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December 31, 2023

Goodbye 2023!

I know it's customary to "be done" with a year.
Despite the hardships this time has brought to
our lives, we choose to reflect on the growth and
the blessings that come with diversity. There are
things we can't always control. And things that
fall in our laps without warning. Living thru the
good, the bad and the ugly is what matters. With
whatever life delivered to you this year, I hope
you've expanded your capacity and embraced the
experience. The opposite is not worth the time!

Goodbye 2023. A year to remember for sure ....

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... ripped jeans, pink turtle neck with warm grey cardigan. Socks and slippers, even though it's so warm out. Hair in soft curls after being braided all night.

What I'm reading .... the latest "The English Home" and a new gratitude journal I found at the charity shop. It is in perfect condition, a guided method and was $1.75. 

What's happening in my kitchen .... laughter and the sound of dishes washing.

What's outside my window .... a quiet night, with a breeze that sounds like a Spring Chinook.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community. 

What I'm smelling .... the garlic from our scrumptious dinner that we ordered from the Olive Garden in the Big City. Can't believe they will actually deliver all the way out here. But so thankful for our once a year treat.

What I'm hearing .... music from the one channel that is still playing Christmas music,  perfect as we celebrate all over again now that dgs is home.

What I'm crafting .... the new dollhouse and I'm about to open a counted cross stitch kit I bought the other day on a Boxing Day sale ~ not on Boxing day!

What's on my mind .... excited to share our 2nd Christmas Day with our dgs and can't wait to see the look on his face when we sees his Santa gift!

Words to live by .... love this New Year's quote. Brad is a thoughtful guy. Hope you enjoy it!

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

Vintage Skates.

Vintage skates on our mantel. We don't
shop as much at the Old Antique Mall as
we used to. It was fun hunting for little
tiny treasures when we were dreaming,
designing and then developing our little
cottage in the big woods. But now that
we're here, we're home, we have all
we need. So now, it's just an item here
and there that we stumble across. Like
these little skates that I had to go back
for when I originally walked away from
them. I am so very glad that I went back!

~ Chy

Dear Friends ....

.... who are at your wedding 39 years ago, and are
still in your life to this day, thru the good and the bad.

Show up on Boxing Day with pudding and other
delights. These are the friends we cherish the most!

~ Chy

Horse and Wagon.

A breezy and chilly but sunny day for a horse
and wagon ride down our little country lane.

~ Chy

December 28, 2023

Sweet Surprise!

Is this not THE best gift a miniaturist
could receive, the day before Christmas?

Made by a grandfather for his now grown
adult granddaughter, it's in amazing shape.

She has no children and wanted it to go
to someone who would love to work on it!

I'm beyond thrilled to have this sweet
house to create with. A beautiful dream.

I've always dreamed of having a dollhouse
that opened from the front. And now it's here
and so amazing! There are windows in the
back and on the side as well. I can't wait to
start decorating and then furnishing it. But
first a name. Something British, I do believe.

Isn't she so very pretty?

~ Chy

December 27, 2023

Always a Laugh.

Dh decided when it was time for a serious photo
that he's created a moment of laughter instead ....

There. That's better! All ready to go out for an evening
of fun and friends. We had a great time but this moment
will be one we always look back on. He did promise
me that life would be full of adventures and laughter!

~ Chy

Welcoming Guests.

Our mirror at the front door, with a
candle and cute, festive decorations.

The scene we created on the old radio,
also at the front door, to welcome guests.
Some days, we come home, and the truck
has been turned upside down. Always one
of our daughters who plays around with
it and drives me crazy. All is well now!

~ Chy

December 26, 2023

Lego Christmas Village.

Our girls gifted me some Lego for my birthday in
November and then they decided we were NOT
putting up our traditional Christmas Village. It's
taken a bit to get used to, but I quite like it now!

~ Chy

Swiss Gift.

My favorite white chocolate will always
be Purdy's but this bar, from a little shop
in the mountains and gifted to me from
dd1, is made with Swiss chocolate. Yum!

~ Chy

New Tree Decor.

After our last Chamber of Commerce
breakfast before the holidays, we were
invited to shop in the greenhouse that
the meeting was held in. One of our
favorites! And we came out with this
soft heart for our tree. Very fitting!

~ Chy

Our Tiny Mouse.

Our tiny mouse, a vintage ornament that
belonged to my gramma. A precious
item that I feel so honored to place on
our fireplace each year when we decorate.

Do you have a precious ornament or two?

~ Chy

Stuffed Stockings.

