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August 16, 2017

My House in August #4: Dining.

I love our dining room. It's not quite
a finished room yet but still a favorite.

I love the peaceful calm and quiet it
alludes too. Before dinners of course.

A place of great food and infectious
laughter, teasing and good fun.


My House in August #3: Rug.

We decided that as much as we love our
hardwood floors, we wanted a bit of a
cushy feeling under our feet at times.
Especially in the winter when it's cold.

We stumbled across as sale one day and
fell in love with this very soft and very
plush area rug. It's hard to tell from this
angle but it's very thick, even too thick
to run the vacuum over it. So we rake
it and give it a good shake. Love it.


August 14, 2017

My House in August #2: Tiles.

One of the items that we had to choose
when we were building was tiles for
the kitchen. I found it excruciating as I
knew I wanted a vintage aged look.

Our builders' wife took me on a few
trips to their regular supplier and then
to another one they sometimes used.
It wasn't very successful at the time.

Then I went on my own one day and
ended up in the back of the warehouse
where they had a clearance section.
And that is where the perfect tile was.

Tile that had that tumbled look, with a
wide variance in color and tone but in
the same family. And tons and tons of
it so we could use it in many areas.

This is what we ended up with. Because
it was on clearance, we had a credit from
our builder that we used for upgrades with
other items. So happy with this choice and
how well it all came together in our new
home. No regrets at all with our tile choice.


August 11, 2017

Garden Colors.

Our garden is a mix of natural foilage and some
planted perennials and annuals. It is truly an ever
changing and evolving landscape. We know it
will take us years before it's exactly what we
truly want it to look like. For now, it is what it
is and what it is is an eclectic mix of colors and
fragrance. We have greens, whites, purples and a
bit of blue. Pretty, fresh and so very, very alive.


One of the things that attracted us to our acreage
was the beautiful trees that filled the space. It was
heartbreaking to take some of the forest down to
make room for the house but worth it in the end. I
had fun taking these shots, showing the height of
our treescape and the sun shining on the forest.

August 10, 2017

Am I the Only One?

I chose a graphic image today to show the feelings I have racing through my body. But it won't load to my page. A full moon is clearly wreaking havoc with my electronics .... and my ability to sleep. I'll add it later.

My big question of the day .... Am I the Only One? The Only One worried that there is a threat of a war and yet no one around me seems worried. Everyone has continued on with their lives, even joking about the two leaders who seem intent on changing the course of history with their words and their threatened actions. So why are we NOT doing anything? I can't sleep. My stomach is in knots. I don't dare turn on the tv for fear of a "breaking news" image to cross the screen. I keep busy and try to distract myself. But it's not working. Last night, we were at a meeting with our theatre company. I tried so hard to be my sweet self, cracked a few one liners that made the room laugh. But deep inside, my body is held in a fearful state. They are planning our show for next years festival. I'm wondering if we should take the lobster out of the freezer and eat it now .... do we have days left? Weeks? Months? Will this happen? If it does, are we safe where we live? It's all speculation now but what if it becomes real? What if one of them gives the go ahead? I want to see my grand babies grow. I've love to be a great gramma like my gramma and my mom both got to be. I want to take a cruise. And travel through Europe. I want to grow my first veggie patch. And organize the garage better. I want to publish my book. And visit my little island one more time. Do I quit my job? Do I write my memoirs? What do I do? What will you do?

August 2, 2017

My House in August #1: Cushion.

For the 1st day of the August Photo Challenge, I
chose this shot of the sweet cushion we have on
our arm chair in the living room. I received it as a
gift from someone not long before our grandson
was born. And have loved it every since. It's a very
lovely quote and I truly loved being called "Grandma."


Hello August.

I'm a bit sad that we're half way
through Summer. Loving our warm
days and rainy nights. Soon the air
will change and the colors will fade.

July 31, 2017

Thirty Six Years.

We have officially celebrated thirty six years
together. It doesn't seem like it's that long.

But here we are, not any taller but with
grey in our hair and lines around our eyes.

Many adventures, many losses and truly
so many things to be thankful for ....

Candle Light Bath.

A recent rainy night, after a hot
and busy day, demanded a bath.

I lit candles, put on my favorite
music and grabbed my book.

Settled into the bubbles and began
to devour the words before me.

The candle light was so perfect,
until the lightening began. And
soon a knock on the door, from
dh, who insisted with the storm
that had begun that I get out of
my delicious tub. I'm sure it's
an old wives tale but I wasn't
going to make him worry, so
out I got. Not happy about it
but at least I was safe and dry.

Scrumptious Gifts.

From a recent program that we offered.
Parents can be so generous with gratitude.

We were quite excited and willing to accept
this token, a gift not expected but so enjoyed.

My House in August Photo Challenge.

The second photo challenge that I'm going to do
is this one ~ #myhouseinaugust. I love the whole
concept and look forward to participating. With a
new home, there are so many things I can share.

Have you participated in any photo challenges?
Would you be willing to try this one out?

Tiny Hummingbirds ....

I had no idea we had Hummingbirds
in our northern region here in Canada.

When we lived on the West Coast, close
to the ocean, we had them everywhere.

So it was a bit of a shock for me to be
out shopping one day and coming across
this sweet little Hummingbird feeder.
The saleslady told me she bought one
and took it home, made up the nectar
and has had masses of birds since then.

So I took it home, followed the recipe she
gave me and made up a quantity of nectar.

I haven't been able to capture any of our
tiny Hummingbirds just yet with my
camera but we have had so many, we
keep having to make the nectar. They
are so small and they're wings move
so quickly. It's fun to watch them hover
over the feeder and even fight with each
other. Great entertainment for all of us.

Choosing a Gazebo.

We have found two different wrought iron
gazebos that we could buy for the garden.

This first one above is more contemporary,
which of course is truly not our style.
It was on sale last week for 40% off but
even with a discount, it was still $1,600.

The next day, we found this one and its
more our vintage, Victorian style. But
it's not yet on sale. I do have the store
owners business card so I can call her to
see if there is a sale coming up or if a
better price could be negotiated. This
one is set at $1,400 so it's still a better
price than the first one. More scrolls 
and more "hearts." Now comes the big
decision: which one do/should we buy?

Dollhouse Update.

Here's the update on my dollhouse
project: at the moment, there is NO
progress as my dollhouse is buried
behind all the items that need to be
chalk painted. Once the art studio is
finished, I'll be able to lay out all my
projects and work on them at my own
pace without crowding or burying
other items. Very frustrating right
now but we're almost finished.

Chalk Painting.

I've been collecting items to chalk paint.
Now that I've "perfected" my technique,
it's time to dive in to get all of these items
painted, waxed and prices for sale. Big job.

Our Little Builder.

He's only six but he loves to help out.
Even big jobs like building fences ....

.... and planting and staking apple trees.
Hope his enthusiasm lasts forever ....