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October 31, 2017

Baby Groot.

Our little guy in his Baby Groot costume
for Halloween 2017. He had a great time
and ended up with quite a bit of candy.
We both had fun taking him out and loved
having our neighbors come down the lane
to our sweet little cottage for treats from us.

Night Time Scenes.

Our tea cupboard, a.k.a. as the Butler's
Pantry. A tiny wall lamp to light the way.

Our living room, where the soft light
provides us with a quiet place to reflect.

.Book Basket.

My little shopping basket doubles as
a book basket when it's not holding food.

Alcove Desk.

When we were building our new home, we
realized that the space under the stairs was
going to be totally a wasted space. So we
designed a desk alcove so that we had one
more spot to write and keep life organized.
I think this turned out pretty good, don't you?

Organizing my Work.

I have two contracts with the two charities I
work for. One is full time and one is part time.
I often have to literally lay out my files and work
in order to keep it all straight. This was just
before we were off for our event. I wanted to
make sure my work was done before we left
so I could truly enjoy the evening. And that's
what this was all about in this picture that day.

Spooky Fundraiser.


We recently hosted a fundraising event for
our theatre production set for next August.
It was a great night, with yummy treats (see
above), music, a authentic screening of the
Twilight Zone and a dance part way though. 
We made money, but more importantly, we
raised awareness of our production and since
then, more donations and offers have come in.
Worth the planning, the meetings, the big
discussions and all the sweat equity that night.

The Shining.

Our beautiful landscape when the sun
is shining on the freshly fallen snow.

A blue sky with few clouds and bright
sun to warm the Earth. Incredible shot.

Wishing the snow would be just this
amount for the entire Winter season.

But we know that soon it will be in abundance
and we'll somehow find ways to survive it all.

Fall Sunsets.

The sun is low now and setting much
earlier each day than the day before.

It makes the world around us, our
scenery outside our window, so cozy.

Grief Art.

On Saturday mornings, grieving kids in our
community gather together to explore their grief.

Their loved ones have died at different ages and
for many different reasons. Such sad stories.

But these kids are heros, as they struggle to figure
out what grief is, with our guidance and our love.

We use art and music and other creative  modalities to
help them on their personal and unique journeys. I'm
honored to be present to these brave and courageous
kids and their families. Inspiring and deep work.

Finally, a Freezer.

It's a long story for another day but
we finally got our freezer today.

It's got a really neat wrap on it which
truly beats a white shell. We will have
this set up in our garage and we didn't
want it to get all marked up and dirty
from being in a place that tends to
attract dust and dirt. Great choice.

Our Green Team.

I went to the Oil Kings hockey game
with dh the other night. It was so windy.

Safe inside our new arena, we cheered
on our junior team, even though they
lost the game. Their new jerseys are
green, black and white, so the arena
was bathed in green. It was a fun night
and I hope when I go again, they win.

Candle Lit Halloween.

I love when we can light candles for
many different reasons, especially for
holidays and celebrations like this one
we call Halloween. A bit spooky ....

.... and truly comforting at the same time.
Our Fall shelf on the front door mirror.

Another view of this tiny scene. Scary
ghosts, Fall leaves and a Cherished Teddy.

Candles in the foyer to welcome all
the little "Trick or Treaters" tonight.

Candles on the piano in the dining room
to greet our guests as they arrive and climb
the steps to the front veranda. I love how
they flicker and dance through the windows.

Halloween Art.

At one of the boot sales at the Antique
Mall this past Summer, we picked up
a handful of cross stitched linens that
I've started to turn into creative art.

This one says "Trick or Treat" and I
found the best little frame in my stash.

Hard to see in the candle light so I'll 
take a picture of it later in the day light.

Cheesy Soup.

Along with baking today, I decided to
make a lovely cheesy recipe for dinner.

Broccoli, cheese, onions, mushrooms
and carrots make a great Winter soup.

Frosty Pumpkin.

Our scene this morning .... a frosty
pumpkin on a snow covered bale.

Snow Day Baking.

The snow arrived today, along with
some dense fog and very wet rain.

A perfect day to bake. A couple of
bananas were turning dark brown ....

.... so into the mixer went all the ingredients
to make scrumptious chocolate banana bread.

