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January 12, 2020

Opposite View.

A bit more of our little cottage on my
mini tour of our sweet tiny home.

There are actually a lot of details in the
dining room so I'll have to do 2nd tour.
Above is our front foyer that has a little
recessed hall for our closet and cabinet.

My grandparents dining room set from
the 30's. The larger chairs we are using
from an old kitchen set. One day, I'd like
to replace the wood chairs with upholstered
soft fabric ones. For now, we will use what
we have. This is what our frugal living is all
about. The chandelier was gifted to us and
the table coverings were gifts, with the
gold table cloth from my in laws and the
crocheted lacy cloth from my great great
grandmother. Pretty prints hanging on all
the walls. And an old antique music stand.

Do you have a dining room?
Do you use it often if you do?

~ Chy

Living Room.

It may be howling outside, but inside, we
are warm, cozy and safe from the storm.
A little tour of our cottage ~ I don't think
I've ever actually done a real "tour" for
my faithful readers. A picture here and
there and more on my Instagram account.

Our tiny living room. Small enough to be
a quiet place to read and write. Big enough
to have conversations together. I love this
space but the big armoire is an issue at the
moment. We replaced it with the secretary
we bought last year but now this sits as it
really doesn't fit anywhere else. Did think
about putting it in our mudroom for storage.
Or selling it. So for now, until we have that
"ah hah" moment, it will be in front of the
one window, blocking the sunlight until we
figure it all out. In time, it will all work out.

My favorite picture over the couch. I feel like
this wall needs more, but just not sure what to
do. Maybe so moulding? Or more pictures?
And we need to find a soft rug for the floor.

A peek into the turret ~ or as our builder
always called it ~ the "sun room" which
is an appropriate title as it gets great sun.

As we move along the room, you'll see
I've hung up a lovely print of a cottage
beside the secretary. We have so many
pieces of art to hang. Slowly, we are ....

The beautiful secretary. I'm so in love with
this piece. It is stately, authentic, warm
and inviting. I so love to write letters here.
My own little corner of our little cottage.

When I carve out time to blog, write letters
and read, this is a favorite spot. So inviting.

The art is a limited print by Robert Bateman, one
of the few pieces he has ever created with people
in it. He typically does paintings featuring wildlife.
A resident of our favorite tiny island off the West
Coast of Canada, he is surrounded by his topics. I
was thrilled when my parents gifted this piece to us.
It has 2 little blonde haired boys in the woods. And
there is a 3rd tiny boy hidden away. At one point,
we did find him but now can't remember where he
is in the picture. I love the colors and it's matted
and framed so nicely. Behind my comfy chair is my
grandparents lamp from their tiny cottage. It's still
in perfect shape and works beautifully. The wreath
was brought back from a trip south a few years ago.
And the oval green framed picture is something I'll
take a closer shot of one day. It's a sweet print of
a little curly haired girl. The back of the frame will
hold flowers. I can't wait to put a tiny bouquest of
buds from our garden this year. There are a few
more pictures we'd like to hang. All in good time.

Do you have a favorite room in your house?
I love them all but this one is pretty sweet.

~ Chy

The Deep Freeze.

I'm laying in bed, in the dark, listening to the wind howl outside. Our home is cozy and warm (thankful for our gas heating) and today we won't be going anywhere. We are currently under an "Extreme Weather Warning" due to the very low temperatures. It's - 28 degrees Celsius but with the  windchill, it's currently feeling like - 42. For the next week, we'll be stuck in a deep freeze, something we haven't had here for years. They are predicting that we'll reach temperatures that will place us as the coldest place on Earth this week. Close to -50 is the rumor. I hope it changes.

Ugh ....

