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November 30, 2021

My Birthday.

Today was my birthday and it was a
lovely day on so many levels. But the
cake .... well there is a story I'll have to
share. Too funny but sad too! Ah, life!

~ Chy

Feels like Spring.

With the sun, the slushy snow, the bare roads
and the sound of the birds, it feels like Spring!

~ Chy

Logan Look a Like.

If you watch the series "Succession" the
character of Logan Roy will be familiar
to you. Here's a definite hard ass, with a
mouth that needs some clean soap for sure.

And this sweet guy, who is the opposite
of Mr. Roy, is my guy, channelling Logan
in his best imitation. Actually, he had no
idea I took this shot but it's too perfect!

Are you a fan of "Succession?"
Or the actor Brian Cox?

~ Chy

November 29, 2021

Crate of Apples.

We bought a crate of apples for a hockey
fundraiser for our dgs. And are now busy
making pies and tarts so we can use them
all up. Tried a new recipe .... mmmmmm!!

~ Chy

November 27, 2021

Snowy Village.

First village up and ready for viewing.
I may add trees in to make it realistic.

~ Chy

New Graphic.

Searching for a graphic for
my baby loss program called
Hearts. I love this one! It may
be the look for our SM posts.

~ Chy


Excited to finally get our decorating
underway. Tomorrow is rink day and
then in the evening, finishing up the
trees that are set around the cottage.

How is your decorating coming along?
Started or thinking about it or finished?

~ Chy

November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Day.

To all my U.S. blogging buddies, sending you
a "Happy Thanksgiving" wish as you enjoy
this day of gratitude, family and tradition. I
love this holiday the best, though in Canada,
we celebrate and gather in October. We plan
to watch the Macy's Parade today. First time!

~ Chy

November 23, 2021

Favorite Snack.

I love cool yogurt with tart, fresh
blueberries. Truly one of my very
favorite snacks. We've seen a great
increase in our food bill lately with
the cost of groceries rising for a
number of factors. With the recent
floods in B.C., I'm sure that berries
will become a luxury, so I'm enjoying
them as much as I can now while
they are still in budget. Yumminess!

Do you have a favorite snack?
Is it still within your budget?

~ Chy

November 22, 2021

Heart Felt.

Not many words today. It was a very lovely
day with slushy streets and melting snow.
Amazing meetings, great counselling and
beautiful words of affirmation. But now
I'm tired and curled on the couch to rest
for another great day tomorrow. So instead
of many words, I'm giving you this tiny and
very sweet mouse with a plump pink heart.

Isn't she the sweetest?
Hope your day was great!

~ Chy

November 21, 2021

Snow Day.

It snowed yesterday but we had no where
to go. Those are the very best snow days!

~ Chy


Nothing to say, but this!

~ Chy

November 20, 2021

Winter Treasures.

As I put items out for Christmas, I'm documenting
exactly where I place them. Loving our hope chest in
the living room that was my grandmother's, and then
passed along to me. Inside is all our Winter treasures
that will be out through the season. I love to switch
around what I display each year so it's new and fresh.

~ Chy

Sparkly Snow.

As much as I will regret saying this later, this
is what our little cottage looks like right now
with the pretty, sparkly snow and I'm loving it!
Helps that I'm warm and cozy inside. Beautiful!

~ Chy

Undecorated Tree.

Our tree is not decorated just yet. We
discovered a couple of burnt out bulbs,
so it's on hold while we figure out the
size that we need to find to replace each.
Then we can go ahead and finish putting
all the decorations on. Looking forward
to the final look. The fireplace and the
railings will be next, then we'll be done!

How is your decorating coming along?
Do you put up a tree and trim your house?

~ Chy

Comfort Food.

While we waited out the big blizzard,
dh ensured we had lots of warm comfort
food to keep us well fed. When we know
bad weather is on the way, our freezer,
pantry and fridge get stocked so we don't
have to worry about going out. Yummy!

~ Chy

Cupcake Eyes.

Dh is away tonight, all day tomorrow
and tomorrow night until quite late. I
sent along a container of cupcakes for
him to share with his buds as today is
his birthday. Just waiting now for the
text when he notices the googly eyes
he keeps leaving around the cottage
have made an appearance! Hee hee ....

~ Chy

Sunny Ledge.

I loved the sun in my new office the
other day, especially with the snow on
the ledge. It's now melted as the warm
air has created slushy conditions all over.

~ Chy

November 19, 2021

Foggy River.

We dug ourselves out and returned to
work on Wednesday. This was the river
as we crossed over it ~ foggy and very
misty with the warmer but chilly air.

~ Chy

Comfortably Cozy.

I love how slowly but surely, out little
cottage is becoming comfortably cozy.
We had to move our new vintage cabinet
into the living room to make room for
the Christmas tree. And it changed the
look in the room. P.S. the couch with all
my snow men on it, waiting to be placed!
I hope by tomorrow to have them all set.

~ Chy

Snow Garden.


Despite the blizzard, the "snow garden" that came out
of my secret garden is amazing in the gentle and quiet
snow. I love the look and I'm sure a few of our little
deer friends will appreciate all the plants to munch on.

~ Chy

After the Snow.

A series of meetings and counselling
sessions on the snowy day that kept
us busy while the wind howled outside.
The day before, the landscape was full
of colors, which quietly turned to a big
blanket of fluffy white snow everywhere.

~ Chy

The Sky Opened ....

Our snow finally arrived but it fell from the sky in
the form as a nasty blizzard. We got snowed in and
then the next day, it warmed up, the sun came out
and our shoveling began. Thankful we are all okay.

~ Chy

New Driveway.

We had our contractor finish up some
landscaping items on our list for next
Spring as our weather has been so great.
He regraded our driveway, which did
bring up the gravel so that we'll have
more traction this year. And his timing
was perfect as the very next afternoon,
the snow started to fall. Feeling grateful!

~ Chy