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June 29, 2013

Not what we expected.

Because it's a long weekend here in Canada, the ferry to the island was busy today. But it was definitely far from the crowds & congestion we were expecting. We were lucky to arrive early & get on the boat without a wait. Our rental car is the second one on the right side, a silver Cruze. Last time we were here, in January, they gave us a white Cruze. Nice car. Zippy & comfortable. Both times, we were told we'd get a little Ford Fiesta & both times they "upgraded" us to a bigger car, without charge. No complaints!

I love to people watch, especially when we travel. The most interesting people were at the airport with us at 6:45 a.m. this morning. A mix of ages, looks, creeds & of course, destinations. My favorite sight today was the "hippy van" below. Very Salt Spring!

We had a great travel day. Although we could have chosen to travel at any time & tend to avoid summer holiday time & long weekends, we really needed this break now between programs & filming. And dh really wanted to experience Canada Day on SSI after hearing the locals tell us about it when we were here in January. So we braved what we thought would be a hectic day of long lines, crazy temperaments & unbearable weather. But it was quiet, too quiet almost, everyone was friendly & the weather was warm but not scorching hot. Just perfect! Maybe most travelers left yesterday to beat the rush. Whatever it was, we are grateful & happy to be finally here, after months of planning, budgeting & dreaming. Now for 10 days of pure bliss & time to recover & regain our precious energy. 

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