomorrow, during the breaks, I'll be logging on to see if our banking is still in line as I left it, prior to surgery.

Words to live by .... sweet, very timely personal quote above. 

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

November 16, 2023

The Crown.

So very excited that The Crown is back!
So very excited that it will be done soon ....

~ Chy

November 14, 2023

Tree Bookcase.

Searching for unique furniture for our
new Centre and came across this sweet
bookcase. Isn't it amazing? I'm hoping
to find a local contractor to build this.

~ Chy

November 13, 2023

A Distraction.

As I was getting ready for surgery, I was
trying to find things I could do from the
comfort of my little cozy recovery chair.
We brought my art cart down from the
studio and filled it with new magazines
to read, a cross stitch to consider, cards
to write and a Lego to build. Today, I
started the Lego, though I was so tired
that I didn't get very far. But it was a
good start and now I have something
to work on when I feel bored. Still no
pain, just a bit of nausea from the drugs
and exhaustion. I'm so glad I have this
time at home to just rest as I need, with
no worry about having to rush back to
work or my regular activities. Blessed!

~ Chy