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June 24, 2013


Our oldest son is an actor & model. One of the directors he has worked with a few times captured some shots of Calgary this weekend. A beautiful view of such terrible devastation. Here's the video:

I feel so sad for the families that have endured this flood. They have lost so much. While others comment that it's just "stuff", truly it is the story of a family's life, their home, their sanctuary. Having lost our home to a fire almost 25 years ago, we truly understand what it feels like to be displaced. The loss of innocence, the loss of security & the fear of never being comfortable in a new home lingers for a long time. We're sending donations, wishing we could volunteer to help & sending heartfelt blessings for a peaceful new beginning as all the communities that have been affected by the flood of 2013 in our province begin to rebuild. 


Cheapchick said...

It is really terrible. They say there is more damage than the Slave Lake Fires and I worked in insurance through that - saw a lot of devastating photos. The only good news is that most are being let back into their neighborhoods to see what damage they have. Knowing is better than not knowing.

Chy said...

Very true. I would have such a hard time working in the industry ~ I'd just want to take everyone home & look after them!! And then give them way more money than their policies were for so they could start over. Bravo to you for the work you did!