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June 26, 2017

Garden Aspirations.

Happy Monday morning fellow blog readers and writers. 
I hope your  world is bright and sunshiny today. We
had a big windstorm through the night. All is well now, 
though the wind is still present. A "strong breeze"
they are calling it .... hope it ends soon. It's sunny but 
so very cool. I may need a warm blanket to cuddle.

We worked quite a bit in the garden again this weekend. 
Pictures to follow once I have them downloaded. We
weeded (a never ending task), dug out our birdbath and
filled it with fresh water for the robins and their babies
(not hatched yet), set up the trellis and then planted the
clematis vine. I also sorted out my pots and we have some
annuals to get planted. If the wind goes away, I'll try and
plant those this afternoon. As much as we are doing, I
know in this first year of gardening that my little piece of
Heaven will still look a bit bare. It's going to take time for 
everything to sprout, grow, creep and fill in. And of course,
as we go, each year, we will add to the garden. I dream of
the day when I'll be able to sit back and see the progress
and the calmness of the sun setting on such a beautiful
landscape. I'm patiently and eagerly waiting for the time
when I'll be able to post a picture like the one above and
say "how do you like MY garden?" One day, it will look
like this. I love the different colors, the different heights
and I'm sure the scent is amazing. One day, dear friends ....

.... one day ....

Heavenly Lavender.

Since I was a young child, the smell of lavender has been a calming influence. I love the scent, the color, the feel and the look of this beautiful plant. A few years ago, we visited the Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm out on our favorite island on the West Coast. I asked if there is a chance that lavender will grow in our region but sadly was told "no, it's far too cold there." I'm not one to accept "no" as an answer to any query I have. So when we came home, I visited our local greenhouse and was told that "it wasn't really worth investing in a plant that likely won't survive our climate."

If you've read my blog for a bit, you know I LOVE a challenge! Told I can't to something, I find a way around it.

So guess what I've successfully grown in our garden at our old house for 4 years now? Yup, lavender! And guess what I just bought to plant here at the little house in the big woods? Yup, lavender! Still in pots this morning as I have to figure out the best spot to start these babies. Vibrant and full of sweet scent. The bees love them already. Hopefully the deer stay away. All the literature I've read suggests they are put off by the smell so we'll see what happens. Wish me luck ....

June 22, 2017

Hanging Baskets.

This house is our 6th. And we have
never, ever had hanging baskets.

Now that we have a front veranda and a
little back porch, we finally have room.

These are the sweet baskets we found at
one of the nurseries. I love the colors.

Wild Roses.

We live in a province that recognizes
the Wild Rose as our local flower. It
is everywhere on our acreage. But we
love the natural feel and the abundance.

June 21, 2017

Our Blooming Garden.

We've been carving out a wee bit of a garden at the front of our house. I love the sweet wild flowers and even the weeds that are blooming. Every single day we see more colors,  more sprouts and shoots and it's filling in so nicely. My little flower beds around the veranda are ready for the perennials that I picked up the other day. I'm hoping to have them planted before the weekend. We've had a bit of cold rain so now I have to wait for a bit of a dry spell. I'll post pics of those once they are in to the ground. Our landscape designer said it will take up to five years before we will be really happy with our garden but I'm going to truly say today that I'm loving what is happening already and we know in time it will look even better. I'm so glad we chose this tiny piece of land with so much nature all around us. A bare spot would have been very disappointing. We lucked out with this acreage and it was worth the very long wait to find it in the end. Watching it bloom and grow is going to be a treat.

1st Day of Summer.

A vicious storm tore through our County last
night but today has started out with clear blue
skies and warmth that will likely be extra hot
by late afternoon. Welcome 1st Day of Summer. 

June 20, 2017

Strawberry Success.

We're so excited to discover that our tiny
strawberry plants have begun to produce
sweet little berries. We'll let them grow a
bit bigger because we eat them all up.