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March 31, 2020

Grateful Project.

I started recording on my FB
page something I'm grateful
for at the end of each day. I
then started having my clients
do this as everyone is so very
stressed and focused on the
Pandemic. A simple act but
one that is changing negatives
into positives. It can be truly
hard to be grateful but this is
working and I'm so happy to
read what friends and clients
come up with each day. Are
you able to find something to
be grateful for each day? I do
encourage you to give it a try.

~ Chy

Little Veranda.

Found this sweet pic today when I was
looking for ideas on how to create a little
veranda on our potting shed. I'm sure this
is the same shed. And we already have
all the spindles. Could be a fun Summer
project this year, if the virus is gone then.
We built a foundation for the shed and
created a veranda on the front. Now we
just need the spindles and railing. What
do you think? Would love your thoughts.

~ Chy

March 30, 2020

Frosty Days.


We've definitely had a "lamb" start to the month of
March and it looks like we'll be ending the month
as it goes out like a "lion" with a very heavy snowfall
warning in place and frosty days for the last 2 weeks.

I love frosty days but am so done with Winter. We truly
need a beautiful Spring and a long and warm Summer.

Are you done with frosty days yet?
Is it still Winter in your neck of the woods?

~ Chy

Day 18 ....

Today is our 18th day at home. Other than a trip to the grocery store to replenish our food, we have been home the entire time. I'm happy and content to be here. I get to chat with my workmates 2 to 3 times a week on Zoom and my clients daily. It's cozy and warm, and no stress about deadlines or timelines. My dh is having a harder time ~ he wants to be out and about. I told him he should get up and do his morning routine, get in the car and go for a drive down the highway and then turn around and come home. He laughed. But I can see him doing that if this keeps up!

How are you doing during this isolation experience? We're busy and well so far, though I had a huge scare yesterday. Both dh and I are considered super high risk because of our asthma and our bouts of bronchitis/pneumonia each Winter. So far, no wheezing, no coughing, symptom free. However, I did notice some wheezes in my chest on Saturday, here and there and a cough every once in a while. I took a few puffs and it went away but later that night, I did have to take some puffs again. Not bad, disappeared, went to bed. Woke up gasping for air on Sunday. Total terror! Puffs didn't do much, so I went downstairs and dug out the steroids. Within about 20 minutes, symptom free. I chose not to do a workout yesterday as I didn't want to aggravate anything. Later in the afternoon, I started wheezing and coughing again, did the same treatment and was good until bedtime. Felt a bit wheezy, so did one more treatment. Was worried what I'd wake up to today but so far, all is well and no treatment so far. I'm going to tread and then weight lift but on a lighter scale. I don't want to get off my schedule too much but will take it easy so I'm not creating an issue. No fever, no other symptoms. I am tired but not exhausted and out of breath. I know I'm not sleeping well and had a little nap yesterday and that helped. Might do that again today. Thankful for the meds we have on hand and our supplements as well. And hope that was a one off yesterday.

Pictures, many of them, showing how we're coping ....

Our stash of tp. Truthfully, this was already in place
and we didn't have to go buy more. When you live in
the woods, you tend to stockpile when a sale is on. I
am thankful for this, and our little medicine cabinet.

Puzzle making has become a loved activity by all
in our little cottage. Kid sized and adult sized too.

The kid doing his schoolwork and the papa doing his
daily work on my kitchen island. Busy guys, these 2.

Food is plentiful and we are well stocked. Homemade
pizzas for lunch. And in house massages for weary feet.

We're all helping with homeschooling now that the litte
guys school is closed. Fun science experiments to try.

Using up my tulips to see what will happen if they are left
in food coloring and water overnight. The results are below.

Re~colored tulips and cozy slipped sloth feet. We find 
things to do to keep busy but we're also taking time to be.

Walks down the lane to visit the horses with treats.
They get so excited to see us coming up the hill to them.

They do try and steal hats and mitts though. A wee bit
mischievous they both are. We have fun on our walks.

Tv is a big distraction. "Coronation Street" at night, movies
during the day. "Call the Midwife" had a new episode last
night. Such a good show and I truly look forward to it each
week. We watched "Sister Wives" too but its too stressful!

Live concerts to look forward too as well. "Shred Kelly"
 and baby Murphy on mom's back and a local artist had
shows on Saturday night. Our artists nationally and here
in town struggle. We are doing our best to support them.

Finally, lots of outdoor play. We have to have "recess" each
day according to our little guy. But it's a good distraction.

How are you coping at home? Are you doing ok?
What kinds of activities are keeping you busy?

~ Chy

March 29, 2020

Puppy Dreaming.

Our tiny puppy, Celtic Raine (aka Celti) died in the Fall
of 2014. We had her for 16 years and it was a big loss
for all of us. At the time, I said I couldn't live through
another puppy loss. Celti brought so much joy to all of 
us and our home seemed so empty once she was gone.
For the longest time, we didn't venture into any chats
about a new puppy. But recently, in the last little while,
that has changed. Now we're thinking about a sweet
tiny pup we could nurture from puppy stage again. I
would love one just like the picture above. I'm even
looking in to pet therapy to see if I could train it to be
a staple at our hospice in time. Lots of dreaming now!

~ Chy

Pink Cupcakes.

Our girls wanted cupcakes the other day
and this is what they came up with. So
yummy and I love the color. They did
not last long. More have been requested!

~ Chy

March 28, 2020

My New Office.


