About Me

October 13, 2019

Serene Harbour.

First visit to the harbour after our arrival.
The sea was so calm and so very quiet.

Although it was the beginning of Thanksgiving
Weekend here in Canada, it was like a ghost town.

The enormous 25 million dollar yacht belonging
to Jimmy Pattison. Took up an entire pier side. 

Called the "Nova Spirit" the crew was large and
very quick in docking and setting everything up.

An incredible harbour view cottage over looks the inlet.
And a large group of birds suddenly scurried around.

The water isn't always this calm but matching the blue
sky, it was a great walk around the very quiet harbour.

Businesses around the harbour were quiet at first but
started to fill up as the day went on. Lots of tourists!

Final views as we trekked in to town to do some
shopping. Groceries to fill the kitchen and our bellies.

~ Chy

Ferry Ride.

To get to our little island, we have to take a Ferry.
There are several choices but we have a favorite now.

We used to drive to Vancouver and then stay over
with family, getting up super early the next day to
catch the Ferry, which would take upwards of at
least three hours to get to our destination, after a
number of stops. So it would literally be at least a
two day trip to get there. So we looked for options.

Discovered with Airmiles, we could fly to Victoria
in an hour, hop the Ferry there and be on our island
less than an hour later. A much faster travel time,
though we do miss visiting our family in Vancouver.

Less travel time means more time to spend
exploring the island and truly relaxing on
our visits here. Less cost with the flights
vs. driving and we are less tired once we
arrive. Lots to do here and now we have
more time with less travel. Our little haven.

~ Chy

Our Little Island.

Years ago, we ventured out to the West Coast for
our holidays but we went further than the places
we normally visited to see family and trek around
the place we at one point had called our "home."

It's been more than a year and a half since
we took a true vacation. Last November,
we did travel to Ottawa to present in the
House of Commons. Not a holiday, though
we did fit in some time just for us and we
did tour around on our off time. Amazing!

The last year has been tough in so many
ways. We kept putting off a little holiday
until we could get to a place that going
away would be fun, not just an "escape."

Finally, we're here. We've worked hard to get
through the tough experiences, explored, grew,
moved forward and took time for a lot of deep
reflection. A true work in progress for us forever.

Vancouver. Crazy how flat it looks from the sky, 
except for the downtown core. Our eldest son
and his fiance live right in the heart of it all. A
great place to visit and for the two of them, to live.

But here's our little piece of Heaven, our
second home, our dream, our haven ....
our little island. Not for everyone as it's
a true hippy experience. For us, peace.

~ Chy

Mirrored Cottage.

A view of our little cottage in the mirror of the 
garden ball sitting in the little Secret Garden.

~ Chy

October 12, 2019

All Dressed Up.

Our team at the lunch. Missing our finance guy,
volunteer manager and one of my university students. 

My braid for the day. I don't often do this but
when I do, I always forget to take a picture.

~ Chy

Amazing Meal.

The menu for our special lunch is not
always what I can eat with my allergies.

So the staff at this amazing Fairmont
Hotel make me a scrumptious meal.

Often a bit different than the other guests,
it is always delicious and no issues for me.

Loved dessert this year. A tiny fruit
tart with custard and a mint leaf. Yum!

~ Chy

Special Lunch.

Every September, the community~based
hospice I work for hosts a special luncheon.

It's purpose is to raise funds for our local
initiative and to for new awareness of
our programs and services. Everyone
dresses up beautifully, we gather for an
amazing lunch, with guest speakers who
share inspiring stories and sweet music
from local artists. This event will always
be a favorite in my heart and my soul.

~ Chy

October 6, 2019

Finally ....

We're picking out gates for our driveway.
This has been a long journey and it's not over!

But we're getting closer to final decisions and
construction time. We've decided to keep it very
simple after our original plan for a more ornate
design fell through. Now it's picking the style.

~ Chy