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November 30, 2019

Saying Goodbye.

It was a good month, November. Birthdays,
shopping for Christmas, decorating our home
and our acreage, getting ready to Hyyge for
the Winter! Looking forward to December now.

~ Chy

Amazing Show.

Last night, we went to the theatre to
see a touring production of the show
"Waitress" ~ part of the "Broadway
Across Canada" 2019 season tickets.

The very tall tree in the lobby of the
theatre. I couldn't get it all in the shot.

The featured drink at the bar ~ the 
Winter Star. Looked delicious but I
had something else. Dh and dd both
indulged and declared it "amazing"!

Dd treating her dad, and loving every
minute of it being an adult.So grown up.

A stranger took our pic for us in front
of the Christmas display. Lovely.

The curtain before the show. Made me
crave pie! It was an amazing show. If
you haven't seen it, we all recommend
it. Funny, great music and acting. Perfect!

~ Chy

Tea Boy.

He was so curious about the tea we
have when friends are over. So curious!

I invited him to join us the other night
and he loved it. A tiny cup with mostly
milk and sugar, but he said the flavor
was "amazing" and asked for more.
We now have another tea lover in our
house, at a very young age. Yeah!!

~ Chy

More Green.

Can you tell I LOVE the color green?
Especially a rich, sage? Yes, I do!!

My favorite glass basket above, one
of the light up bottle and the tiniest
stocking on my favorite desk lamp.
Love how they fit together so well.

~ Chy

Today ....

.... is my birthday and I have the most
amazing family, friends and neighbors!
I have lots to share but wanted to post, 
so I never forget, these beautiful flowers
from our sweet neighbors down our
little lane. My full heart is bursting ....

Aren't they the prettiest flowers you've ever seen?
My favorite colors and the scent is so truly sweet!

~ Chy

Before and After.

The big window in our family room, the way its
been since we moved in a couple of years ago.

Yesterday the California shutters were installed.
Now the sun won't glare in our eyes and we can
have some privacy from all those trees peering
at us all day long! Love the look. Happy, content.

~ Chy

November 29, 2019

Our 2019 Tree.

Filled with our favorite decorations that
we've collected or been gifted over the
years. This year's theme features a bit
of gold and lots of greens and pinks.

How is your decorating coming along?
Will you share pictures of your tree?

~ Chy

My Favorites.

The two things I love to look at each evening, and
even during the day if I put them on, is our mantel
and our beautiful tree. So calming and bright. Love
the twinkling, the feeling of Christmas these bring.

~ Chy

Tiny Village 2019.

No words needed. Just the pretty pictures of a tiny
village, perched on our piano and the tea wagon.

~ Chy

Little Snowmen.

I collect small snowmen and have for several years
now. Here's my little collection that I've snuggled up
on my gramma's hope chest at the bottom of the big
staircase. There are a few hanging on the tree too.

~ Chy

Mom's Christmas.

I had a great visit with my mom the other day. I do her laundry so there are multiple trips during the week to pick up and drop off. I plan around my work and our family so that when I do, I can spend time with her. We decorated her little suite the other day and hung up her wreath. It's looking cozy and festive. I have more decorations to take over when I take back her clean laundry this weekend. She's getting excited as the common areas are so beautifully decorated as well and everyone is extra jolly and kind. Even with demenita, she knows it's Christmas and the memories are pouring out. I love the stories she's sharing. So much love!

~ Chy

November 27, 2019

Missing Green.

Scrolling through pictures at work this afternoon and came across this lovely shot from the garden in the Summer. We finally have some snow that looks like it's going to stay, and I'm already missing the green in the flower beds. The snow is pretty, fluffy and light and sparkly but other than Christmas time, I truly wish our landscape could look like this all the time! Much easier to help things grow vs. shovelling snow. A dream one day to have a garden all year. 

Do you have snow yet?
Are you missing your garden?

~ Chy

November 26, 2019

Soaking Away.


A busy Sunday organizing our garage,
then working outside to finish putting
our Christmas decorations up meant a
long, hot soak in a milky bath at the end.

And another great episode of "The Crown"
while soaking away in my tub. Perfect end to
a very, very physical afternoon, with clouds
and a few snowflakes falling. Great reward.

~ Chy

Festive Baking.

Yesterday was my day off and my daughter also had the day to relax. We decided to drop off kids at school together and head in to town to pick up baking supplies. With our chest freezer now in place in the newly organized garage, I wanted to try this year to bake ahead and freeze some baking so it's not such a big job as we get closer to the holidays. We bought all the ingredients I didn't have on hand to fill up the pantry again. Took some time to find our recipes and even chose some new ones. Then we set ourselves up at the kitchen island and soon created a lovely mess. But the kitchen smelled amazing! My favorite scents!!

When we first arrived at the store, there was an amazing set up with pop and decorations and nuts. Very festive. When we arrived at the bakery within the store, the staff was just finishing up the last few details of their gingerbread house. They let me take pics for the blog to show you the incredible workmanship that went in to this creation. And they did confirm that it's all edible. Yum!!

Below the gingerbread pictures are a few shots to show our progress through the day. I didn't take any photos of the finished products but can at another time. We made a type of shortbread (not as good as my recipe so we'll eat these up and make mine at a later date), butterscotch confetti and a chocolate chip square with drizzled chocolate on top. I have an online meeting tonight but hoping to do a bit more in between dinner and my meeting. I'll likely finish up on the weekend. Hoping everything freezes well. We didn't ice but will save that for once we bring the items out to thaw before serving. Looking forward to enjoying these treats.

Have you started any holiday baking?
What do you make that freezes well?

~ Chy