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February 29, 2020

Bye Bye February.

.... Hello March! It was a lovely month but the
snow today has made me more excited for March.
The month of Spring, the month of Leprecauns,
the month of hope and promise for new growth.

Are you excited to say bye to February?
And a happy hello to March and Spring?

~ Chy

Home Tour #2.

Welcome to the 2nd instalment of our
little home tour as I guide you along.

Our piano, gifted to our family from
my grandparents. It is from the 1930's.

Still shiny with beautiful wood, pretty
curves and an ambiance that is perfect.

We the piano in our sunny turret when
we moved in and then moved it to the
dining room that Christmas when we
needed room for the tree in the window.

On top, we have a pretty lace runner
we found at the antique mall. Love it!

And a cake stand with candles and tags.
I made these with my Cricut. So pretty.

It ended up being the very first thing
that I made with my Cricut. I'm still
practicing and getting the hang of it.
I see how it will benefit my projects.

The little candles were from the dollar
store. They shine and sparkle nicely.

The tiny shadow boxes on either side
of the piano. A great frugal find from the
charity shop in town. I love when we
can find items that are mint and cheap!

We still need to finish the curtains but
again, we are getting there, one baby
step at a time, one project and one list
of items to still tackle. So much fun!

That's the end of the 2nd Home Tour.
Stay tuned for the next post for #3.

~ Chy

Blizzardy Day.

We woke up to a blizzardy landscape
of snow, sleet, wind and low visibility. 

My pots blew over and the wind was
pushing the snow across the sidewalk.

The road was now covered and we knew
the drive in to town would be not great.

But we made it home, safe and sound,
to our little warm and cozy cottage.

~ Chy

Turret Desk.

I love writing at this desk, on quiet days,
when everyone else is at work or busy.
The sun right now is not too hot, so I
can sit for quite a while. Once Summer
hits, I'll have to move but for now, I am
loving the view and the sunny warmth. 

~ Chy

Shadow Boxes.

We have 6 shadow boxes all lined up in
our upper hall, waiting to be filled up.
One for each of our living children (4),
one for each of our babies who died at
birth (2) and in time we'll find smaller
versions for our babies who were all
born between 6 and 16 weeks. Each of
our babies, grown up and forever tiny,
have been named, and all deserve to be
remembered and cherished. Hence the
shadow box project. The big job will be
to decide which items to place in each.

~ Chy

Spring Mantel.

I've started to figure out what needs
to be decorated around the cottage.
Came around the corner of the foyer
and found a few holiday decorations
I missed. They came down and now
the tiny mantel at the front door, with
its matching mirror, is all ready to be
decorated for Spring. The "picture"
in the middle is actually an allusion.
It's a fabric picture hanging on the
back of the front door. It looks like
it's part of the mirror but rest assured,
it's not! A neat shot though. I didn't
discover it until I was downloading.

Are you starting to think about Spring?
Do you have some decorations in mind?

~ Chy

My Haven.

My sweet little office in our tiny hamlet
is almost all renovated and set up. I still
have a few more boxes to unpack, some
pictures to hang on the walls, and one
more cabinet to paint. I've been using the
space since we got the key last year and
have had to reno it in between the other
work that always comes first. It is very
slowly coming together. Found out that
the paint color is called "Haven." Perfect!

~ Chy

Light & Shadows.

The other day, I stepped out on the back
deck and marveled at the light and the
shadows reflecting across the icy snow.
Pure silence in the air, with a tiny breeze.

Our stone bench where we are planning
to create a Memorial Garden. A sweet
little oak tree that has lots of growing
to do. But we have time ~ lots of time.

My potting shed, sitting pretty and set
for Spring. It's all organized inside, just
waiting for the snow to melt and the air
to warm so we can start planting again.

~ Chy

February 27, 2020

Bulletin Board.

Creating a bulletin board for our laundry room.
For schedules, receipts, notices and coupons.

Matching the paint for the trim to the sage
cabinets. I created almost an exact match. 

Once it's dry and I hang it up, I'll post the
end result. Looking forward to our finished
communication board. Should help us stay
organized and set each week in a busy house.

~ Chy

February 25, 2020

New Mattress.

I discovered by accident a local artisan who makes
miniature bedding and linens. And I ordered ....

.... this sweet little mattress for the iron bed I have
on order for one of the dollhouses. I love the details
and even the way she packaged and sent this along,
with an extra gift and the card she makes for each
order. I have her listed now as one of my favorite
stores to shop from. I so love talented miniaturists!

~ Chy

February 23, 2020

Night Cottage.

I often wonder what our cottage looks like from
the little lane we travel down to get home. We
don't typically see much of this sweet view as our
entrance and driveway are on the left hand side.

It was lovely the other night to stop on our walk
and take a picture of this view. We are currently
thinking about adding a secondary entrance through
the trees on the left so guests would see more of
the front of the house. But it's not a cheap expense,
so it's something we'll really have to consider. Our
guests have a lovely drive in and then once parked,
they start to walk along the path and the house
kind of blossoms as the walk continues. And we
are in the middle of creating a "Secret Garden"
theme between those trees and the house. Lots to
consider as we work on the landscape of our home. 

