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April 6, 2020

April 6th.

Yes, we still have snow. And the top left picture shows the fresh snow that was falling all day yesterday! Please know, in light of all that we are dealing with in this Pandemic, snow should be the least of any concern. But it is pulling me down a bit, as pretty as it is. At least if it was gone, we could be outside exploring Spring as it unfolds. We are doing well to keep busy and we do venture outside each day, for a walk or to just stand in the sun. To see blooms on the trees and green starting to sprout would be a boost to our spirits for sure. For now, I'll take comfort in the pretty patterns and shadows on the snow. So beautiful when the snow sparkles.

Dinner tonight, like all nights, was amazing! Dh loves to cook and he comes up with such creative and tasty dishes. This one is a favorite of mine and he always seems to know when I need a bit of a pick me up. Fresh chicken, stir fried with red onion and pea pods, with ranch dressing as a sauce. Sweet corn in butter and 4 cheese risotto. Mmmm! I'm truly not the best eater and I've struggled with food all of life, between food allergies, reflux, choking and anorexia, he has figured out what I can eat without issue and I'm so thankful for this dedication. I love being taken care of by my guy!

Today we slept in a bit. It was nice to wake up to sunshine instead of darkness. We checked emails, did some work, then I did my workout, showered and while dh did his workout and showered, I did more work. Technically, it's my day off as I work on Saturdays. But for now, I've spread my work out through the week so I have a nice balance of work to keep me busy and down time to do some fun things while we're all home and have extra time. I think it's working well so far. A bit of lunch, a bit of puzzle making, more work, then a break to try and figure out how to hang crown moulding in the main floor half bath. We've got the angles worked out and now we just need to paint a quick coat of paint and then we can start hanging. I might try to do that tomorrow. They are white already but the video we watched suggested a light coat so all the pieces are the same shade of white and I agree with this tip. Tomorrow will be more work and then down time and hopefully some crown moulding work. I can't wait to see if this works well and if it does, then we'll begin to add to the rest of the walls on the main floor in our cottage. This is one of the things that was on my dream wish list and now it's going to happen. Very excited! Fingers crossed that we do a good job and love it!

The rest of the week is pretty chill. Outside of work, meetings and phone counselling for clients, we're hoping to finish up a few things around the cottage. Outside the crown moulding, I've been pulling out pictures to hang. And I'm doing more purging and organizing in the art studio. We have some nice shelves to hang in the studio but I'd need to see if the paint we have is still okay. Stored it in the house, so it should mix up just fine. Afresh coat of paint on all the walls would be great. We have plans for wainscotting as well but the painting needs to happen first. Ongoing process that may go beyond our Covid break at home but we'll try our best. Then we'll move to outside projects, like staining the deck and veranda, more landscaping and installing gates, once we rejig the driveway. You can never say that we'll ever get bored around here! Always something we can work on.

All for now. 
Hope you are well.

~ Chy

April 5, 2020

Reading Tower.

While we are tucked away in our little cottage, safe and snug from the raging Pandemic outside, we've taken time to create lists of tasks we can tackle with the extra time we have on our hands. It's a long list, with things we'd like to finish up inside and a separate list for outside, once the snow finally goes away. Our days are filled with work and helping out dd with homeschooling our dgs but without the commute and shopping that happen so often when life is normal, there is definitely extra time to fill. We try to do something each day that is fun as well. Something to look forward to. Yesterday I pulled out all the books I want to read while we're home. Two are library books. Two I just ordered as the lockdown was about to take place. The rest are books that were given as gifts or I had found online, at the charity shop or donated by a friend. A total of 10 in my little "reading tower" that will dwindle over the next few weeks as I tackle each one and then find a spot for it in one of our many bookcases scattered around the cottage. 

So what's on my reading tower list? From the top down, I have "Four Meals for Fourpence" by Grace Foakes. A heartwarming tale of family life in London's East End. Under that is "The View from the Corner Shop" by Kathleen Hey. It's subtitle says The Diary of a Yorkshire Shop Assistant in Wartime. Both were ordered and arrived a few weeks ago, just as we were preparing to settle in. Once I'm done my current book on the tower, I'll dive in to these first. 

