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August 27, 2016

The August Break #26: Oranges.

This is definitely not a favorite color for me so I
had a bit of a challenge trying to find something for
this prompt of oranges. I didn't even have any
fruit oranges in the house to snap! But then I came
across this pic of the sweet carrots we brought
home from a trek to the Farmer's Market. They
were incredibly delicious and now I want more!

The August Break #25: Peaceful.

A favorite spot to sit in the late afternoon.
Sun streams through the trees, the breeze
is light and all around, the landscape is
silent. A very peaceful and content spot.

The August Break #24: Three.

Our old house, now filled with a sweet
little family to love it for a while. My
favorite windows in the house were
these 3 in the dining room. This room
will now be an office for the dad and
an art room for mom. They love it too!

Another favorite shot showcasing 3. Our
guest bedroom in the new house. So bright!

The August Break #23: My Face.

I was reading through some of the posts for the
August Break challenge for "My Face" and saw
many posts that talked about the unhappiness that
some of us have with our face. I will say that I'm
not totally in favor of mine but I don't dislike it
either. I often get complicated on my skin and
my high cheek bones. A question I get asked often: 
"Do you have any Native Indian in you?" Ha!

This is a picture of myself, my auntie, my cousin
and her son. They had flown to a funeral a province
away from us and their flight on the way back had
a 3 hour layover. So I packed up my two girls and
stopped in the big city to pick up my mom and we
all headed out to the airport to meet them for a
quick but yummy lunch. We had a great time,
catching up, sharing stories and laughing. My
cousin shared her own experience of what it was
like when my auntie was diagnosed with Dementia
and how she now copes as a daily caregiver. This
is our new path as my mom was just diagnosed in
May of this year and it's quite a challenge. My
face in this shot looks skinny as I've not been
eating very well and this was the day before I
really started not feeling all that great. I can tell
my eyes are not as bright and I'm not as colorful.
It was a good day and I'm so glad we got to visit.

Here's my mom and my auntie. It was nice to
see them share some memories too. I'm not sure
they both understand their diagnosis' but for a
short time, it was comforting to see them so happy.

The August Break #22: Squares.

 A bit of a break as I was battling a
little bug. Still not feeling all that
great but I can function somewhat.
I'm writing in bed this morning, all cozy
and warm. We'll go out later today.

I had a hard time with this August Break
photo challenge prompt. Every time I'd
take pictures, because of the angle, it
wouldn't look like a perfect square. So
I went into my picture archive and came
across this shot of our old house, just 
after we had replaced the flooring in the
laundry room. Again, these are perfect
12" x 12" inch squares but my wonky
camera angle makes them look very
elongated. Hope you can see they are
square and lovely to look at. Our tenants
were very happy to see the new floor.
And so far, it's holding up very well.

August 22, 2016

4 A.M. ....

I'm snuggled in bed, comfy duvet and
pillows cocooning my weary body. A
storm is raging outside and hasn't let
up in over 2 hours. The wind is the
strongest element, making me a bit
worried for what the morning will
bring. For now, we're safe and cozy
in our little cottage, nested and warm.

August 21, 2016

The August Break #21: Today is ....

.... what would have been our tiny
daughter's 18th birthday. On this day
in 1998, Ciara~Rose Kennedi quietly,
without taking a breathe or opening
her eyes, slipped into our arms and
melted our broken hearts forever.

In her memory, and in memory of
her older brother, Bretton~Elijah Lucas,
we created our organization to help
other parents cope with this unique loss.

Ciara~Rose Kennedi did not get
the opportunity to grow beyond
the day of her birth, but our centre
has grown by leaps and bounds.
We are proud of her tiny moment
in our life and her legacy for others.

August 20, 2016

The August Break #20: Clouds.

Our summer has been a wild one for weather.
Usually we get days of sun and warmth, then a
day or two of cloud and rain, and then back to
the sun. But this year, we start out sunny in the
morning and by afternoon, the weather warnings
have begun. Everything from intense rain to
dangerous lightening to tornado's. Last year, it
was so peaceful out here but wow, this year, storm
after storm. I was in town the other day and did
manage to capture these ominous clouds over
the community. It was another weather warning
evening but thankfully, nothing too bad other
than some rain and a bit of wind. We got a little
reprieve from the lightening and thundering too.