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November 30, 2020

Birthday Girl.

It was my birthday today. I wasn't actually looking forward to it. We'll all sequestered to home once again with this 2nd wave of Covid, with no end in sight. Back to no seeing friends and family and colleagues and neighbors. And no seeing my mom in her care home, where they have had 2 positive staff members. Those 2 are now better (just mild symptoms) and back to work, and so far, all negative testing for all staff and residents. But we can't see her until the restrictions are lifted. I'm not complaining, just sad. This made me teary this morning as all I wanted was to hear her sing me "Happy Birthday" in her sweet voice ....

Despite my reservations, this turned out to be the best birthday ever! It started with a pledge to NOT do any work today, to have a true day off. I slept in a bit, had a great work out in our little gym, a long, hot shower and then I spent the morning in the art studio, and working on things that just make me happy. Silly things really but for whatever reason, I feel good doing them. Laundry, sorting recycling, tidying drawers, putting things back in their places, creating new spaces for my dollhouses (all under construction!), writing, blog reading, writing Christmas cards, placing the items for painting on drop cloths in the guest room so I can paint soon, dusting, vacuuming and all of this while responding to the amazing messages of love and compassion on my FB and IG. Blown away by all the love! 

Tonight I was spoiled with amazing gifts and scrumptious ice cream cakes, after take out dinner as a treat. But the very best thing of all, the one thing that made me cry, was a video that my dh surprised me with of my mama singing me "Happy Birthday" from her care home. They videoed it on the weekend and even sent along the bloopers! So cute and made me so teary. All I wanted and I got it, though I had no idea!! Very thankful for this rag tag team of mine. The best family ever! They all put so much thought in to celebrations.

End of day now. A day I wasn't looking forward to turned in to a beautiful and very memorable day. I couldn't have asked for anything better, except for Covid to go away! 

Do you have a birthday coming up?
Or have had one recently?

~ Chy

Challenge: Day 30.

Final challenge for November: "Why
I Blog." Here is my short and sweet
answer: to record my life, our life and
the sweet adventures we have in this
one wild and precious life we've been
granted. I love the visual aspect of a
blog and the ability to share with so
many others who are like minded and
share their lives with all of us. I love
to capture all our memories as well.

Why do you blog?

~ Chy

November 29, 2020

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my soft brown long sweater with buttons down the sides, light pink skinny jeans, warm pink socks and my colorful heart necklace.

What I'm reading .... blogs as well as I'm in the middle of reviewing a book for families who have experienced the loss of a baby. My family's story will be in the book as well.

What's happening in my kitchen .... the dishwasher has just sung its song, letting us know the dishes are washed and dried. 

What's outside my window .... snow all around us. But warm temperatures and lots of snow, so we're in the midst of enjoying it, so far!

What I'm thankful for .... good health and sweet kids.

What I'm smelling .... balsam fir candle. Mmmm ....

What I'm hearing .... the ticking of the clock and the tv, which is entertaining us with a show about miniatures.

What I'm crafting .... gifts for my staff, but can't say what it is here, just in case!

Words to live by ....

~ Chy

Garden Inspiration.

Our little potting shed is one of my
favorite things about our garden. But
I'd love to spruce this area up more in
the Spring when we can garden again.

This came across my feed tonight. It's
probably too much for us to try and take
on but it has inspired me tonight, even
with the snow outside. Isn't it amazing?

Are you thinking about your garden yet?

~ Chy

Challenge: Day 29.

Challenge for Day 29 .... we're almost done! "What's
in my make up bag?" You don't want to look! It's a
bit messy, so I'm going to clean it out today. Thank
goodness of this prompt so I do this! No peeking ....

~ Chy

November 28, 2020

Meet Francesca and Milo.

Every year, we treat ourselves to a new
Christmas Tree decoration for the cottage.

This year, we ended up with two because
really, we couldn't separate these sweet
mice. Please meet Francesca the Dancer.
And below is little Milo the Wanderer. 

I love her tulle skirt and his beret. We
knew immediately these two would be
coming home with us to grace the big
tree in the sun room. Love these two!

Do you buy new decorations at times?

~ Chy

Challenge: Day 28.


Challenge for Day 28: "Places I've Travelled." A
fun post! Here is my little list .... I wish it was bigger!

In Canada:
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island

Still need to visit:
NorthWest Territories
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick

United States:
North Dakota
South Dakota
Washington State

Still want to visit:
New York
Texas (my cousins live here)

Internationally I've visited:

I want to see:

Where have you travelled to?
Where do you want to go?

~ Chy

November 27, 2020

Challenge: Day 27.

The challenge for Day 27 this month is "What I Look
Forward To." And I could fill pages with things that fit.

For now, I'm focusing on Christmas. I feel like outside
of our current good health, the season is our other hope.

Hope for good cheer, good health and good news from
our kids. Good times, though distanced and virtually.
Good food to try or prepare. Good weather so we can
 be outside. Good fun finding the last few gifts. Good
books to read on frosty Winter afternoons in front of
the fire. Good treats to enjoy. Good movies to watch
and good shows on Netflix. Good skating ice to keep
us outside. And good luck with a cure so we can live!

What are you looking forward to?

P.S. I took the last pic this morning without the lights
on the tree. I loved how the sunshine was so filtered.

~ Chy