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February 28, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... comfy warm pants, a soft gold~brown color, with my big lavender sweater, lavender socks, my teal cozy slippers and a fresh braid in my hair.

What I'm reading .... finished "Allegedly" and will return it to the library tomorrow. I've got a few Country Living magazines that I skimmed through when I bought them but haven't really sat down to read through, as well as my new English Home. A pot of tea and a cozy spot in the living room sounds about right to catch up on my Brit magazines. 

What's happening in my kitchen .... it's quite now but was busy today making our Sunday Dinner. We got some groceries yesterday so I cleaned out the fridge, moved things around in the cupboards and tidied up the pantry. I do this each week but it amazes me how so many adults can leave things out of place after I've carefully orchestrated where everything should fit. Drives me crazy .... I'll just leave this comment here. I'm sure some of you can relate!

What's outside my window .... it snowed a bit this morning and more this afternoon. Sunny, then cloudy, then sunny. The weather can't decide what it wants to do.

What I'm thankful for .... always my family, our little cottage, my work and friends. And our health. So far, so good.

What I'm smelling .... laundry soap smell drifting from the laundry room. I love the smell of fresh laundry.

What I'm hearing .... the tv and talking. No hockey tonight though. Just some good shows we love to watch.

What I'm crafting .... working on the walls in the mini bakery. Almost done this mini but fun project.

What's on my mind .... anything and everything. It never stops! I wish it would ~ one day maybe.

Words to live by .... quote above. Love this one but not sure who wrote it so I can't reference it. It speaks to me on so many levels. Beautiful and inspiring words. 

Have an amazing week!

~ Chy

Sweet Corner.

When we designed our house, I tried
to incorporate some interesting little
"nooks and crannies" in the layout.
This is one of them. A little alcove
in our shared walk in closet to house
an extra dresser that holds my undies,
socks, bras, tank tops, pyjamas, long
sleeved shirts and the last two drawers
hold gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue
paper and gift tags. All greeting cards
and other stationary are downstairs
in the living room in the secretary. I
love this sweet corner and have filled
it with scented soaps, perfumes (some
are my moms), jewelry, tiny teddies
and little items that are special to me.
A sweet little corner, just for me to
hold things that I love and cherish.

Do you have a sweet corner just for you?

 ~ Chy

Office Update.

Not much has changed since my last
post. I go in just once a week and each
time, take in a few more items. Hope
to bring in a nice large unit in the next
week or so to house all my books and
items for my programs. I do have some
pictures I've decided on and curtains
as well. Another chair to create a tiny
counselling corner. And plants, once
it's safe to bring them from the store
into the car, then into the building. It
does look like super warm and sunny
weather all week so I may get a chance
to do this. Getting excited to get it done!

P.S. The sign on the wall outside my
door is wrong and a new one will be
in its place soon. It's supposed to say
"Director, Grief Support Programs."
My Executive Director isn't sure why
it doesn't. I didn't even notice this!

~ Chy

February 27, 2021

Pink Shirt Day.

Definitely not the best picture but it
was a late night. "Pink Shirt Day"
was on Wednesday. A day to bring
awareness about bullying. We took
a picture during our team meeting
and posted it on FB. I took that photo
and wrote a post about how I was
not bullied as a child. However, as
an adult, I have been bullied by 4
different people. True story and so
very hurtful but I survived, stood up
and did let these individuals stop me.
If anything, it made me work harder.
And now I will also advocate for
those who find themselves in this
position. Proud and strong. Me.

~ Chy

English Home.

Excited to find one of the Spring Issues
at the store the other day. Always makes
my day when I can buy my favorite Brit
magazines and drool over them at night.

Do you have a favorite magaine?

~ Chy

Tiny Treasures.

I love our small bookcases that are on
either side of the fireplace in our room.

A great place to showcase tiny treasures
on top and inside the glass doors. We do
need to reposition the shelves and then
I can take a nice photo. Not until then!

~ Chy

Dented Ice.

It was cold but we could all skate.
Then it warmed up and the ice did
a melt. The wind blew over the net
and dented the ice. No skating now!

