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December 31, 2017

The Adventure.

Of course, this time of year and in particular on this cold, Winter's night, we all look back at the year now behind us and begin to plan or make resolutions for the year ahead of us. I've been trying to figure out what to write and as always, I can't write an amazing poetic piece like so many bloggers. I can only and will always only speak from the heart. Was 2017 a spectacular year? No, it had many special moments and it had some incredibly difficult times too. It was hard with all the political turmoil not just in the U.S. but around the world in general. It was hard with my one employment contract and though we're now on the other side, there are still pieces that creep forward and bring me back. I hope we never have a year like this one was for our Centre! The good included working on our landscaping, writing more in my book, program development and renewed and new friendships. Working on the house and discovering how much we truly love country life in our little cottage was inspiring. Celebrating a birthday with ALL my children. And this special Christmas. I wish to each of you a beautiful New Year and all the best for a Happy and Healthy 2018.

My Favorites ....

.... includes two very special gifts and this
sweet card to my dh. I'll have to take pics
of the beautiful and unexpected diamond
ring, the made just for me dreamcatcher
necklace and the card he gave to me. All
so well thought out and bought with love.

A Few Gifts.

Sharing a few of my gifts from our
Christmas morning. Not all, just some.

Tea from my favorite Lavender Farm
out on Salt Spring Island ~ scrumptious.

The Vintage Sweets written by Angel Adore
from "Escape to the Chateau" tv show. This
is my second book ~ the first I bought at a
charity shop not even knowing who she is.

A set of glass jars for storing our
leftovers and taking lunch to work.

My first power tool ~ all mine! To
sand down furniture that needs TLC.

A re~usable bag for my new set of
cake decorating tips and tools.

The Big Book of a Miniature House
from my dh who is supportive of my
desire to learn how to build and restore
new and old dollhouses ~ he's sweet.

My dear grandson wanted me to have this
book. It is an amazing gift to cherish.

A fun gift for my first tattoo .... ironically,
Santa also brought each of my kids and
dh the same gift. We bought them on the
same day, not knowing each other had
been there and even the tattoo shop has
had a great laugh about our gift giving.

Christmas Morning.


Before we opened up gifts on Christmas
Morning, we ate a breakfast of waffles, 
cheesy eggs and bacon. And mimosa's.
It's just not the same if we don't have
mimosa's. Then around 11:30, we sat
down with our fireplace on, warm and
soft blankets surrounding us, and Santa
donned his cap to hand out gifts. So much
fun as we watched each person open
their next gift. Took forever but we're
"slow" Christmas Morning family. I'm
thankful we still do this so many years on.

Oh, the Food ....

.... it was sooooo good! I had the appetizer you see
above, along with a Caesar Salad, then four Lobster
Tails and the big piece of cake they brought me as a
treat for everyone to sing too. I had to share that. So good.

My Birthday.

My birthday was last month but I'm still taking in all that happened on that special day and just finally taking the time to write about it tonight. it wasn't a memorable number that was celebrated, just a regular year but at the end of the night, it was the best birthday ever! My dh had been telling me for weeks that he had "booked" a table at our local Costco for a hot dog dinner. Anyone knowing me knows I would never fall for that but I played along. He did suggest that I might want to dress up a bit. So I did, even curling my hair and perfecting the face. That day, my oldest son and daughter in law to be showed up, after flying in from the West Coast, then driving three hours to stay with us. That in itself was special. Then they had to go out as did my daughters, so dh and I set out for our "hot dog" dinner. Thankfully, he took "the long way" and we ended up in the Big City. We walked in to my favorite restaurant and they took us over to a very large table in a more secluded spot. And the next thing I knew, all four of our children walked in, with respective partners and children. I was floored and the tears fell as I basked in the love of having all my children in the same room for the first time in a while. It was magical and a time I will cherish forever. The best birthday a mom, a wife and a gramma could ever ask for! I know we'll do it again but for now, I'm holding on to that moment of feeling so special and so loved by my very own family.


I offer compassionate counselling at our Centre.
Families now struggle with so many issues.

We have become so busy with this component
of our Centre but our counselling space is small.

You may have noticed that it is actually our
office. Not ideal but for now, it is the only
space we have to use. I'm hoping that maybe
in 2018 we can gain enough additonal funds
to secure more space, ideally separate from
the preschool setting so there is a division
for programming. I love we have space but
now we need more in order to expand and serve.

More to Share.

More pictures of our Centre. We love the soft colors.
And the open feeling, the places to hide and play.
The books, the toys, the art materials, the discussions.
The laughter, the tears at times and the amazing staff.

Creative Art.

We encourage and expect kids of this
age to be fully engaged in their art, but
in their own way, without instruction. 
Only complete and personal freedom.

Literacy and Play.

We have some great family programs, 
but during the day, we operate a very
unique community preschool. Teaching
early literacy, imaginative play, creative
art, energetic movement and noisy music,
ours has become a very popular preschool.

Quiet Corner.

A shot of our cozy corner where the kids
converge for story time and discussions.
On this day, at this time, no one was on
site yet, a perfect time to take a photo.

My Centre Office.

My office at our Centre, the organization, now a
Registered Charity that we created over 21 years
ago. It makes me so proud each and every time
we walk in and work with families. So very proud.

Cheesy Quiche.

One of go to dinners when there are
leftovers and not much inspiration.

Yummy ham and broccoli quiche.
Family favorite and so easy to make.

Roof View.

View from the roof on a cold Winter day.
Always fun to look out and see what's out there.

Evening Dining Room.

Just before the light disappears from
the horizon, our dining room is soft.

A place we use for entertaining and for
long talks over wine and good food.

Cozy Corner.

A favorite spot in our tiny living room.
A spot to read, talk or dream. Cozy.

Reflection ....

.... inside, the warmth of the house keeps
us safe, while outside, the cold of the
Earth keeps the ground froze, waiting
for Spring's thaw and the beautiful buds.

Frosty Writing.

My writing desk, on a frosty afternoon. A
lovely place to dream and share my words.

Frozen Caragana.

I keep watching our little Caragana tree
so worried that it's frozen trunk will not
survive this cold. The greenhouse where
we bought it told me it would be just fine,
that despite the slight trunk and willowy
branches, it is a very hard tree. I hope so.

Midwinter ....


"In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter, long ago."

~ Christine Rossetti

The Crown.

When my family went to a hockey game
last week in the Big City, I snuggled up
on the couch with my new blanket, my
new warmed up rice bags on my aching
back, a glass of chocolate milk and some
soft shortbread cookies. All to watch for
hours, the second season of "The Crown."
A perfect home alone kind of day for me.

Looking Down.

Over the banister and looking down, our
front entrance with the huge dreamcatcher
I won at a silent auction. It's in our colors
of cream, with light green and purple strands.

Through the Window.

When the sun shines on the house, this is
one of the ways it comes through the window.

Oval Love.

Four of these windows grace our home.
One in our garage, two in our master
bedroom and this one above our
front entrance. Love these windows.

From the Window.

A quick shot to capture the soft but
frozen landscape outside our window.

Sparkly Roof.

Our roof was full of sparkles today
as the warm sun hit the cold snow.

Tree Room.

Our turret has become the best spot to
set up our Christmas Tree each year.