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June 17, 2013

Mmmm! Soup!!

My sweet man makes me homemade soup whenever I'm under the weather. I love how he adds in extra veggies, freshly cooked organic chicken & big chunks of real marble cheese. And lets it steep & simmer until it's just the perfect consistency, thick & full of flavor that takes skill to make it just right. 

I have no doubt that Chicken Noodle Soup truly helps congestion. I also am entirely convinced that the act itself of creating said dish helps the recovery process as well. I'm sure there is a study somewhere!

I may not feel well but I do feel loved!


Lorrie said...

Homemade chicken soup definitely helps congestion. I read some articles about how scientists studied it and although they couldn't explain why, it does help.
What a sweet husband to make you soup. It sounds delicious. Hope you feel better soon.

Chy said...

I think the soup really helped today. My eyes are still bad but my chest is lighter & my fever has dropped almost back down to normal. More soup tomorrow & I think I'll be good!