However, in this moment, I am grateful we do not in our region experience wild fires, or earthquakes, or tsunami's. We get the occasional tornado warning and did experience a horrific one in 1987. But for the most part, our weather is warm in the Spring and Summer, cool in the Fall and cold in the Winter. I always have 2 worries: intense lightening and thunder storms (a couple per season) and big blizzards that shut down everything. We get a blizzard or 2 over the season but global warming has truly made our Winters much milder than we all recall as kids. Eastern Canada has been getting brutal Winters for quite a while now but we've lucked out, until this week. I'm grateful that weather can be predicted so we can get prepared ahead of time. This started last Tuesday night. It was supposed to be a cold week with a few "flurries" but that afternoon, it quickly changed. And we quickly made sure we'd be okay if the weather trend continued. Which it did and is now getting even worse. 

So how do we prepare when life sends us big snow and chilly air? We do the following:

make sure our mail box is empty
* make sure our laundry is caught up
* fill up both cars with gas in case we get stuck
* fill up the fridge/freezer with food and stock the pantry
* make sure there is nothing outside that could blow around
ensure the furnaces are working well, the tank is full of water from the well and the waste treatment system we have is functioning well so we still have heat and water

Then we settle in with projects to keep busy and use the time to our best advantage. I don't have to drive in to the big City until Wednesday but if it's still bad by then, I'll move my clients to next week. Waiting to see if we'll cancel preschool over the next few days. We do if the big schools cancel the buses for safety. I'm okay with just staying home so we'll monitor and decide as we go. I don't like to wish time away but I am excited to see that by next week, we'll be back to enjoying a balmy -6. Just have to get through this week. It will feel like forever, I'm sure, as we live it. Wish us well ~ we'll need some warm encouragement. 

How's the weather in your neighborhood?
Do you have any snow? Any blizzards predicted?

~ Chy

January 10, 2020

After the Snow.

It always looks so pretty, after the snow.
Unfortunately, the FedEx guy made tracks.

Bitterly cold but the cottage is nice and
warm. Cozy and light, happy and bright.

In a few months, our garden will begin
to wake up and the trees will start to bud.

For now, we embrace the white and the 
cold and enjoy our small but cozy abode.

~ Chy

January 8, 2020

Yikes! Snow!!

We were supposed to get some "flurries" at
some point today. Instead, we got a blizzard.

And it started last night, when I was at
a board meeting. Driving was so scary.

But I did make it home and then didn't
go out today. Working from home on
days like this is something I so cherish.
I feel grateful for an office and a home.

~ Chy

Pray for Rain.

Some rain has fallen in Australia but so much
more is needed. Sending blessings and prayers.

~ Chy

January 4, 2020

Name Our Tree ....

Settling in to 2020, with many projects completed before the end of 2019 and a new list of hopes, dreams and projects for 2020. One thing on our list was to find a decent sized tree for the amazing pot we bought for our kitchen nook last year, at 70% off. After a lot of searching, and then giving up, the local greenhouse had a Boxing Week Sale and put house plants on sale. We ended up with this one, a braided fiscus tree, at 30% off. Then using my credits I had saved from last Summer, it ended up being more than 60% off. Not bad for a frugal budget. Now we need to find a great name for this tree. I came up with Eric but my family just laughed. Any ideas? Help me name this sweet addition to our home. Any gender, any letters .... send me your ideas or post them here! Looking forward to seeing any ideas that are sent along. TY!

~ Chy

January 1, 2020

The First Day.


The night before, our traditional dinner, 
delivered out to the country from town.

A movie to end the night. A dvd that
dh received on Christmas morning.

Giggly girls. Terrible movie ~ my review!
But they all enjoyed it and had a great time.

We stayed up until midnight, cause this
little guy insisted. Then he woke us up!

We celebrated Christmas again as he
had been away to see his dad that day.

A walk outside with warm sun and just
a few clouds in the sky. Love our cottage.

In the Summer, you can't see the front
but in the Winter, it is much more visible.

Second Christmas dinner was chicken
instead of turkey, with all the fixings!

Stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce (with
brown sugar and a cinammon stick),
peas in butter and gherkins. Oh and
potatoes for those who can eat them!

My full plate. So good. I'm glad we get
to celebrate Christmas more than once.

How was your first day of the New Year?
Was it a busy day or a relaxing one for you?

~ Chy