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February 19, 2023

When Do You Blog?

Spring decor that I totally forgot to take down
last September when we decorated for  Fall.

A sweet vintage lamp that we found at
the Antique Mall a couple of years ago.

My beautiful writing desk that we found
second hand. An Ethan Allen piece and
the lovely family that sold it to us shared
they had never used it. No marks anywhere!

Time is moving fast. I wish it would slow down sometimes. We're almost finished with February. Today, I will start with a heartfelt and sincere apology. I've been very quiet on my blog but not by complete intent. For the last few years, I moved from writing 260 blog posts a year to 400. I chose that number with the idea I would write frequently, something suggested for new bloggers to gain followers. And I did just that. I also liked the idea of capturing as much of life as I can. Not just to share but also to document our journey. For now, I've chosen to downgrade slightly to give myself some grace as I move through, as we move through, a difficult time in our life. Nothing I want to share just a blip in the land of bliss. For 2023, I'll aim for 260 again and hope to get back to 400 in time. I truly hope this won't lose the interest of my blogging buddies but I do understand if it's not enough to keep you engaged. Please know I read all your blogs every day, and though many of you write each day, I have become more aware that each day doesn't fit in to everyone's schedule. I plan to use Instagram a bit more as a way to document as well, until life settles again and I can get more posts up again. For now, 10 to 20 a month is my goal, with content that varies from our little cottage interior, to our exterior, gardening, work, volunteering, family, travel, writing my book and life in general. 

Oh, and art! Can't forget our art ....

You may recall when we were building our cottage that we often joked we were "building an art studio with a house attached" and our studio is a constant state of activity. I use it for restoring dollhouses, building mini furniture, sewing, journaling and scrapbooking. It also has a workout area with a treadmill and a Bow Flex, along with a corner that is set up as a little playroom. Finally, a spot for dh to tape/livestream his radio shows on our station. I have many favorite spots in the cottage but the studio is literally a work in progress as we continue to work on it's function and style. One day, it will be all finished. 

On to other things ....

It's snowing quite a bit outside today and supposed to continue through tomorrow. It's a long weekend here ~ Family Day in Alberta ~ so we don't have to go anywhere. Lovely when we need the snow to settle before we venture out on the highway. Yesterday was busy but today is nice and quiet. I love cozy days at home and outside of this post and a warm shower, the only other things on my list today are to complete a grant that is due next week and catch up on my case notes. This is our first big snow since before Christmas. Not too cold yet but it may get colder through the week. I'm always so grateful for our little cottage in the big woods but anytime it's cold, or snowy, or rainy, I'm beyond thankful for our safe and comfy home. 

When do you blog and how often?
Where do you blog or is it anywhere?

Wishing you a beautiful snowy day 
OR one that is warm and sunny.

~ Chy

February 18, 2023

Frilly Dress.

Sweet Carys received another package
in the mail not long after she arrived.

From a lovely seller from overseas. It
was fun to open up the lovely wrapping.

And inside was this very frilly dress with
an embroidered flower on the front. Short
sleeves and a layered, flouncy, ruffled skirt.
Carys looks amazing in this beautiful dress!

~ Chy

Foggy Days.

Our range road with icy fog. Happy we
have had very little snow but the fog
and ice crystals are a bit much at times.
Spring is almost here - 30 more days!

The highway was a bit clearer. But still
hard to see, though it looks not bad here.
I will take this any day over roads that
are covered in ice and huge snowfalls!

~ Chy

February 14, 2023

Valentine's Day.

A pretty bag with the most heartfelt
of cards for my lovey on Valentine's.

And his sweet bag and beautiful card
for me. It was a lovely day all around!

~ Chy

February 12, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... grey leggings, purple tank top and my flowered hoodie that is grey with purple, pink and green flowers. No socks! Too warm here for socks.

What I'm reading .... The "Big Bang Theory" book. It's really good so far. Very long book!

What's happening in my kitchen .... dishes are washing in the dishwasher. A quiet hum fills the space.

What's outside my window .... a warm evening with very dark but cloudless skies.

What I'm thankful for .... Lego to keep my calm and dh who holds my hand.

What I'm smelling .... fresh laundry that needs to be folded before we watch "The Last of Us."

What I'm hearing .... Rihanna singing at the Super Bowl.

What I'm crafting .... a dollhouse, of course!

What's on my mind .... car shopping, work, my mom and my sore arm. All stressful!

Words to live by .... see the beautiful quote above.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Winter Weather.

..... has been amazing so far. We have
not had any new snow since early in
December and this week, the bit we
have has been melting as the warmth
that crept in settled and hasn't yet left.
We have had fog and frosty mornings
but the sun, the light wind and the air
has kept our Winter so nice. Many days
I have my jacket undone and the other
day, I wore shoes to work instead of
my big Sorels. I'm sure at some point
we'll have some fresh snow and maybe
a day of rough driving. But for now,
we'll embrace what has been gifted to
us for the start of 2023. I hope where
you are dear friends the weather is great!

~ Chy

Snowy Cottage.

We picked this sweet "Santa's Visit" snowy set just
after Christmas on a visit to the Lego store in the city.

We were missing a couple of bricks from another
set that was a gift. So in we drove to gather those.

But while we were there, we noticed they had 2 of
these sets, which are very hard to find. Soon to retire.

So we snatched it up and brought it home to our
little cottage in the big woods. Now the build!

Dgs loved that the Santa goes down the
chimney, Christmas bag and all. Sweet!

Such a fun Lego build and now we have it
ready for next Christmas when we decorate
the cottage for the holidays. Storing it will
be a challenge but we'll figure that all out.

Do you like to build Lego?
Or gift it to others who do?

~ Chy

February 6, 2023

Clothes for Carys.

A tiny package was dropped off at the
little cottage in the big woods for Carys.

Her hands weren't quite big enough to
open all the layers of plastic and paper.

But look what was inside .... a sweet
hat for on top of her curly hair, a pair
of runners, undies and a very soft, pink
sweater for our long Winter's nights. I
love all these items, though the shoes
were advertised as for Blythe dolls but
there is no way they will fit her feet. I
am not going to send them back but will
order another pair from a different seller.
I love the flowers on them but too big!

~ Chy

February 5, 2023

Frosty Decor.

Before we entered in the current warm
snap, it's was super cold for a couple
of days. But no snow, just cold air. I
was thankful for that but love the warm!

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... grey leggings and my University hoodie with warm socks. It's above normal temperatures here for February but not quite ready to go back to t's and tanks!

What I'm reading .... lots of emails, statements and notes as I finalize some grants, apply for more and finish up year end. I did start reading the "Big Bang Theory" book but so far, only 1st chapter. It's really good so far. Very long book!

What's happening in my kitchen .... dishes are washing in the dishwasher. A quiet hum fills the space.

What's outside my window .... melting snow and a full moon.

What I'm thankful for .... family, a cozy cottage and our little circle of friends. Warm temperatures and dry roads.

What I'm smelling .... popcorn as we watch "The Last of Us."

What I'm hearing .... comments from my fellow watchers.

What I'm crafting .... a dollhouse, of course!

What's on my mind .... work this week, my mom and deadlines that I'll have no issue making.

Words to live by .... see the beautiful quote above.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy