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November 12, 2018

Canal Colors.

Because our hotel is the Rideau Canal
and the colors are incredibly amazing.

Even on a rainy, cloudy day, the Fall
leaves are outstanding against the sky.

Our path was full of leaves both on the
trees and crispy crunching under our feet.

Back home, our leaves have long gone
and snow has blanketed the landscape.

November 11, 2018


After our scrumptious dinner, we wandered
around the huge hotel to explore for a bit.

Came across the ballroom which was
being set up for a big event the next day.

The ceiling was amazing. I would spend
the entire event staring at it's beauty.

What used to be a working fountain is
now a planter out in the long hallway.

First Dinner.

After settling in to our posh new room,
we ventured downstairs for our dinner.

Zoey's turned out to be a great choice
for two very hungry weary travelers.

A ginger ale for me an a pint for my
lovey as we waited for our dinner. 

He had a very tasty burger made with
Alberta beef (our home province).

I had a lobster sandwich with a lovely
Caesar Salad. It was so good and filling.

A pumpkin on the bar counter. They
had a Halloween event earlier in the
evening for families who may be
staying in the hotel. Lovely touch.


A lovely greeting in a tiny airport.

No checked bags for us - we backpack!

Our first room that we ended up not taking.

Just too tiny for my claustrophobia.
Thankfully we were the first to check
in that afternoon and the front desk
very graciously not only found us a
better room with 2 windows, they even
upgraded us to a little suite with a King
bed. We didn't ask for that but were
so touched they would offer this to
us and even charged us less for the
suite. It truly made our trip even better!

Flying Away.

On Halloween Night, my lovey and I
boarded a plane to travel to our Capital.

We've never flown in the Emergency exit
before. Loved all the extra large leg room.

Our trip was planned in just a few days.
We've been asked to speak in the House
of Commons, an honor most will never
have. We were so touched and eager to
do so and we will share our "amazing trip
of a lifetime" over the next couple of posts.


November 4, 2018


Welcome to the month of falling
leaves, long Christmas lists, snow
and many birthdays in our house.
A month of cozy celebrations.

October 31, 2018

Boo .....

White painted pumpkins for Halloween.
We grew white ones in our patch this year.

But I didn't decorate them. Just put them
on the front steps with the orange ones.
Maybe next year but I do love these
painted ones. New ideas to try out.