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May 21, 2018

A Sincere Apology.

I'm trying to find a new look for my blog. Originally I had a free template that I liked and spoke to me the first time I saw it. But recently it disappeared and the site it was from is down. So I found another one and am now trying to reconfigure what the blog looks like. My apology is for anyone who's been on my site for the last day and the look, background, colors keep changing. Just trying out a few options. Bear with me .... I'm almost there! A few technical glitches and then I hope it will be set again. Hoping the new colors and look will be welcome to all who visit here. Enjoy!

May 20, 2018

The Last Rays.

At the end of the day, we get
the last rays of sun that come
from the West, shining through
the big windows in the turret.
The front of the house is full
of sun and warmth. Truly
my favorite time of day and
I'm so glad we positioned the
house so we could capture the
last rays each and every day.

My View ....

.... when I lay in our bathtub and look up, here's the
view I have of my "fake" lavender in a pot on the
window sill. This room has great humidity but
the window is frosted, so no real plants just yet.

May 19, 2018


A lovely presentation by a local art therapist yesterday at my quarterly community meeting that I chair ~ smudging and fairies ~ the grounding I needed after a crazy week. It wasn't a bad week, just one full of tasks, meetings, deadlines and hot weather. Thankful for the presentation and now a long weekend to recuperate before next week. Hoping it will be a bit lighter and more manageable. If not, I'll just think back to our session and remember the sweet smelling sage from the smudging. Always helps me get back to being grounded and health again.

May 13, 2018

Early Storms.

Along with the budding of trees, we
have also have a few days of rain and
a couple of good storms. One last
week had me hiding under the covers
with my fingers in my ears. I don't ever
recall thunderstorms in May but it did
happen, right in the middle of the night.
Scared me and woke up dh, who tried
to humor me and finally gave up and
just put his hands over my ears. It was
a long and not restful night for sure.
No rain this week, which now we need
as there is a couple of fires brewing.
Fingers crossed that the winds stay low
and the rain will return to put them out.
It's a big worry now. Send blessings!

Spring has Sprung.

Just 2 short weeks ago, we had little buds
on most of our trees. Look at what we
woke up today .... fully leaved trees! I
love this time of year when everything
finally turns green and we have shade
and cover from the life outside. Finally!

May 1, 2018

Welcome May.

Today, this first day of May, was cold, super windy, rainy, cloudy and finally at the end, sunny. I wonder if this is what we'll have the rest of the month. At least the snow is gone and the trees are starting to fill in. Oldest dd and I both had the day off so we dropped kids at school this morning and headed to the charity shop to do a little treasure hunting for our Antique Booth. We found some amazing Mikasa dishes that after making the decision that I would sell them, then tonight changed my mind and will swap them out for another set that I've had in storage since we moved in and have never used. I'll take pictures later and I'm sure you'll agree with my change of heart. Not only were they such a good price, but the shop had a sale today, so they were marked down even further. Sometimes I think they are not sure what to price items at. Another item I bought were 2 Bunnykins baby bowls. These often sell for between $30 and $40 each at the Antique Mall and on eBay. I paid a tiny $1 each, so this will be a lovely profit. I have a set of a cup, bowl and plate that were mine as a child and I saved them for our kids. So there isn't a need to keep these two. Perfect condition too! A good buy amongst all the other treasures we put in the basket. I'll post pictures of everything in another post. Too tired to download pictures tonight. So happy with my purchases. I chose well and hope they sell.

We headed to Costco after and picked up a few items for the preschool, then we went out to the garden centre. I was so excited when we pulled up to see it was finally open. So even though it was cold and rainy, we picked up 4 shrubs ~ 2 Potentilla's (yellow blooms) and 2 Spirea's (pink blooms). I am so excited to be planting again this year. Our first year, we had to really make the ground ready for gardening and plan out the different zones. Last year, we worked on the pathways and grading and did some planting. This year, we're going all out and hope that by the end of summer, we'll have a lovely landscape to enjoy. Fingers crossed the weather brings us a warm and sunny Spring and Summer, with adequate rain, and no storms! No firestorms, no floods. Here's hoping.

After Costco, we decided to drive by 2 properties that are for sale for future building. What? You may ask, do you mean by "future building" .... down the road, we may build again and 2 pieces of land were recently listed, so we drove by to see what they are look. Both are very close to town, and both are fully treed. Both are possibilities but I'm not yet sure if the time is right to consider another piece of land to build on in a few years. Lots to think about. Loving this house so much but living so close to town is also appealing. We're not far out but after our recent not so great Winter, it's tempting!

We stopped at the preschool to drop off the items we bought and to visit with my staff. Our little eggs hatched last week so we also had to check in on the chicks (so cute and fluffy) and check my voice mails. 

Then we drove home in the wind and the rain, brought our purchases in and settled in for a cozy afternoon. I made a big pot of soup, dd brought up fresh sandwiches and we watched a few HGTV shows. I had a nap then headed out for my appointment while she went to get the kids.

I woke up with a nasty chest cold yesterday and ended up at the doctor this afternoon. Caught it early and hopefully it won't turn in to bronchitis or pneumonia. Dh, dd and our little guy went off to lacrosse tonight (they won again) so I had a long, hot soak in the tub while I watched "Little People, Big World" and read my Art Journaling magazine. Closed my eyes for awhile for a tiny nap.

Family came home, I hopped out of the tub and now we're getting ready to head to bed. A busy day but a productive one as well as a relaxing day off, doing things I love to do, in a place I love to live in, with people I love to work with and with people I love to be with. It's all good. 

Hope you had an amazing day too! Tomorrow will be even better I'm sure. Even the sun is supposed to be out.

X Chy

April 30, 2018

My Viking.

Our little guy needed to take in to his school
something that was a representation of his 
heritage. So we took a picture of grampa's
arm, and printed it off. His tattoo shows his
Viking connection in our family. Right back
 to Erik the Red and his son Leif Erikson.
Not good Vikings, though Leif did discover
North America before Christopher Columbus
did. We'll hold on to that one. Something to
be curious about. An interesting family link.