~ Chy

February 26, 2021

Distanced Friends.

I really miss being able to see all my favorite people in person. My family is lovely and we are fortunate to have great neighbors down the lane whom we can visit with when we skate or are out for a walk. I can see a few of my colleagues when I go in to the hospice one day a week. But seeing friends is out for now. And I so miss having long chats in person. Zoom and phone calls and FB are all helping. There is, however, nothing better than a friend hug and those are far and few between now. Vaccines are on the way, our numbers are way down and I know there will be an end to the Pandemic one day. Being patient gets harder all the time but we also won't ever risk anyone's health for a visit or a hug. Soon we hope we'll all be together again.

Today is a light day. It's technically my day off but as always, something has popped up so I will be working later today. For now, I'm cuddled in a warm bed while fresh snow has fallen outside. I'm getting up in a few minutes to shower, make the bed, tidy my office space and then have some warm tea. We tape a segment for our radio show this morning as the guest is overseas, then lunch, broadcast live for an hour and then a nice break until I start my work day later. If it warms out, I'll head outside for a bit. Tomorrow, I have my kids grief class in the morning, then some lunch and off to town with dh and dyd to buy our RRSP's. Cut it a bit close this year as the deadline in March 1st!. Then we can gather our paperwork and drop off at our accountants for our taxes, which the deadline to file in Canada is April 30th. We are expecting refunds as we've become donors to our hospice and to our own Centre and we buy RRSP's each year. Dh also gets to write off his car payments (100%) and his gas and repairs (a percentage). This year, we'll both be able to claim the "Covid Work at Home" deductions as well. We have to decide if we will do the long version or just take the short version amount. Likely will let our accountant figure that out. After our appointment, we'll get a few fresh groceries and head home. Not sure if it's movie night or hockey night. Either way, I'll likely be tired by then and will probably fall asleep! Not an exciting night but restful.

Wishing you a beautiful Friday!
Hug someone you love today ....

~ Chy

February 25, 2021

Found ....

Two pieces missing.
One found today.

~ Chy

Inspiring Meeting.

Once a month, we host a baby loss support
group meeting. Tonight, we were joined by
two new families and it was a very inspiring
meeting. I love it when current members do
welcome new members as if they've known
them all their lives, providing a truly safe and
comforting place to talk about a hard subject
that is so often misunderstood. With words,
stories and heartfelt gestures, like a warm
hug, we help others overcome the grief and
incorporate this unique experience into their
lives in a healthy way. Healing broken hearts.

~ Chy

February 21, 2021

After the Freeze ....

We had a lovely weekend that ended up being so warm, our jackets were tossed on the deck while we explored our woods, skated for 2 days straight, enjoyed a fire and s'mores, played hockey with our neighbors down the lane and their littles, played our tunes and enjoyed the amazing fresh but warm air. The sun shone and really helped us all forget all about the deep freeze that we are now on the other side of. We created some great memories this weekend! And look forward to more skating this week. 

How was your weekend?

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my light grey snowflake leggings, matching socks and my purple Disney long henley, with two long braids in my hair. Cozy and warm while we wait for the sun to come out and the air to warm up so we can go skating all afternoon. Supposed to be super warm.

What I'm reading .... "Allegedly" by Tiffany Jackson. I'm on the last chapter. Great read! Back to the library tomorrow.

What's happening in my kitchen .... nothing yet as we do Intermittent Fasting and don't eat until noon. Dh is heading out to the freezer to see what he can create for Sunday dinner. I'm planning on having roasted chicken mixed in to a lovely bowl of cole slaw for my lunch. A favorite!

What's outside my window .... cloudy skies and cool air.

What I'm thankful for .... everything. Blissfully content.

What I'm smelling .... my lavender cedar candle. Mmmm!

What I'm hearing .... "Coronation Street" is on the tv. We watch it through the week as it's on each night but sometimes I like to rewatch on the weekend when it replays on Sunday mornings. We are a noisy house and it's easy to miss a line or two, or a whole scene. Love that CBC replays so if we do miss, we can catch up easily. It's a show you don't want to miss anything for sure. We also just finished listened to our grandson's radio show that debuted this morning called "Breakfast with Beckett." We have done some research and believe he is the youngest radio host in Canada. At 10 years old, this is quite the achievement. His first show went well and he a lot of listeners. Looking forward to seeing where this takes him. The kid has got guts.

