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June 13, 2013

Scary Day!

Yesterday started out like most lately, cloudy, rainy but light, cool, no sun in sight. Rain has been constant the last few weeks. Great for the garden. Not so great for our moods. We crave sunshine right now. At least it's giving us a chance to do things inside but truly, we'd really like to be outside on our deck, admiring our yard, lounging on our deck furniture, working on our summer tans, which started out great but are quickly fading. 

Early afternoon, the weather changed & it changed quickly. Started with these funnel clouds that were captured about 40 minutes from here. And suddenly the watches & the warnings were flying. 

Outside our house at the beginning. 

Fast moving clouds, changing shapes.


Low & blowing.

Darker & then light.

I would have loved to capture more, especially when the rain pounded & the street flooded but at that point, the lightening was fast & furious & dangerous. We retreated to our basement, with our emergency kit, laptops & phones for communication & our very reluctant puppies. Our centre, full of children, went into emergency status. The building the centre is in doesn't have a basement, but the building next door does, so I had to make arrangements for the staff & the kids to go there if the tornado touched down in our community. Then I had to contact all the parents. This was after securing the garden, putting plant pots in the garage, under the deck furniture & under the gazebo for protection. I secured the house as best I could, gathered our   emergency kit & set up our "camp" downstairs in case we ended up there, which we did,why the wind howled & the house shook. Extremely scary moments!

Pictures shared by others who were a little braver than I was!

Finally, a video showing the clouds moving over our community. It's fast but a good indication of what we dealt with in a short time. 

Thankful that no one was hurt, our home is safe, our garden still standing & the sun came out for a bit last night. Today, it's cloudy & cool, with no rain expected until later tonight. 

The first of many summer storms. The only thing I don't like about our summers: the thunder, lightening, hail & threat of tornado watches & warnings. 

And how was your day? 

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