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July 29, 2016

Treasure #4.

I'm a huge Susan Branch fan and one of
my goals is to own each one of her books.
I have a lovely little collection now and
love searching for more as we treasure
hunt! I was just about to leave a booth
at the Boot Sale, items paid and safely
tucked away in my bag, when I spotted
the edge of this book in a ratty box. Yes!
One of her books I don't have and one that
is hard to find. Price: $28.99 but I paid
just $8. Didn't even haggle for it. I'm
saving it to read later on this weekend.

Treasure #3.

I'm always on the hunt for writing paper
and this was my find from the Boot Sale.

The tag on the bottom of the box says $24.99
but I paid just $2. The box was sealed but I've
since taken the wrap off. My apologies for not
figuring out how to rotate the pictures. My non
technical side showing it's force again today.
Now to get some letters written this weekend.

Treasure #2.

 Treasure #2 from last weekend's Boot Sale, 
this sweet vintage girl is a music box.

She was up for grabs for $10, I offered
$5 and the vendor accepted $6. It's on our
mantel today but will likely end up in our
master bedroom as the colors are perfect.

Blog Reno.

My blog template suddenly disappeared a few days ago. This happened one other time but after doing some research, I discovered the site was down and would be back up within a day. And just like that, my blog template returned. But this time, the site is up, so I'm not sure why my favorite background has vanished. I just spent an hour searching the site this morning but couldn't find it. I'm sending a note to the creator but in the mean time, I've chosen a new template for now. I may try out a few others to see which one fits my style. Just like our old house, which is in the few days of a big renovation before the renters move in, my blog is a bit under a reno for now. Be patient while I figure it all out. And enjoy the new theme. Hope you like this one for today!

How did you design your blog?
Do you make changes to it often?

July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday.

Summer Rain.

We've developed quite a pattern here
in our area. Each day, it's sunny and
deliciously warm (but not horribly,
unbearably hot) and then it changes. 

 The clouds begin to form, moving fast
and then the wind picks up. The thunder
rolls and the lightening strikes. Finally,
the rain begins to fall, gentle at first.

Then the downpour begins. These shots
are from the veranda and I took them on
Monday night. I'll have to download the
ones I took last night while in town. I'm
sure it was a mini tornado that went down
the street I was on. Crazy all around and
then the clouds drifted off and the sun 
came out, like nothing had happened at
all. At least it's keeping our nights nice
and cool, great for sleeping and ever so
lovely for anything growing in gardens.
Not too many storms in the middle of the
night, which is when I truly hate to
listen to thunder and lightening!

How is the weather in your area this July?
Lots of warms days with storms or cool and calm?

July 26, 2016

I'm so NOT Technical.

I started a separate Instagram account today to have my blog be a focus for my blogging buddies. Tried 4 times to link it to my blog. But because I do NOT have a technical bone in my body, it won't sync. For now, I'll just post the link and hope that later, when my kids are awake, someone can help me sort out how to post it correctly. 

Hope if you are on Instagram, you'll follow my posts. And feel free to share yours here or by emailing me so I can follow you!

July 25, 2016

Treasure #1.

We had a great time at the Boot Sale
on Sunday morning, a very sunny day.
I promised to write about all the treasures
we found and here is the first item we bought:

This beautiful framed print we haggled 
on ~ a "Welcome" picture for the hall.

In the picture, there is a girl reaching
up to pull on the door knocker. From the 
back, she reminds me of the young girl 
from the movie and stage play "Les Miz".

A perfect addition to our vintage look.
And from $15 to $10, I love it even more!