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August 22, 2016

4 A.M. ....

I'm snuggled in bed, comfy duvet and
pillows cocooning my weary body. A
storm is raging outside and hasn't let
up in over 2 hours. The wind is the
strongest element, making me a bit
worried for what the morning will
bring. For now, we're safe and cozy
in our little cottage, nested and warm.

August 21, 2016

The August Break #21: Today is ....

.... what would have been our tiny
daughter's 18th birthday. On this day
in 1998, Ciara~Rose Kennedi quietly,
without taking a breathe or opening
her eyes, slipped into our arms and
melted our broken hearts forever.

In her memory, and in memory of
her older brother, Bretton~Elijah Lucas,
we created our organization to help
other parents cope with this unique loss.

Ciara~Rose Kennedi did not get
the opportunity to grow beyond
the day of her birth, but our centre
has grown by leaps and bounds.
We are proud of her tiny moment
in our life and her legacy for others.

August 20, 2016

The August Break #20: Clouds.

Our summer has been a wild one for weather.
Usually we get days of sun and warmth, then a
day or two of cloud and rain, and then back to
the sun. But this year, we start out sunny in the
morning and by afternoon, the weather warnings
have begun. Everything from intense rain to
dangerous lightening to tornado's. Last year, it
was so peaceful out here but wow, this year, storm
after storm. I was in town the other day and did
manage to capture these ominous clouds over
the community. It was another weather warning
evening but thankfully, nothing too bad other
than some rain and a bit of wind. We got a little
reprieve from the lightening and thundering too.

The August Break #19: My Hands.

My hands, holding my son's teardrop,
at our recent grief camp memorial.

My hands, holding my daughter's teardrop,
at our recent grief camp memorial.

I read the prompt for this post the other 
day and it created a memory for me from
a song I used to love and played often.
The song "Hands" by Jewel has this
chorus in it and you can see why I chose it:

"My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken"

My small hands are always noticed for
being so tiny in a grown woman. I wish
sometimes they were bigger but also do
appreciate that they don't take up too much
space and I can still wear kids gloves in
the winter! Recently, I began to see how
they are changing, with lines and wrinkles.
My gramma's hands fascinated me with
the aging process and now it's my turn.

The August Break #18: 5 Years Ago.

Five years ago, our little guy was just
starting the 2nd half of his 1st year here
on Earth. And he napped hard because
when he was awake, he never stopped
moving! This is Aunty C, just 18 at the
time and the best aunty in the whole
world. The other day, he told her that he
remembers that she would look after
him and rock him to sleep. And "play
for hours", he recalls! Great memory!!

The August Break #17: Bedroom Window.

On a cool and misty "Fall is coming"
morning, this is the view out my
bedroom window. You can see the
leaves are beginning to turn already.

August 16, 2016

The August Break #16: Breathe.

Taken from my studio window above
the garage. One of the reasons we
moved to the country is for the fresh
air and the chance to truly breathe. To
not have our neighbors peering in our
dining room window. To sit on the
veranda, in peace and quiet. To grow
what we want to grow in our garden.
To walk through our house or our
property and not feel like we're being
watched. And to pull out of our little
driveway each day into the woods,
with no traffic, no line ups. Time to
 breathe. Loving every moment here!

The August Break #15: Unicorn.

Unicorns were popular when I was a teen.
I didn't collect them but was gifted this
signed copy of "In Pursuit of the Unicorn"
beautifully written by Josephine Bradley.