Can your guests see your home as they drive up?
Or, like ours, is it a bit of a mystery at the start?

~ Chy

Evan Hansen.

We have season tickets to one of the
big theatres in the Big City each year.
For this year, we've see "Waitress" and
"Rent." Both were incredibly well done.

The theatre staff always creates a drink
special for each show. The creation for
the show we saw last week was blue,
with chocolate hearts on the side. The
performance we saw was on Valentine's
Day, hence the amazing chocolate hearts.

The show "Dear Evan Hansen" was in
the moment, the best show we've ever
truly seen. Brilliant. Inspiring. Heartfelt.
I want to see it again it was THAT good.
We're now singing along to the songs
at home and when we're driving along.
If you have a chance to see this show,
do. I highly recommend it for all to see.

~ Chy

Sun & Snow.

Winter continues to be strange this
year, just like our weird Summer was.

We've had no snow, lots of snow, melting
snow, falling snow and now raining snow.

However, we've also had a lot of sun and
that somehow always makes the snow ok.

Another sunny day here in our neck of
the woods. Melting will occu all week
as our weather forecast is for 2's to 4's.
I cleared away the snow from the sump
pump area and the long downspouts to be
ready for the onslaught of fast water that
is bound to happen with all this melting.
Spring is almost here ~ I can feel it!!

~ Chy

February 22, 2020

Home Tour #1.

I see so many posts of little tours around bloggers homes, so I thought it was time to do a more intentional post (or many!) of our little cottage. Today, our bookcases that surround our fireplace. Actually, just one. I'll show the other one another day. This one is actually my favorite but don't tell dh that! We both took over one unit each once we moved in. His bookcase has his items. My side, my stuff. 

We all love to collect books and have a number of spots to house them. I chose books that I love, books that I still need to read, books that are vintage, books that are gifts and books I hope to pass along to my children and grandchildren. All have a reason for being where they are, and this is true for all the bookcases and shelves around our little house.  

I love this goblet. I originally had a plant in here but as bright as the house is, it just wasn't a light spot and the plant did not thrive. Now I have soaps and some memory items and a sweet little mesh butterfly. Hanging from the butterfly is a Willow Tree collectible I received as a gift. A tiny china teapot from a child's set, a four leaf clover thimble and a sweet little pot of flowers that one day will go in to the garden of the finished dollhouse. I won this item the first year we attended the Annual Dollhouse Show. 

The Valentine's card I gave my dh this year. There is a funny story behind this card. I may have to share it one day!

And the card he gave to me, which also happens to have a funny story. We both spend quite a bit of time choosing cards and I have kept all of them over the years. Now they are securely stored in our art studio. One day, they will be tucked away in to a scrapbook or two. Precious keepsakes.

Last year, we found this amazing candle on sale at Indigo for just a few dollars after Christmas. It was originally expensive but the Boxing Week Sale was perfect. I love the scent of trees and this one delivers. It should have done in to the storage boxes for holiday items but I've kept it out for now. I often walk by and talk the lid off to enjoy the smell. 

Vintage books holding up that sweet smelling candle and a tree of life a dear friend crafted for me. I found these three small volumes at the antique mall one day. I haven't read them yet but loved how they looked stacked up. 

So that's the end of this first tour of our little cottage in the big woods. I look forward to showing more corners of our home. I love home tours on blogs and hope you enjoyed this little one from our cottage to yours, on this snowy, windy, cloudy and now sunny day! Enjoy your weekend ....

~ Chy

February 16, 2020

Driving Home.


I'm sure you're tired of pictures of
snow and ice. Believe me, so are we!

Our drive home the other day. No
sun, just sleet, ice and more snow.

As we pull up to the cottage, you can
see the back garden, our pergola and
my tiny potting shed in the distance.
It's pretty now but Summer is better.

Home! Thinking about adding some
gingerbread trim to the dormers. I
love homes with added architecture.
What would you do with this space?

~ Chy

February 15, 2020

First Audition.

This tiny boy had his first big audition
last week for a movie shoot this Spring.

Get tips and pointers from his grampa
(filmmaker/actor) and his uncle who
lives on the coast and is very involved
and even teaches acting. This tiny boy
did amazing and even if he doesn't get
the role, it was a really great first time
experience for him. He's happy with
his first audition and has his fingers x'd.

~ Chy

Project Update.

Our tiny bakery is starting to develop
it's personality. The door is now black
and the exterior walls are now a sage
green. White trim around the windows.

Still have to decide what kind of floor
to put down. I'm leaning towards a nice
scrapped wood floor but have to google
to see how to do it well. Research is so
much fun ~ I get so many great ideas.
Wish I could do them all. I know one
day we'll have more time but for now,
I carve out time once my work day is
done and do as much as I can when I
can. It works. No time limit. All good.

~ Chy