What I'm crafting .... more work on the mini bakery this week. I did receive some packages in the mail with little items for this project but also for the dollhouse I'm still working on. I had a very frustrating interaction with a supplier this week but I've not used before and won't be in the future. Customer service is definitely not their strength. I wanted to order 20 windows. Not a cheap order. I was informed that the windows were out of stock. No worries. I asked if they could let me know when they would get more. They said they could order them for me BUT the price would increase from $8.98 per window to $15.98 each. Um, excuse me? So I said I would be happy to wait rather than do a special order at the increased price. To which the reply was "that is the regular price" and then I said "but your website says" and she then replied "that's the old price .... I don't know how to update the website." She sent me a note so nice email about being too picky and having a low budget and I haven't written back. And likely won't. I don't need to argue with anyone. Just going by the facts. So I'm on the hunt for windows from other suppliers. Too bad as this was a good sized order (I had other items marked as well) and it was Canadian, meaning I wouldn't have to worry about having to potentially pay important fees from other countries. Lots of companies out there so I'll continue my search. 

What's on my mind .... work for this week. We have new residents at our hospice and as exciting as this is for all of us, it's also heartbreaking. I'm doing lots of good self care today, including skating, writing and working on my mini. I'll be ready for work tomorrow and ready to go. 

Words to live by .... 

Have a great week!

~ Chy

February 20, 2021

Puzzle Dilemma.


I was so very excited on Christmas Morning to open up a gift from my daughter ~ the new Susan Branch Puzzle! I've been waiting since I first heard there would be one released in 2020. And then waited a bit longer to have some days to work on this. Finished up last night, after working away during our deep freeze. And lo and behold, there are 2 missing pieces! I'm so upset! When we puzzle, everything is kept together on a big board we have on our bench in the family room. Today, we're going to take up the mat underneath the puzzle to see if they ended up under there and if not, then we'll roll back the rug to peek there too. I'm hopeful but also fearful we won't find these 2 pieces. I was hoping to frame this puzzle, something I've never done but now won't be able to do if I can't locate the pieces. So sad.

Teaching a class this morning, then working on the puzzle dilemma, then lunch, a skate outside in the warm sun, a few other projects to work on and then dinner. Finally, the big hockey game on tv tonight. I'm not a hockey fan (that would be a big post one day) but am watching with my family as it involves the big city next to us and the big city down south of us. It's often called "The Battle of Alberta" when these 2 teams gather to play. It's fun to watch because they really don't like each other! So it can be quite entertaining. Tonight's game, both teams are going in with a win on each side, so this one will be the tie breaker. It's late too, so after that, we'll head off to sleep and hope tomorrow is lovely and sunny as well. Love our weather has warmed with the sun.

Wishing you a beautiful, sunny Saturday!

~ Chy

February 19, 2021

Soon, Very Soon!

I'm truly excited that over the next day or so, our temperatures will hit anywhere from 5 to 10 above ~ in Celcius, our measure here in Canada. After being as low as ~ 48 in the last 10 days, this is going to feel like Spring! March is around the corner and the tiny bit of snow will have will soon be a memory. And then, the green will begin. Covid has been hard but being outside and working in our gardens, or sitting on our deck really helped from March until the snow arrived in November. Can't wait to get back out to the warmth and the green landscape once again. Until then, I will dream of sitting in my favorite chair (or on a window seat), with a cup of tea and my favorite book, gazing out at the pretty flowers and trees blooming. Soon, so very soon!

Today is officially my day off but I have one short meeting then we're off to town to do a few errands. Home for lunch then our radio show at 1 pm. I'm hoping to then head out for a little skate on our rink and then cozy up inside with some hot chocolate and the last few chapters of my book. I think there is a hockey game on tonight (I should pay attention to these details) so I'll likely end up either in a hot tub or in the art studio. Or cuddled in bed watching Netflix. Tomorrow is my kids' grief program in the morning with my team and the rest of the day is open. Sunday we have a board meeting in the afternoon. Not a big weekend but a lovely relaxed one. It's always fun to have lots of plans but it's just as nice to have weekends that are not packed. Do you agree?