Pictures to follow ....

Empty House ....

I truly was not one of those moms who couldn't wait for her kids to grow up. I cherished being surrounded by my little ones, even on the days that seemed like they would never end when things didn't go as planned. I dreaded the idea of my kids leaving home. And moving on. I feel fortunate we had a larger family, so the leaving took longer and I'm grateful for the extra time we got.

My house is quiet now. We still have two at home and one grand baby as well. Most days and nights, our home is filled with noise and activity. But I do get a glimpse every now and then of what it will be like once everyone is gone. Yesterday was a prime example and today will be more of the same. By 8 a.m. everyone is up and ready to leave the house. Two days every week I have quiet all to myself and the house is still. Some days I love the time I have to do work I have at home, to tackle projects, to write, to dream, to garden, to clean, to fold and to read. Other times, I find it a bit unnerving and end up putting the tv on so there is chatter in the background or music to work by. And in those moments, I'm appreciative of the fact that both daughters who reside with us won't be leaving any time soon. The quiet is lovely but only in little bits. I still need life and activity around me to be truly happy. I may be an introvert but I still need my noise and my people around me. Do you need yours too?

Goodbye October.

Time to say goodbye to October. It was a good month, with lots of tasks on our list and all now behind us, except one, which we'll finish up hopefully today (fingers crossed!). It was a month to give thought to all our blessings and abundance as we celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a time to give to others as we donated and gave our time for those who need our support. It was a time to remember the babies who were born too soon or not at all. It was a time to reflect on the season and the turning weather. It was a time to prepare our home for the Winter months that are around the corner. It was a time to make lists of tasks we need to get done before Spring. It was a time to make lists of what we want to do with our cozy, snowy nights inside and bright sunshiny days outdoors. It was a time to start dreaming about Christmas and family. It was a time to enjoy the colors in our garden and the falling leaves all around us. And today, it is time to say goodbye to my favorite season. Goodbye, October. We embraced your warmth and your spirit and wish you well until next year. I wish you could stay around a bit longer but the snow falling outside my window this morning is a sign that you are gone for the year. Namaste dear friend.

October 30, 2017

Menu Monday.

Here's our menu plan for Menu Monday:

Monday ~ roast chicken with peas and
broccoli and cauliflower in cheese

Tuesday ~ home made chicken noodle
soup with veggies and chicken from Monday

Wednesday ~ pork chops with risotto,
peas and bacon cesar salad

Thursday ~ grilled cheese sandwiches
with chocolate milk and pickles

Friday ~ baked chicken with onion soup
mix, veggies and mushroom rice

Saturday ~  Curly pasta with Alfredo 
sauce, peas and ham slices mixed in

Sunday ~  a crock pot dinner that will
simmer all day and make the house warm

What's on your menu this week?

Crisp Days Ahead.

Fall days are frosty in the morning.
The sun is lower and sets earlier.

Some mornings, there is snow on the
ground and the river is freezing.

It's quite and crisp and hollow. But at
least the sun shines and the sky is blue.

Not looking forward to the predicted
snow that is coming in full force this
week. Hopefully it bypasses us one
more time. But soon it will fall for sure.

Gramma's Stew.

My gramma raised 6 children through
the war and has always been my hero.

While my grampa was away fighting
for freedom, she was stretching small
dollars to feed a big family. She had
to develop recipes using very little.

Gramma created this sausage stew using
veggies from their garden and cheap
sausages from the butcher. Our budget
is not as frugal but we are so careful of
what we have and what we spend, so
many of our recipes are based on this.
Not my favorite dinner but on a cold,
rainy and windy night, it was a comfort
to cook up gramma's old receipe for us.
I think she would be proud we did.

October 29, 2017

LIt Feet.

One of my counselling kids at the inner
city school I visit had new shoes this week.

She let me take some pictures to show
how cool these lit shoes really are.

October 27, 2017

Welcome Flag.

We found this sweet Welcome Flag
at a local store but then had a hard
time finding the flagpole. Finally
had to order from Amazon and in
just 2 days it was delivered to our
post office in town. Our Christmas
Flag will go up next, then for a bit,
our "R" Flag and then the Spring
one will be displayed. I'm going to
try and find flags for reach season.