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August 31, 2022

End of August.

A quote to close out August.

~ Chy

Growing Fern.

This amazing fern has outgrown the
vintage pot we found at the Antique
Mall. I've got a new pot I've shabby
chic'd up to repot. So much growth!

~ Chy

Summer Storms.

We have had just one, maybe two storms
this whole Summer. As someone who hides
when the lightening strikes and the thunder
rolls, I've been so grateful. But we may have
a big one tonight! We have a heat warning
all week and now storms are moving in. It
may be a very long night! Wish me luck!!
Hoping the weather forecast doesn't happen.

~ Chy

Muddling Through.

Most days are pretty smooth, or a good
part of the day. Some days are hard and
then I start over again. Today? I can't even
describe the turmoil. But I'll muddle through!

~ Chy

August 30, 2022

Yellow Kitchen.

I love our sage cabinets but this yellow
kitchen is quite cute too. I can see it in
a very vintage styled farmhouse or a
Victorian home in the country. Pretty!

~ Chy

Bench Searching.

I have so many dreams for our garden.
One is to find a metal bench similar to
this one. We have 2 concrete benches,
1 in the Secret Garden and 1 in the new
Memorial Garden. Now I'd like one in
the metal gazebo we hope to construct
before the snow falls. Checking FB and
other sites each day but no luck so far.

~ Chy

Soft Light.

Evening sun coming in from the west
and softly lighting the guest bedroom.
One of my favorite spots in our little
cottage, especially when the sun hits it.

~ Chy

Hanging Bunny.

Our sweet little bunny embellishment
that I hung on the secretary cabinet back
at Easter and then I completely forgot
about it until I walked by tonight. Oops!

~ Chy

Early Sunsets.

Our days are starting to get shorter as
the sun sets a bit earlier each night. I
LOVE Fall but not ready for the dark
that will soon be part of our evenings.

~ Chy

Welcome Planter.

We found this tiny "Welcome" planter
at one of the greenhouses last year. It
was on a clearance sale and the most
amazing price. Couldn't resist. One of
the counselling clients I visit in her
home has the same planter. Love it!

~ Chy

August 27, 2022

Finally Home.

The sun shining thru the window late
that is in the nook. These visual shots
truly make me feel like we're finally
home in our tiny cottage. Life is here!

~ Chy

Vintage Shelf.

My other favorite corner in our kitchen.
A sweet place to fill with items that make
me smile. And new plants that get just the
right amount of light. Perfect vintage shelf.

~ Chy

What To Do ....

Trying to decide if I should hang on to
our vintage carriage or sell it. I hoped
to rent it out for weddings and events
but not sure I'll have time to do this. I
love it but it takes up a bit of room in
the turret. What would you do? Ugh!

~ Chy

My Tired Toes.

My tired toes. A busy week getting ready
for another big event that we're in charge
of. I love doing events but I'm starting to
wonder if we're too old! Oh, my tired toes!!

~ Chy

August 26, 2022

Little Addition.

I dream of a little addition to the cottage,
so dh would have a dedicated office space
now that his work is entirely from home.
Wouldn't this bright and tall space work!

~ Chy

August 25, 2022

Sweet Cottage.

Isn't this the sweetest cottage? We love our amazing
home but know some day, we may need to look at
downsizing and choosing a one level home. But not
until the kids move out ~ they will move out one day,
right? We love our intergenerational experience at the
moment but some day, one day, it will be just the 2
of us and our cottage may look much different then.
I hope and dream it can look like this sweet tiny one!

~ Chy

August 21, 2022

Ciara~Rose Kennedi.

Tonight @ 8:02 pm you would have been turning 24 years old. You were born and died all in a moment that crashed our world once again. It was a quiet birth at home, full of hope, then sorrow. We never got to truly know who you would have been. We can only guess you would have had Chelsea's determination and her big sister caring compassion, Brady's beautiful blue eyes and his artistic nature, Brodie's curly hair and his musical talents, Chynna's empathy and her mischevious soul, your daddy's wit and his terrible jokes, and my creativity and feisty Irish temper. You would of course been your own unique individual, with bits of each of us within you. You would have loved and been loved. 

Today, we celebrate you on our own, in our own love filled space, in our way .... with a pretty rose from our little garden that we'll preserve to remember this day, and a tiny flowered cake. We'll chat, and laugh, and cry on this special day.  Love you to the moon and back Ciara~Rose Kennedi

Love, Mama

August 18, 2022

Life and Love.

This guy and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary today. I had to work in the morning but he drove to my hospice for lunch and we had a lovely meal at the Rebel Cafe. Kind of a chic spot, with an outdoor patio. With long, warm days and tons of sun, it was another great day to be outside. We drove back to our little hamlet and did some shopping and then headed home to relax. Great dinner, cards and gifts to open, and now we're all cozy in bed watching "Game of Thrones" in prep for the new series to start soon. That show never gets old! Anyway, our day was full of reflection and memories, and good wishes from our family, friends and co-workers. Tomorrow is a day off but full of appointments and tasks. Our air conditioner stopped working, so we have the repair guy coming in the morning. And doing my mom's banking in the afternoon, stopping at my other office to pick up bins of supplies we need for my event next weekend, and then stopping to get a quick dinner to take home. No plans tomorrow night yet. Saturday is a full work day for me while dh will be off at a remote radio broadcast to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of our radio station. I guess we can call this a bit of an Anniversary Weekend full of life and love.

                                    ~ Chy

August 14, 2022

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... raggy white cutoffs, floral loose t that I bought from Old Navy for 5 dollars and cool bare feet.

What I'm reading .... "The Gown" a story weaved around Queen Elizabeth's wedding gown - set during the 40's. Just started but so good so far!

What's happening in my kitchen .... we have a clog in the drain and water that comes out if we use the sink. Waiting to hear back from our plumber.

What's outside my window .... quiet night and setting sun.

What I'm thankful for .... dh's energy when mine is low. He kept us going today.

What I'm smelling .... my hand cream I just put on. Coconuts!

What I'm hearing .... the tv in the background and the dryer gently tumbling our now fresh clothes for the week.

What I'm crafting .... no crafting this week as we built our walk way from grey bricks that look like cobble stones. Today, we swept the sand in to every single crevice, then added in the water to set the sand to harden. All done!

What's on my mind .... all the tasks on my list for the week.

Words to live by .... see the beautiful quote above.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

August 7, 2022

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my babydoll pj's and barefeet.

What I'm reading .... "The Last Bookshop in London." I finally finished this amazing book after we were done our landscaping today, had a cool shower and dried off by sitting outside in the sun on the deck. It took me a while to read it but so worth the time it took to finish. Highly recommend!

What's happening in my kitchen .... absolutely nothing. We're already in bed watching the next episode of the series we've been watching. Dinner was hours ago and the dishwasher has finished. Laundry is done, counters wiped down, the floors are vacuumed and the plants all watered. Our little cottage is all tucked in for the night!

What's outside my window .... the night sky and it's dark!

What I'm thankful for .... everything and everyone!

What I'm smelling .... the night air outside our windows.

What I'm hearing .... the sounds of "Downton Abbey" on tv.

What I'm crafting .... more work on dgd's dollhouse.

What's on my mind .... our final day before I go back to work on Tuesday. It's been an amazing week off and I look forward to seeing my team but I am going to miss being with dh every day working on our projects together ....

Words to live by .... "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!" ~ Oscar Wilde.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy