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September 30, 2017

The Final Shots.

Too many items to list so I'll just post
them here for you to peek through

Love the selection of books and the
sweet little apron from a local venfor.

The bunny was fun getting here home, 
safe and sound. Now I have a a big job ahead.

A snowman that dh found and I truly
couldn't resist. Fills a spot in the corner.

Love that rake. Isn't it sweet. But wish
they had a more vintagy rustic one.

A home plaque and a sweet hat.
Hope you enjoyed some of the shots.

Children's Table Set.

Soon as I saw this little table and chair set,
I knew I wanted it and suddenly, it was mine!

Tiny Tights.

So much to look at and buy .... even the kitchen
sink! Can't wait to tackle the kitchen in the
dollhouse. It will be fun designing cabinets
and putting all the details together in one spot.

Sharing my Stash.

The next few posts will showcase what
I bought at the recent Dollhouse Show.

Many Treasures.

Once again, my haul from the show was really
inspiring and now I can't wait to play ....

A Coveted Treasure.

Something I had hoped to find at last year's show
but it didn't appear and then here it was this year ....

A sweet 5 piece wicker set for the rooftop 
deck on our current dollhouse project.

I love all the detail and can't wait to place
in the dollhouse once it's all finished up.

Amazing Art.

Another amazing creation from the
recent Dollhouse Show in our region.

Framed Art.

Another favorite for me. I love the
vintage frame and the details.

So Tiny.

I can't even imagine trying to work
on something this tiny. Brilliant!

Miniature Globe.

More from the Dollhouse Show. A small
globe that was done by a local artisan.

September 28, 2017

Tiny Art.

A tiny creation, art that is so worth the
time it takes to put together. Lovely.

Glass Room.

This one was a bit hard to shoot but
very detailed and so incredibly cute.

Ribboned Crate.

I voted for this one too. I can't even
describe all the details in this small space.

Pretty in Pink.

Pink will always hold a special place in
my heart, so of course this one called to me.

Boxed Room.

I just bought two kits that are rooms
similar to this one. Can't wait to start.

Framed Creation.

Another favorite for me. This is the kind
of style I know I will likely gravitate to.

Beehive Cottage.

The sweetest idea for an entry.
I voted for this one to win.

Framed Miniatures.

Part of the Dollhouse Show is the room of
to the side that has entries from members
of the club. Everyone who attends the show
is given the chance to vote on the creations. 

This one caught my eye because it's so
regal and the detail is again incredible.

Radio #7.

My favorite was this radio that has been
turned into a front room with lots of detail.

Even the ceiling has wallpaper and trim,
the lights as you can see really do work
and all the little items he has placed in
the radio have a purpose. Beautiful.

Radio #6.

Once our dollhouses are complete,
my dh would love to try this idea.

Radio #5.

The artist who put these radio creations
together is name Gil. I love his humor here.

Radio #4.

A Christmas scene in an old radio.
Who would have thought of this?

Radio #3.

A carpet store. The ideas he came up
with to fill each radio is mind boggling.

Radio #2.

This one was amazing. The detail is so
incredible. Can't imagine the hours it took.

Dollhouse Show.

Every year we save our pennies so we can go to the Dollhouse Show in September. It's like Christmas for me! And I'm so thankful my family is so supportive and even attends with me. This year was a really great show and the best was the gentleman who takes old radios and outfits them with miniatures. It's totally incredible. I'll share all the radios he's converted in the next few posts.

September 24, 2017

Pink House.

And while we are on the subject of the
"Yellow House" let me introduce you to
the "Pink House" which will also at some
point require a sweet name. Be creative.

Yellow House.

I finally moved my dollhouse to the Art
Studio last week. Now that I have a true
dedicated space to work on it, expect to
see more posts on the progress of the
"Yellow House" as we call it, for now.
I'm sure a name will come to mind. As
always, I'm open to suggestions. Be
creative .... mulling over all my ideas.

New Vintage Ideas.

I had a lovely visit with our tenants last week
and got some new vintage ideas for our home.

I loved this one .... taking apart an old lamp
shade and using vintage lace to decorate it.

And using a lace panel in an old vintage
picture frame for another fresh look. I
love these both and may copy these for
our antique booth. I even have frames
and just found a perfect lamp shade at
the charity shop. Sweet ideas to share.

How Cool is This?

A pink pumpkin showed up in my FB feed today.
This image was borrowed from the Farm Chicks.

Fall Light.

I personally love Fall and the softer light is one of the many things on my "I love Fall" list. Lamps are on in the morning and then later in the day as the sun sets earlier and earlier each day. Sometimes, like this past week with all the mist and rain we endured, the lamps may be on throughout the day. On this particularly gloomy, rainy day, I was in the Art Studio and had both lamps on for the day as I worked on organizing the dollhouse stash. I wanted to make sure I wasn't buying any duplicates prior to attending the Dollhouse Show (big blog post coming up for that one). The light was dim, my eyes were struggling so on went the lamps. It immediately made the studio feel warm and cosy. I love these days where staying inside and working on projects makes me feel homey and cheery.

