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May 29, 2024

Go Oilers Go!

It's tense in our little cottage in the big woods in
the moment. Yup, it's hockey playoffs, the finals
for the year, the quest for the Stanley Cup. Our
team, the Edmonton Oilers, is the last Canadian
team in the running, so there's a lot to be proud
of, and a lot to be nervous about. Hoping for a
win, as we haven't gone this far since 2006. I'm
so nervous, I end up cleaning and purging at
the same time the games are on. At this rate, I'm
going to have the most organized cottage ever!

Go Oilers Go!

~ Chy

May 19, 2024

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... a soft purple t~shirt and white cutoffs. No shoes. Hair down.

What I'm reading .... Melissa Gilbert's "Back to the Prairie." I grew up watching "Little House on the Prairie." This is a great read about her life after marrying fellow actor Tim Busfield. And leaving Hollywood to move to the Catskills to live a rural life.

What's happening in my kitchen .... closed for the night but all ready for tomorrow.

What's outside my window .... a landscape that is starting to burst and bloom.

What I'm thankful for .... the rain that has taken the threat of wildfires away.

What I'm smelling .... the sweet earthy smell that comes after a rain.

What I'm hearing .... frogs croaking and geese flying by. Quiet but noisy.

What I'm crafting .... gifts for our upcoming preschool conference next weekend.

What's on my mind .... budgets, renovations, purging, organizing, upcoming events and my mom.

Words to live by .... the quote for today is above in honor of Queen Victoria, the reason for our May Long Weekend here in Canada. Hope you enjoy this week's quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

May 13, 2024

Budding Garden.

My lavender on the left is turning green slowly.
And the bleeding heart on the right is healthy.

Tiny pink flowers in memory of all our baby girls.
New growth around the little bushes we planted.

Blue flowers in memory of our sweet baby boys.
They remind me of tiny grapes in a bouquet.

More growth that will soon be part of the bigger
garden. It's so amazing each year as green appears.

Buds that are so tiny it's almost too hard to see them.
But they're there and soon this little bush will be full.

Every time I come home from our centre, I love to
go out to the front veranda and walk down the path
in our front garden to see what is popping up as our
landscape starts to bud and bloom. Soon the beds
will be full of color and scent. The 2 things that are
slow to come up are my lavender and the hostas. I
do seem some green so that is always a relief to find
signs that they weathered our harsh Winters. Yes!

~ Chy

May 12, 2024

Mother's Day.

Love notes from my babies and the daddy guy are
always my favorite gifts on Mother's Day. But this
year, with wildfires starting up again, the best gift
today was the pouring rain. By this evening, on the
news, they shared that the rain did help to curb the
fires. More is in the forecast all week so this is the
best news. It was an amazing day but this was the
best that could have happened. Now we can relax!

Mother's Day. A special day to celebrate. And for
those of us who mourn children, a day to remember.

~ Chy

May 11, 2024

Spring Flowers.

Pretty Spring flowers that my dh brought home for
Mother's Day. Sweet smell and amazing colors. We
are trying to find the best spot to buy flowers with
the idea of having fresh ones every week. Love!

~ Chy

May 10, 2024

May Conference.

Today, we attended a conference for women, focused
on grief, balance, living and community. I wasn't ready
for a conference at this time but with encouragement
and community around me, I did attend and am so
happy for this experience. I truly didn't know I needed
this until I was there, and then I didn't want to leave!

~ Chy

May 8, 2024

Rainy Start.

So excited to start our renovations last week but today, with all the rain, we had no choice but to cart, carry and wheelbarrow all the drywall outside to the dumpster bin. In the rain. We were soaked but we got it done! In between smashing down walls, coughing up drywall and taking apart a desk, we managed to bond with our students and celebrate our dd's birthday again with sparklers and donuts. It's been a great start to this process and I hope it continues as we all work hard to create our new family centre in our tiny hamlet, beside the Big City. Wish us luck ~ we'll need it!

~ Chy

May 5, 2024

Birthday Girl.

Today was our youngest's birthday. She does not like
gift bags, so we teased her by wrapping a gift in bag
after bag and lots of tissue paper. Thankfully, she was
such a good spot. Cake, laughter, gifts and much love!

~ Chy

May 4, 2024

May the 4th be with You.

Not a Star Wars fan (sorry) but this saying
always makes me chuckle. We had hoped
our daughter would arrive on May 4th, but
she had other plans and waited until the 5th.
However, our midwife was excited as May 5th
is International Day of the Midwife. Worked out!

~ Chy

May 3, 2024

Good News!

We received great news today ~ two students have been granted to our little charity for the Summer. Four entire months of extra hands and new energy. And all paid for my our sweet government. Grateful and excited to be chosen. We've had students in the past and it's not an easy task. I always need to ensure they have enough tasks to keep them busy. And tasks that are beneficial to our organization. We've been fortunate to have great students and I have high hopes for this new adventure. Now I don't have to get my hands all covered in candy stain ~ the students can have all the fun!

~ Chy

May 2, 2024

The Big Project ....

We've been keeping our "big project" under wraps but now that we have the keys to our new space, bits and pieces of our journey can be shared. Yesterday, we had the keys in hand just before lunch and within an hour, we had already set up our tools and started taking down the big wall in the third photos with the tall shelves still attached. That wall is now gone! And all the other pieces we needed to tackle are done too. Tucked away into the dumpster that will be carted away. Studs to come down, the electrical that we don't need has been disconnected and now we are ready for the contractors to come in and rebuild the inside. Our outdoor space is under review as well. Visiting other sites and lots of research has given us some great ideas. Now to make sure they fit within our budget. Funding was provided for our build and the items we need but my big job now is ensuring we don't spend it all before the project is complete. Exciting!

Do you have any big projects you're working on?

~ Chy