                                      ~ Chy

February 15, 2021

Virus Shawl.

My oldest dd surprised me with a sweet
shawl pattern that she wanted to try and
crotchet for me. On the weekend, I was
able to help her block her project. It's so
pretty! I can't wait to wear it, especially
on chilly days. Such a good job she did!

~ Chy

February 14, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my black leggings with flowers on them, a long sleeved hoodie in a shade of pink that matches the flowers on my leggings, my long green hooded sweater (down to my knees ~ so cozy), thick wool socks and my comfy slippers. No make up. No jewellry. Hair in a long braid.

What I'm reading .... "Allegedly" by Tiffany Jackson. It's truly very good so far. I should be done by later tonight. Then it's back to the very large book pile to see what's next.

What's happening in my kitchen .... chicken is defrosting for our special Valentine's Dinner tonight, fresh baked cookies are on a pretty plate and scrumptious cupcakes our dd bought for all of us tonight are tucked away on the dining room table so we stop drooling over them!

What's outside my window .... sun and sparkly snow. We had hoped to go skating on the rink as the temperature is a bit warmer today BUT the wind has picked up quite a bit so the wind chill has made it way too cold to venture out at the moment. Exposed skin will freeze in a minute. Yikes!

What I'm thankful for .... our warm, cozy cottage that is keeping us safe and sound during this crazy cold. Spring is in 34 more days ~ grateful Winter, as mild as it's been until this past week, is almost done. My healthy family. Life.

What I'm smelling .... the cookies! I just had one. Mmmm!!

What I'm hearing .... "The West Wing" on tv, dh is listening to our new host on our radio station (he has ear buds in but I can hear a bit), dgs talking to dd upstairs about video games, and the wind howling around the cottage.

What I'm crafting .... today, I set up dollhouse furniture in our new clock. Dh showed the girls and called it the "apartment clock." Three floors of living ~ a rooftop deck, a kitchen and a formal living room with a fireplace. I promised to take pictures for the previous owners. Will take those soon. 

What's on my mind .... my mom's care home has had much better numbers this week. And all residents and all staff have received their second dose of the vaccine as of February 5th. We are more hopeful than last week. But we're also all being super cautious too. It's not over but it's definitely better and we're holding on to this good news. 

Words to live by .... "The person who stays with you no matter what, don't let them go. Because they are a rare find that's true."  ~  Unknown.

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Chy

February 13, 2021

Cherished Puzzle.

I was so excited this past Christmas to
open this special gift from my daughter.

The Susan Branch Puzzle that released
in the Fall. It had quite the journey to
get here but it's been so much fun to try
to put it all together. A great challenge!

~ Chy

Saturday Morning.

Saturday morning in the cottage is an early day as I work each week. Today is our kids grief class at my hospice, though it's of course online at the moment. We have 18 kids/teens and their parents/guardians with 4 facilitators. Our first session was last week and it went really well. We have 7 more sessions left and then a bit of a break before we start a new group in mid April. I love teaching kids, teens and adults who are grieving how to navigate this journey. To watch them heal and grow through the group is so powerful. Truly, I  have the best job in the world! Nothing better. 

After the group, I'll have a bit of lunch and then my afternoon, depending on the week, is either counselling clients, catching up on paperwork and tasks, or an afternoon off if I've gone over my hours. I'm actually over my hours this week but I'm going to work thru the day and take a day off down the road. I'm starting to feel tired but want to get a few things cleared off my "to do" list and then take some time back. No hockey tonight. Maybe a movie night. Or work on the puzzle night. Or on the mini bakery. Or just do all of these. Or nothing. I could flake out on the couch and nap!

Hope your day is warm and cozy, full and fun. 

~ Chy

February 12, 2021

Frosty Sunshine.

When it's still - 82 C outside, but the
sun shines in through the windows ....

~ Chy