Too Early ....

.... to be sick. I have a lovely bronchial infection. It's taken me down pretty good. I ache every where, a lovely fever makes me hot and cold, my chest is full and my cough hurts. I'm doing all the right things, including visits with my doctor,  drinking tons of fluids, sleeping as much as I can (in between coughing) and finally yesterday, giving in to antibiotics, which I was happy to accept, shocking my doctor. After two weeks of this, I'm done with it but hope now that there is medication moving through my body that I'll recover quickly. I'm truly not very good at laying about at all, especially when I have long task lists that need my attention to stay on track with life. 

This is all I can eat right now and my homemade soup as well. The throat just won't take anything that needs functional chewing and swallowing. At least it's nummy and keeping me full. I usually don't come down with a nasty chest infection until Januaryish so this is far too early. But maybe I'll be lucky and this will be it for the year. Fingers crossed my wish comes true.

Spa Days.

After all the landscaping we've been doing,
we decided last month to treat ourselves.

We bought a small spa for the garden and
after lots of research on using natural items
for keeping the water sparkling clean and
healthy, we finally set the the little spa up.

It's so comfy and warm and a lovely end to
a long day of hauling, moving and digging.
We'll soon have to empty it and tuck it away
in the basement storage room for the long
Winter. But next Spring we'll set it up
again for the entire time we have great
weather again. We're not ready to buy a
larger one that would be permanent as I am
not sure we'd want to increase our power
usage and have so much of our deck space
taken up with a hot tub. We'll see how
we do with this little spa in the future.

Tiny Rosebuds.

I bought this tiny rose tree at
the grocery store the other day.

It was on sale for just a couple of
dollars so I really couldn't resist.

The colors are my favorite and
the tiny rosebuds too endearing.

Watching them blossom each day
is so worth the small investment.

How could anyone resist these tiny
and so very sweet smelling rosebuds?

Tractor Neighbors.

We recently bought two needed items
for our little house in the big woods.

A wood chipper to create mulch from our
downed trees and a metal shelving unit.

Our neighbor down the lane recently got
a new tractor. Guess who helped us load
in the wood chipper and unit into our
garage? Yup, the nice neighbor with the
tractor. In exchange for his time and his
tractor, we offered him the use of our
chipper when he needs it and three bags
of toys and clothing for his tiny little son
who is a bit younger than our bigger little
grandson. A perfect exchange that made
everyone happy. He's talked us into getting
a second shelving unit which I'm checking
today to see if they are still on sale and we
will then use his tractor and his time again
for a wonderful cooked dinner this time.
This is when I truly love the country.

After the second shelf arrives and is loaded
in, there is only one more big item we need
for our little house in the big woods ~ a small
freezer for the garage. We ordered one the
other day and it's set to be delivered on
October 20th. We're now just figuring out
where it will go and what we'll stock it with.
Then we'll be all ready for our long Winter.

Have you started getting ready for Winter?
What kind of prep do you need to do?

September 16, 2017

Warm Soup.

It's been a very rainy, cold, foggy week. So the soup and croissants were big on the menu. Warm and comforting, filling and satisfying. I love Fall food. Soon we'll get out our crock pot and start putting meals together that will be simmering when we arrive home. Mmmm.

Today, it's finally sunny. It's still chilly, so I'll be wearing another warm sweater and my wool socks. Way too early for all this cold but it's temporary and warm weather is back on its way. I'm teaching a class today so after a hot shower, I'll head in to the City to meet with the group that are my students for the afternoon. Then home to help dh empty the hot tub (needs a clean and fresh water) and maybe start to dig our hole for our sweet baby tree (my previous post). Quiet night to relax.

Tomorrow is a day I wait for all year .... the annual Dollhouse Show in the City. I save my pennies so this doesn't come out of our regular budget and love strolling around the venue, talking with the vendors and finding small treasures for our dollhouses. Can't wait for the morning and the show. And I hope, another sunny day before the rain returns on Monday. 

More posts later today. Have a great weekend.

Sweet Baby Tree.

 Even though we are surrounded
by 2 acres of forest, we need trees.

We left the forest intact when we
began our build but had to carve
out where our house would go.
And now we have to fill that in.

So tree buying has begun. We bought
2 sweet MacIntosh Apple Trees in
the Spring. We are so happy with our
trees and even just harvested our first
two little apples. Not quite enough for
a full apple pie but maybe a little
tart or 2. For our 3rd tree, we chose
this sweet baby tree, a Caragana. It
 is a bit of a reflective piece for us as
at our previous home, we planted this
same bush when our 4th child was born.
And every year on her birthday, the
Caragana would bloom it's yellow
flowers. We've decided we'll name
her "Cara" and hope she blooms each
year like our other one. Now we have
to choose where we'll plant her. I
truly love this part of landscaping.