It is suggested to never, ever have an office in your bedroom. It can disrupt the restfulness of a place to sleep. It can add stress to life and add to the idea that your work is never, ever done! When we designed our house, with a turret on the south end, each level of it had a purpose. The lower level is our dd's kitchen nook. On the main floor, we have our sun room/music room/Christmas Tree nook in December. For the upper level, this spot is an extension of our master bedroom and was intended to be a small sitting room, with a window seat, our dresser, a bookcase and a desk. My desk was not really to be used for work, just on occasion. It was to be a spot to write but now that we are isolated at home, it has become my official office. It's a calm place to work. I took this shot this morning as I did a bit of work from the coziness of my bed. I'm sad my little haven has turned in to something else but at the same time, thankful I have a sweet corner, with just enough room to do my work but still dream of life once this nightmare has ended. Soon I hope.

Are you working at home full time now?
If you are, where are you working in your home?

~ Chy

Getting Groceries.

Getting groceries is a new experience now, as many of you know. We watched a video the other night, done by a doctor, who documented how to deal with your food, once you have brought it home. Some of the things he suggested we already do, but we learned a few new ideas and I'm sure some we'll continue to do once this virus has gone away. It took longer to create a "dirty counter" and a "clean counter" and to re~bag, re~box and re~container all our food. Everything was washed or wiped down. Everything was carefully dealt with and it may seem overboard but even the doctor stated "that this will take longer but all of us have really nothing but time on our hands anyway." So true. It took quite a while, but we did it and though it will be another 2 weeks or so before we have to get food again, next time, it should be shorter now that we have a system in place. I feel this helps us stay safe and healthy and worth the extra time it took in the end. Hope it works!

             Have you had to replenish your food often?
      Have you made changes to how you put them away?

                                    ~ Chy

Dollhouse Sorting.

While we're working from home and living each moment,
I'm looking at all the different ways to fill time when we
have gaps. Taking time to rest and eat and work out for
sure as we aim to stay healthy and fit. But there are still
moments where I have energy but work is done for the
day. I've taken apart our art studio to re~organize it in a
better way. Part of that was sorting through the boxes
of dollhouse supplies, both building items and furniture.
I do have more to do but so far, I ended up condensing 8
boxes in to 4. I even had a box of items to donate or sell.
I love the bottom 2 pictures. We picked up that old box
from the charity shop, not knowing how handy it would
be for sorting and keeping small items neatly. Now it will
be easier to outfit each dollhouse as I finish them ~ 1 day!

~ Chy

Pretty Windows.

I love pretty windows. Today, our our
bedroom windows, the oval ones. we can
see light snow falling from the dark sky.
Ugh. It was so sunny and warm yesterday!

This popped up on my feed this morning.
I've tucked it away for future reference if
we get to build again down the road. For
now, survival is all that's on our mind. But
I think it's okay to keep hope in our hearts
and how I do that is a bit of dreaming here
and there. I dream of a claw foot tub and
that window is amazing to showcase this
sweet bath. If we end up staying here down
the road we might reno our bathroom. Ideas!

~ Chy

A Birthday.

On Wednesday, March 25th, we celebrated what would have been the 24th birthday of our sweet and tiny son, Bretton~Elijah Lucas. Born too early, too small and too fast, we miss him every day and dream of him often. Every year, we have a cake and tiny gifts for his memory box. This year, we made blueberry muffins and his gift will have to wait for now, as we're still isolated at home. Doing well but staying put. Here is the letter we wrote for 2020: 

Dear Bretton~Elijah Lucas. Today, you would have been turning 24 years old. We imagine you'd have super curly hair like Brodie, big blue eyes like Brady and chronic sarcasm like your dad. You'd be sweet but feisty like Chelsea and Chynna. The best ever uncle to Beckett and Lua. An athlete, maybe a musician or actor (cause we need more of those in our family!), creative and adventurous. Maybe you'd be married now. Or still in school. Or travelling. Whatever you'd be doing, like all our kids, we'd be so proud. We wish we could be that today. Isolated at home, we don't have a beautiful cake to celebrate your short time in our lives. Dad has suggested blueberry muffins today, with a candle on top. You were our tiny "blueberry" and maybe that's just what we'll do today to remember you. Bretton~Elijah Lucas .... loved forever, never forgotten. Love, Mom, Dad, all the kids and grandkids.

~ Chy

March 27, 2020

A Bouquet ....

.... to send to you, my dear blogging buddies. We
are all experiencing such turmoil right now. Our
World is at a standstill and we are isolated in our
homes. But there are also many wonderful things
happening, like this bouquet, sent to me, just for
you. Why? Because your stories and posts have
helped me get thru the day. I wonder how each of
you are, how you are coping. I wonder if you have
support and family, food and strength. Know that
with these flowers, I am sending a big hug, good
wishes and many thanks for being here, beside
me, as we all navigate this unprecedented event!

Please feel free to send along.
Share with your blog buddies!

~ Chy


I took some time out of our worry filled day to tidy
up the drawers in my vintage and sweet writing desk.

Two big drawers and they hold a ton of stationary.
I love writing letters and giving cards so this space
has worked out really well so far. Yesterday, I did
find more stationary that will now need to fit in ....

~ Chy

March 25, 2020

Home Tour #3.

Our little living room. A place to visit
with friends and family. To read, to sit.

At the of the afternoon, the sun streams
in this south side and it's so pretty then.

We often put this light on when the sun
goes down, for anyone arriving to visit.

My favorite corner, with my harp and
some old family pictures I've inherited. 

My pretty writing desk. A vintage Ethan
Allen. Love sitting here to write and dream.

This room comes off the front door and
then we have a french door leading in to
the turreted sun room, also facing south.
I'm trying to find a pretty area rug to
warm up this space in the Winter. A bit
of softening. And the rug has to be able
to work for a matching area rug for the
dining room that is across the hallway.
Taking a lot of time to find just the right
color, size and softness. Soon, I hope!

Do you have a quiet space to write?
A space to invite family and friends?

~ Chy