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June 26, 2013

List for a busy day!

1. Bring the suitcases up from the basement. We take one small carry on each & one backpack each. No checking bags for this trip. Then we can get off the plane & head straight to our rental car. Easy peasy!

2. Print off our taxes to send in. I may try to Netfile. Haven't done it before but worked well for all our kids returns. Our refunds should be deposited into our account by the end of July. 

3. Reorganize the Tornado Box. We just had a threat last week & with the current Flood Watch we are under, we want to make sure the girls are prepared while we're away. 

4. Organize files & pay the bills for July. I like to go away knowing things are taken care of. No worries. No deadlines. Nothing to come back to that needs attention immediately.

5. Plant the last few plants that are waiting for my attention. I'm hoping my husband can still build the raised garden bed. We have the materials, the soil, the plants & I laid out the boards. He just needs to cut them & attach them together. Then fill with dirt, plant the plants & we're done!

6. Pay my staff before Friday. I have one time sheet on hand so one will be paid today. The other two are taking their sweet time so I'll need to do some prodding today!

7. Contact the owner of our building where our centre resides. I'd like to know our new lease will be in place by the end of August. Driving me crazy that this guy is soooooo slow!

8. Any loose ends to tie up completed by Friday morning so in the afternoon we just need to finish packing & relax. Early night, early morning flight & we'll be off. 

Wish us luck that we get everything done!!

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