When I was a kid, it wasn't the presents
under the tree I looked for to as much as
the stockings that my mom and dad filled
with little treats and trinkets each year.
This is a tradition for our kids now and
the thing I love to watch on Christmas
morning. It can take the longest time for
each of us to go thru the stocking, to
open each gift and laugh as we go. I hope
our kids will have the same thought, that
"stuffed stockings" are the best thing on
Christmas morning, even as adults now!

~ Chy

December 25, 2023

Family Heirlooms.

My grandmother's on my mom's side
lace table cloth. I love it for Christmas.

Candles lit and teacups ready for tea
after a scrumptious meal made by dh.

The dining room hutch that matches the
table and chairs. This belonged to my
dad's parents, my other sweet gramma and
grampa. I feel family around us at dinner.

And in the corner, their hutch they got
when they were first married way back
in the early mid 30's. Honored to have it
in our dining room, holding special items.

Is your home filled with family heirlooms?

~ Chy

Christmas Dinner.

We decided this year to not cook a turkey as it was
just a smaller than usual crowd for the 25th. We had
company after the big day, and more to come but for
the actual day, we enjoyed a roasted chicken with
amazing gravy, fresh peas, mashed rutabaga, mashed
potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pickles and fresh,
homemade buns. For after, we had a variety of squares,
cookies and tarts. The best part was we didn't have a
lot of leftovers that may have gotten thrown out later.
A much easier dinner and so very good.  Scrumptious!!

~ Chy

Comfy and Warm.

Our sign post for the cottage. We hope
to replace this in 2024 with a new one.

When we walked through the trees
 on Christmas Day, we realized we can
see the front of the cottage. I love this
pic showing our forest that surrounds us.

An old fence along the path. I love how
the moss actually grows on the north side.

Our garage and above the garage, the
art studio we spend so much time in. I
love our cottage. It's been such a lovely 
place to call home. Comfy and warm.

~ Chy

More Gifts.

A piece of art from a favorite shop out on 
Salt Spring Island. Love the sweet saying!

More milk bath for the Winter. I love
to soak in a hot tub when it's cold out.

Earrings to dress up my look when we're
heading out to events or big meetings.

And Hemp Bath Bombs for those long soaks
I mentioned earlier. A hot bath and a good book.

~ Chy


A Long Awaited Piece of Art.

I've been searching for this print forever!
It's often paired with another piece from
a different artist ~ a beautiful print of a
little girl titled "Charlotte." This one is
called "Peter" and we spent a lot of time
trying to find it in the various antique
stores and even online. Finally, I found
it on Etsy and showed it to dh. And look
what was under our tree on Christmas
morning! From great sellers on the East
coast, it arrived in perfect condition. I
can't wait to hang it up. Now, should it
go beside "Charlotte" or should "Peter"
have his own spot in the cottage? Hmm.

~ Chy

Christmas Books.

I LOVE getting books at Christmas.
Next to chocolate, books are my
very favorite gifts. This one above
was not to read but to store passwords.

The newest to me Susan Branch book
that I couldn't find last year but dh did!

And The Cottage Fairy, based on the
Youtube channel I love to watch. I
am now well set for the New Year to
read away the long, dark nights. Yes!

~ Chy


Garden House.

A gift from my daughter. A miniature kit to make
a garden house. I can't wait to put this together!

~ Chy

A Good Sport.

Eldest dd gets quite excited about gift
opening and she also loves to spoil us!

She is trying to guess if there is a set of
pots in the bag. We did gift her a set ....

But put all the pieces, including these
instructions/warranty in separate bags
and boxes so she had a lot to open. She
had an amazing time. Such a good laugh!

Youngest dd also loves opening gifts
and this was one that she had hoped for.

However, she does have one request each
year: her gifts have to be wrapped, not
place in gift bags. So of course, I need
to put at least one gift in a bag. This is
her response .... she loved the gift, but
really likes the process of opening it
up by ripping paper. Love to bug her
and thankful she is always a good sport!

~ Chy

First Crack at Baking Homemade Buns.

My first attempt in my entire life to
make fresh baked breads. And the
dough rose, just as the directions said!
Now on to the baking. Wish me luck!

~ Chy

The Very Best White Milk Chocolate.

I love that dh every year finds me bars
of the very best white milk chocolate.

This year, it's white milk chocolate
Santa's. I'm saving these for a special
treat in the New Year. I like to make
my treats last and not eat all at once!

~ Chy

Gift for Carys.

Carys had a sweet gift under the tree.
She looks quite surprised to find this.

And after opening it, she's so excited
to find a pair of lace stockings to wear!

~ Chy