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December 9, 2017

Tiny Tree.

Decorating our home in the country
includes the outside too. Our little
tree, before lights, in our big plant
pot. Having so much fun this season.

December 4, 2017

Tiny Hockey Star.

I grew up around hockey players as
my dad was very involved both as a
coach and within the media. And my
younger brother played all his life too.

Our boys enjoyed watching the game
and playing for fun but none of them
expressed any interest in being on a
formal team. They played football,
soccer, did theatre, music and found
other creative outlets they loved to do.

We were just fine with that, especially
knowing that in this country, many teams
have to practice at 6 in the morning in
order to have ice team consistently.

So it was a bit of a shock when we had to
take our little guy to an early morning game ....

.... very early. We left home in the dark and
it was hard to feel warm as we drove thru
the snow. But the game was amazing, he
had a great time and played like a little
start and it was a great experience. On
the way home, he kept falling asleep but
perked up for the rest of the day and did
just fine. Us? We had to have a mid day
nap on the couch, with the fireplace on
and a cheesy Christmas movie playing in
the background. We were a little out of our
element but it was a fun time and worth it.

Memorial Candles.

The children and parents in our grief program
made these beautiful candles for our memorial.

Our last class is always a mix of emotions as we
take time to remember each of the loved ones that
have died and are actively mourned. And then a
celebration to end the sessions. Very impactful.

Treating my Crew.

Each time we end an 8 week grief program,
I like to treat my truly hard working crew.

 They work so very hard, giving their time
on often cold Saturday mornings to work
with very vulnerable children, teens and
their parents, teaching each about grief.

It may seem like a simple card and a store
bought gift certificate would be not very
personal but I've learned this is one thing
they love and it fits well in our meager
budget. But the real gift is the words I
write for each of them, unique for all and
excitedly received. The gratitude I feel
could never be measured, so this is one
way I can show my appreciation. Their
reactions are priceless and worth the time.

November 29, 2017

Scrumptious ....

Shrimp, Dip and Risotto .... the best 
dinner ever! I could eat this every day.

November 20th.

November 20th was National
Day of the Child in Canada.

A day to recognize all the
children in our community.

 A chance to celebrate and
create awareness everywhere.

A day I got to share with the
preschoolers in our preschool.

November 27, 2017

Happy Monday.

Truthfully, I love Mondays. Weird, I
know! But it's my high energy day and
the one day a week I'm not thinking
about my hospice work and my centre
work. A day to do what I want to do
and what I need to do. Enjoy yours.

November 26, 2017

Winter Sunset.

Our tiny garden shed in the Winter
sunset. Frosty, quiet and so pretty.

November 25, 2017

Project Copycat.

Last year at the Antique Mall, one of
the vendors brought in this amazing old
radio. I loved it but declined to buy it
because we have an old radio in our
garage, just waiting to be copied and
painted up with chalk paint. Now that
we have dh's workshop all set up, it will
soon be time to do some sanding and
then painting and waxing to get our
old radio to look like this master piece.

Office Bookcase.

 I have a great bookcase at my
hospice office. It's always full.

Grief books for all ages, teddies
for my grieving kids, tea cups for my
tea, soup bowl for my soup, a plate
for my lunch and a spot for thank you's.

November 24, 2017

Shovelled Path.

Our little path from our front door to
our driveway is round and heavy with
thick snow. Fun to shovel it as we create a
curvy shape to match the stepping stones.

Winter Tree.

Our little caragana tree we planted in
the Fall is now covered in ice. I'm a bit
worried it won't bloom in the Spring
but the nursery tells me it will be just fine.

My cake ....

My birthday is coming up next week
and I've put in a request for this lovely
strawberry cheesecake. Looks so good.
Hoping my "hints" to my family work.

"You the Man" ....

Dh celebrated another journey
around the sun last week ....

We went with a funny "moustache"
theme this year. He picked his cake.

But he had no idea we had a theme
until the gifts came out. Too funny!

November 20, 2017

Family Day.

 We all had this past week off from school and
work. Our original plans went sideways ....

.... but that's a long post for another day. We ended
up taking a few days off from the chaos to have fun.

Christmas shopping and yummy lunch with our
girls. It was so good to have a break and laugh.

I miss ....

The snow has made everything so
stark and quiet, bare and noiseless.

I miss the leaves that hide our house in
the forest. I miss the sound of the wind
blowing through the trees. I miss the hot
sun warming out souls. I miss Summer.

November 17, 2017

Our Winter Garden.

 As pretty as the snow is right now, I
much prefer a greener landscape.

In the Spring, we're going to start
to plant some cedars and firs so that
there will be green all year long,
once the leaves fall from the trees.

Our little garden bench, looking lost
and forlorn in the bitter cold wind.

Our perennials are now buried deep
beneath a white blanket until Spring.

And our tiny little teeter totters are still
happily "playing" away despite the cold.

Is there snow in your region?
Do you miss your garden like me?

November 11, 2017

November 1, 2017

Hello November.

You bring us closer to actual Winter
and the Christmas Season. Lots of
birthdays in our home this month.
And so much to be thankful for.

October 31, 2017

Baby Groot.

Our little guy in his Baby Groot costume
for Halloween 2017. He had a great time
and ended up with quite a bit of candy.
We both had fun taking him out and loved
having our neighbors come down the lane
to our sweet little cottage for treats from us.

Night Time Scenes.

Our tea cupboard, a.k.a. as the Butler's
Pantry. A tiny wall lamp to light the way.

Our living room, where the soft light
provides us with a quiet place to reflect.

.Book Basket.

My little shopping basket doubles as
a book basket when it's not holding food.

Alcove Desk.

When we were building our new home, we
realized that the space under the stairs was
going to be totally a wasted space. So we
designed a desk alcove so that we had one
more spot to write and keep life organized.
I think this turned out pretty good, don't you?

Organizing my Work.

I have two contracts with the two charities I
work for. One is full time and one is part time.
I often have to literally lay out my files and work
in order to keep it all straight. This was just
before we were off for our event. I wanted to
make sure my work was done before we left
so I could truly enjoy the evening. And that's
what this was all about in this picture that day.

Spooky Fundraiser.


We recently hosted a fundraising event for
our theatre production set for next August.
It was a great night, with yummy treats (see
above), music, a authentic screening of the
Twilight Zone and a dance part way though. 
We made money, but more importantly, we
raised awareness of our production and since
then, more donations and offers have come in.
Worth the planning, the meetings, the big
discussions and all the sweat equity that night.

The Shining.

Our beautiful landscape when the sun
is shining on the freshly fallen snow.

A blue sky with few clouds and bright
sun to warm the Earth. Incredible shot.

Wishing the snow would be just this
amount for the entire Winter season.

But we know that soon it will be in abundance
and we'll somehow find ways to survive it all.