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January 20, 2019

Hygge Day #9.

Hygge Photo Challenge Day #9:
Sweater. Last year (2017), for his
birthday, I bought dh the sweater
he's wearing in our annual photo
with our dearest friend. I'm wearing
the sweater my dh bought me this
year (2018) for my birthday. I love
sweaters. My closet and dresser are
full of them. But this one? Truly now
my favorite of all time. It's so super
soft. I can't even describe how soft.
I want to wear it every day but have
chosen to keep it for any and all
special days. Like when our dearest
friend comes over to spend time with
us, a few days after New Years, in 2019.

~ Chy

Hygge Day #8.

Hygge Photo Challenge #8:
Nature. We are lucky to live
in such a beautiful County.
Living rurally means so many
opportunities to capture the
nature that surrounds us. Like
amazing hoar frost on our
trees. #countryliving #hygge

~ Chy

Hygge Day #7.

Hygge Photo Challenge Day #7:
Blanket. Snuggled under our warm
quilt on a forst morning. And yes,
that is breakfast, in bed! #hygge

~ Chy

Hygge Day #6.

Hygge Photo Challenge Day #6:
Comfort Food. Despite having
food issues ALL my life, I do
have a few I call comfort food.
Chicken Noodle Soup when the
rain falls from the sky. Broccoli
and Chicken Pot Pie on Sunday
nights, with Caesar Salad. Hot
Macaroni and Cheese anytime!
And on occasion, my dh will make
a Brit dinner consisting of Maple
and Bacon Baked Beans with
Maple Sausages on Fresh Baked
Bread. With chocolate milk in my
chocolate box cottage English China
cup. Mmmm! #comfort food #hygge

~ Chy

Hygge Day #5.

Hygge Photo Challenge Day #5:
Togetherness. This is only part
of our little family. I wanted a
shot of us in front of the Royal
Albert Museum at the end of the
afternoon. Our visit was amazing
and we will be back. Every other
family would have lined up nicely
for their photo, hair in place, shirts
tucked in. But this my family ~ at
least part of us. And if I ask for a
photo, this is what will transpire.
No apologies. Real life. Together.
#ourfamily #togetherness #this is us

~ Chy

January 12, 2019

Hygge Day #4.

Hygge Day #4. The prompt was Gratitude.
On this day, I wrote:"Our family, the one
we created and the ones we came from,
our beloved little cottage we built for us,
in the big woods, carefully crafted creative
careers and abundant health. Gratitude."

~ Chy

Hygge Day #3.

Hygge Day #3. The prompt today was
Hot Drink. And this is what I wrote:
"We set up a little Hot Chocolate
Station over the holidays for anyone
who needed to warm up after being
outside in the snow and the cold. 
Winter is here! Makes being outside
so much easier when you know a sweet
cup of hot chocolate is so easy to make
and so welcoming to enjoy." #hygge

~ Chy

Hygge Day #2.

Day #2 of the Hygge Photo Challenge.
The prompt was Warmth. And I wrote
the following: "I love the soft light from
our mantel garland and the beautiful
glow of the Christmas tree. A vision of
comfort, peace and warmth." #hygge

~ Chy