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June 16, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

Joining in on Carla's "Sunday Night Chit Chat!"

Missing my family today, so I am sharing a picture of this little wooden piece I bought at the charity shop to paint. A great find for .10 cents. Diagnosed with pneumonia & pink eye, stuck in bed, cancelled our family dinner to celebrate Father's Day & our son's birthday. It's also his first Father's Day, so I'm feeling especially sad. And I miss my dad, who has spent the last 10 Father's Day in Heaven ....

Reading: blogs. No energy to pick up a book today!

Listening to: The sounds of my dh doing laundry & making dinner while I lay in bed, miserable, in pain & feeling incompetent!

Watching: The Big Bang Theory. Tonight, we are watching The Hobbit. For now, a silly but fun comedy to cheer me up!

Cooking/Baking: Nothing as I'm not allowed to leave my cozy but boring bed!

Happy I accomplished this week: Cleaning, gardening & organizing. Because now I'm stuck in bed with pneumonia & pink eye, but at least I don't have to feel guilty that my family is living in a dirty house, not knowing where things are! And with all the rain, at least I don't have to worry that my gardening was behind!

Looking forward to this week: Being better, because surely, I will be better, right? Also looking forward to school ending & our AGM & BBQ next Saturday afternoon. 

Thankful for today: A dh who is so capable of doing house work & makes the most incredible meals. And a dd who made sure the daddy guy still had somewhat of a special Father's Day. He'll get a second one for sure after today! 

Bonus Question: any summer weddings to attend? No, but my cousin's dd just got  married in Texas & we enjoyed seeing the pictures this week. Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful venue. So excited for their new beginning together!

That's my recap today. Hope you'll join in & head to Carla's to see what everyone else was up to this busy, crazy week!


Lara said...

love the big bang theory! unfortunately we have watched them all and now need to wait *patiently* for the next season! hope you get better soon. come check out my chit chat if you fancy :)

Chy said...

Thank you Lara. I did read your chit chat and am enjoying your blog at the moment. Nice to meet you!

~Carla~ said...

Awww... ((Hugs & prayers)) I feel soo bad for you! Please take the week to truly rest! If you try to do "this & that" it'll just be all the longer before you feel better!

Moonwaves said...

Get well soon. I'm down with "just" bronchitis at the moment and having one thing is bad enough, two is just really miserable. Hope it all clears up soon.