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December 31, 2018

Final Sunset.


Our final sunset for 2018.
Now it's pitch black out.

I love the final sunset streaming across
the snow in front of my potting shed.

~ Chy

Big Job.

We've been spending some time recently
figuring out the last window treatments.

For the living room and dining room,
we found a beautiful velvety material
in a darker sage green. These will be
made in to panels to go with the lace.

I was thankful our fabric store had a
50% off sale and they cut all 12 panels
(there are 3 windows in each room) in
to the length I needed, saving me a lot
of measuring! Now the hard part is all
the sewing that I'm needs doing. Big job!

~ Chy

Hoar Frost.


We woke up to hoar frost on the 27th.
So very pretty but so very cold too.

I love photographing the world around us
and when it changes, the pics are amazing.

We went in to the big City to visit the
new Museum, a gift from our girls. It
was rainy and icy but we made it. Our
view as we headed home, safe and sound.

As much fun as we had, it was so nice
to finally get home and be cozy all night.

~ Chy

Dinner Visitor.

Our daughter's pup showed up
on Christmas Day for dinner.

We had to coax her back upstairs
so we could finish eating. Then she
did get some nice treats! A sweet little
puppy who knew dinner was served.

~ Chy

Dinner Dessert.


One of the many desserts we enjoyed
on Christmas Day, along with baking.

Cookie dough, chocolate pudding,
vanilla pudding and whipped topping.

~ Chy

Frosty Gate.

Learning to use the camera on
my new phone .... our frosty gate.

~ Chy

Frosty House.

A shot of our little cottage,
covered with hoar frost.

We love our house so much and
feel so privileged to live here.

~ Chy

Frosty Walk.

After lunch on Boxing Day, we
went for a nice little frosty walk.

Dh showing our little guy where
the deer often disappear to at night.

Bringing back our garbage bin from
the end of our little lane. Nice helper.

~ Chy

Late Lunch.

Boxing Day lunch consisted of the
leftover Chinese food we ordered on
Christmas Eve. Still so very good on
the 3rd day. We will get this again.

~ Chy

Boxing Day.

A full moon shining down on
our little forest on Boxing Day.

~ Chy

Christmas Door.

Our front door. We hope it's enough
to welcome all who visit here.

~ Chy

Last Look.

A last look at our Christmas Tree,
on Christmas Night. So sparkly.

~ Chy

Call the Midwife.


A new Christmas Tradition the
last few years ~ Call the Midwife.

We love the series when it's airing. But
the Christmas episodes are favorites.

Keeps us in the loop between
the last season and the next one.

~ Chy

Dinner Part 2.

Part 2 of our Christmas Dinner pictures. Our
beautiful table with my gramma's lace table cloth.

Her corner china cabinet. So precious to me.
New this year: a Christmas picture from dd2.

Cards hanging on the cabient. And a shot
of our cornish game hen dinner with cracker.

~ Chy

Music Stocking.

We found this vintage music stand from
the 30's. A perfect spot for a tiny stocking.

~ Chy

Cozy Dinner.

Snaps from our cozy and quiet
Christmas Dinner on the 25th.

Just the 5 of us this year and we had
the best time, laughing and eating.

The perfect amount of food that gave
us just a few leftovers. Nothing to toss!

~ Chy

Cat Box.

I love this idea of reusing a box once
it's original task is completed. Perfect!

~ Chy

Roasted Veggies.

We enjoyed lovely roasted veggies
with our little cornish game hens.

Just the right touch for our  Christmas
Dinner, with gravy and stuffing too.

~ Chy


Every Christmas Dinner has to have
sweet cranberries ~ fresh ones only.

~ Chy

Turkey Flavor.

We chose this year to roast cornish
game hens instead of turkey. Truly
too much leftover turkey resulting in
food that doesn't always get eaten up
so we changed it up so we wouldn't
have the waste. However, we did add
in some turkey flavor to our hens with
our Epicure seasonings. So delicious!

~ Chy

Butter Tarts.

Every Christmas, dh makes his famous
butter tarts. These were my dad's favorite.

We all love to savor them and can't
wait for the oven to beep that their done.

~ Chy