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June 9, 2013

Lazy Sunday!

After a very full week, with activities that included meetings, groups, strategic plans, financial duties, training, writing, negotiations, lots of physical gardening & family time, I am so very thankful for a day off, a day to laze around & do nothing. The house is clean, the laundry amounts to only one small load later today, the recycling is done, the fridge clean & the gardening, well, we're ahead of the game there.

Dh is filming today but with the rain that continues to fall, lightly but still there, I'm not sure how long the shoot will take today. Hopefully, he'll be in for dinner. My girls & grandson have gone out to do some shopping & all the puppies are sleeping. It's just me, the tv & my computer. I feel sooooooo lazy but know by the end of the day, I'll have my schedule worked out for the next few weeks, I'll have some writing I've been meaning to do caught up, I'll have our grocery/menu list created for the week, I'll have our banking sorted for the week, I'll have a spreadsheet of the things we want to accomplish over the summer started & I'll have our trip spreadsheet with all the things we need to do before the 28th finished. From the outside, it looks lazy, but reality is, my body gets to rest in a comfy spot, while the rain falls outside & I get the "paperwork" part of life all organized. 

What do you like to do on 
days off like this? Do you feel 
guilty & try to fill it up with 
activity? Or let it happen as it 
needs to, taking in whatever 
comes your way? 


Elizabethd said...

Sunday's my non guilt day! Some weeks we go to our local church, depending on how well my husband is. It's a day when cooking is minimal, when a book in the sunny corner beckons, and I can relax!

Chy said...

We've been really working to make sure that Sunday is our family day/rest day/do nothing day but enjoy life. The last few Sundays have been filled with Memorial Services, Workshops, Trainings & film work, so we've gotten off track. All of those were out of our control for the dates & were all things we were honored to be part of. But today, after such busy times, it's been lovely to truly have a "lazy" day! Thank you for sharing your relaxing Sunday schedule. Love it!