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June 17, 2018

Our Secret Garden

I love taking pictures of our little "Secret Garden"
after the rain has finally ended. A work in progress.

But progress is happening. We planted
these sweet perennials last Spring. A
combination of purple, blue, pink and
white. I love how they are flourishing.

Our teeter totter survived another cold
Winter and looks so playful in the trees.

Wind and Rain, Light and Dark.

Outside as the rain fell, we were safe
and dry, but the crack of thunder were
too loud for my comfort. At least it
wasn't a night time thunder storm.

Still we had to put on some lights as
the sky was so dark, it was hard to see.

Scary Skies.

Driving home the other day was a bit
scary as the skies became dark and windy.

Lightening started to appear and the thunder
soon followed, booming across the landscape.

We had to quickly pull in and make sure everything
was secure before retreating into our sweet cozy home.

My Gardner.

He's been such a big help this year as we
planned out then began to put our first ever
veggie patch in. You can see the fences are
not in just yet, but the boxes are full now.
We'll be putting the pickets up next weekend
and then the pea gravel to cover up the
landscape fabric and the netting to keep our
deer friends from munching on all the veggies.
I truly appreciate how helpful this guy has
been in making sure our veggies are all
planted, then watered and fertilized well.
I love how he is so excited to see growth!

Flowery Gifts.

It's been a crazy few weeks and we have
more events coming up. One of our final
celebrations is our year end family BBQ.
And this year, I was presented with a
basket of pretty flowers and chocolates.
A surprise but so very much appreciated!

Quiet Veranda.

Not a sunny evening but still my favorite
place to sit at night, when it's so quiet.

Hospice Tea.

We had a high tea celebration the week
after Harry and Meghan were married.

Everyone dressed up, complete with a
variety of fascinators and bow ties. We
enjoyed viewing the wedding while
sipping tea and eating scrumptious
treats. Then it was time for our feast
at lunch, then back to the family room
to watch the last part of the wedding
celebrations. Fun day for all at hospice.

Frosty Tree.

I decided to leave this one last little
Christmas decoration up. There are
two and they hand on either side of
the front door. Too sweet to hide away!