Moving down the tower, the rest of the books are as follows:

* Village School ~ the first novel in the beloved Fairacre Series. I'm almost done this book and it's been great so far. I'll have to order the next in the series for sure. 
* Dollhouses. This one showcases dollhouses in a museum. I'll have to add the description later. 
* Beautifully Organized. I'm pretty organized but always love a quick read to keep up with new ideas. This is one of two library books that I know have indefinitely as our library is closed and all due dates dismissed until they reopen. 
* Becoming by Michelle Obama. I've wanted to read this for a while and was excited it was finally available at the library. Lots of time to read it now!
* The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain. A book given to me by someone who ordered it and then never had time to read it. I'll dive in to it once the others are devoured.
* At Home with Beatrix Potter. Such a fan, I am. Our first daughter's nursery, her blankets, her stuffies, her clothes and her baby calendar were all Beatrix Potter themed. Her first set of books were the complete collection, all in a pretty box. Lovely memories and I'm looking forward to this read.
* Where Woman Create is a collection from the popular magazine that on occasion I add to our grocery cart. Having a very full art studio, this gives me inspiration to continue to find new ways to keep everything organized. I love to see what other women are busy creating as well. One day, when my work is done, I can see long days in our little studio!
* The Big Book of a Miniature House. Takes the reader on a journey to creating an incredible dollhouse, filled with inspiration for those of us who are still learning. I've browsed through it but now I have time to actually read every page and take notes for creating my dollhouses. 

That's my "reading tower" and as much as I want this Pandemic to end immediately, I'm happy to use some of our time here at home in the cottage to tackle each of these books. A great distraction from what could be as we make our way through each and every day, hour by hour. 

Do you have a reading list or "tower" to tackle?
Is reading a great past time for you to fill the days?

~ Chy

April 4, 2020

Covid Supplies.


Gloves to unpack our groceries. Wipes to
clean everything that comes in the house.

Wine to calm our fears, celebrate another
day of surviving and toasting our team
members at work (all at home now) for
another week of meeting everyone's needs.

What are your supplies on hand?
What else do you have, just in case?

~ Chy

Snow Bunny.

I'm sure you don't want to see one more picture of
all our new snow AGAIN! So I'll just let you know
that it did snow AGAIN but instead of showing all
the new snow AGAIN, I'll just post this sweet little
bunny in the snow. Susan Wheeler is the artist and
I hope you find this picture nicer than a reality pic!

~ Chy

Birthday Boy.


Our eldest son is celebrating his birthday
today. Sad to not be with him on the coast.

He's an amazing young man, a traveller,
a wrestler, a model, an actor, a writer and
a producer. In the Fall, he will become a
loving husband to his girl. Wishing we all
could be with him today but for now, we'll
have to Skype. Happy Birthday Brady!

~ Chy

April 1, 2020

Welcome April.

Welcome April. In our region, it definitely doesn't look like Spring. Very blizzardy yesterday and today we're hearing reports of icy roads and super cold temperatures, made even colder with the windchill. Happy we can just stay in and stay warm. I'm dreaming of putting the fireplace on once I'm done my workout and have had a warm shower. I've done 2 counselling sessions already today and it's only 9:30 a.m.! Shhhh! Don't tell my clients but I was tucked in a warm bed in my jammies .... I'm guessing they have been too. Truth be told, this is the first day I've allowed myself to rest a bit more. My next session is just before lunch so now I have time to treadmill and weight lift and shower. Then case notes and on to the next session. Part of this work load is finding a healthy balance between meeting my clients' needs and making sure I don't get overwhelmed at the same time. An unhealthy counsellor will not help anyone. Thankful for our warm cottage, a supportive family and opportunities to take breaks and work on art projects this week. It's working.

March came in like a lamb, with melting snow and warm air. So much promise with many sunny days and lots of Spring projects to dream about. But then the virus arrived in our country and by the end of the month, we were all locked down, the World came to a standstill and the snow arrived, again! March definitely went out like a lion. Hoping that April is kinder, that this snow finally leaves, the World becomes healthy again and active, and we start to see a green landscape again. Wishing you and your family a beautiful and healing April. Stay warm. Stay active. Stay well.

                                     ~ Chy

March 31, 2020

Grateful Project.

I started recording on my FB
page something I'm grateful
for at the end of each day. I
then started having my clients
do this as everyone is so very
stressed and focused on the
Pandemic. A simple act but
one that is changing negatives
into positives. It can be truly
hard to be grateful but this is
working and I'm so happy to
read what friends and clients
come up with each day. Are
you able to find something to
be grateful for each day? I do
encourage you to give it a try.

~ Chy

Little Veranda.

Found this sweet pic today when I was
looking for ideas on how to create a little
veranda on our potting shed. I'm sure this
is the same shed. And we already have
all the spindles. Could be a fun Summer
project this year, if the virus is gone then.
We built a foundation for the shed and
created a veranda on the front. Now we
just need the spindles and railing. What
do you think? Would love your thoughts.

~ Chy