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January 23, 2017

Winter Frost.

We are currently living in the most
beautiful winter wonderland.

Days filled with dense fog, warmer
temperatures and no sun created frost.

I've had a great time snapping a few
shots but wish I could capture all of
it to show you. Immense trees that
are silent and heavy with hoar frost.
Amazing and so beautiful. In a few
days, when the sun appears, it will
all disappear. Treasuring it until then.
I'll post more pictures when I can.

January 22, 2017

Struck Down.

I've been feeling a bit achy the last few days and today, woke up with a stuffy head. No drips, no sneezes, no red nose or eyes, but the definite feeling of being struck down with a virus has claimed my body. I've done a clean of the house, put life in order, taken two Cold FX tablets, made a big pot of tea and am currently tucked into my cozy spot on the couch, with episodes of "The Crown" occupying my mind. I hope this doesn't last long and will be mild. There is no great time to be ill but I am booked in for an incredible workshop on Tuesday that I've been waiting months to attend. Fingers and toes crossed that I get to attend and will be feeling well by then. A blessing or two for good health would be welcomed by anyone who can spare an extra or two! Now, time for a nap.

January 18, 2017

Still Christmasy ....

.... at least it is at our house. As long as we still have
white snow on the ground, our tree will stay up. We
love the soft glow at night and it's not in the way. It
gives light in the season of early darkness. Not the
norm but something we've always done and have no
plans to stop at this time in our lives. I also posted
this picture today to see if you can spot something
that is new in the turret .... post a note if you can.

January 15, 2017

Early Evening.

I love early morning sun but truly my
favorite time of the day is early evening.

Just before the sun sets, when the light
is low and the world starts to quiet.

Before we settle in for the night and turn on
all the lamps, the soft landscape is peaceful.

January 13, 2017

Winter Cottage.

When we decorated our home for
Christmas this year, I pulled out
some of our "mini holiday decor
for our sweet dollhouse cottage.

Just like our little house in the big woods, 
this house also has wreaths on the windows.

Glittery snow, frosted trees and this
tiny snowman in the front garden. I
hope to have this dollhouse finished up
this year, just in time for next Christmas.

January 9, 2017

Tied with a Ribbon ....

.... doesn't it make you just want to
scoop them up and bring them home?

That's what I did on the weekend when
we were out and about shopping.

I needed new socks and came home
with 6 pairs for $10. Original price
was $40. Not only was it a sweet deal
but they are the softest socks I have
ever owned. I bought 3 like the ones
above and 3 striped. All purple and
white, of course. My feet and my bank
account are in Heaven. Truly, it was
the tied ribbon that was the deciding
factor for me. Anything with lace or
a ribbon around it just speaks to me.
Thankfully, my dh agreed and I'm
so glad they were a decent, frugal
price so I could buy more than 1.

Are you a frugal shopper?
Any good deals lately?

Art Everywhere.

Now that our walls have received their final
coat of paint, we can start hanging our art.

We stored our art everywhere after we moved
in. In boxes, in closets, under beds .... everywhere.
There is quite a bit as we have a few favorite
artists and because some of it is "seasonal", like
my Christmas/Winter art that will be stored again
this year but brought out when it snows later on.

Now that I'm sorting it out, I'm trying to finding spots
to lay it out so we can decide where it will all go.

The guest bedroom has been a good spot, that is
until we need to set it up for an overnight guest. 

My favorite find from our local charity shop.
Done by hand, a beautiful needlework piece.
My mom used to say this to us every night
when she was tucking us in. I often did as
well with our own kids when they were small.
So excited to find this and hang it in our home.

Do you have a lot of art in your home?
Where do you store it if you need to?