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June 3, 2013


We took some great friends out for dinner on Friday night. We have friends of all ages, ranging from many in their early 20's to several much older than us. This couple is just a bit older than us but with the same level of energy, ambition & we have many shared interests: antiques, music, travel, grandkids, writing & our respective, intriguing professions. Great laughs, good company! 

We've been to their home a number of times for celebrations but we wanted to take them out to dinner. This may be the beginning of many dinners out together after our experience with one particular restaurant that evening.

We've not had good success the last few years with service at restaurants. Some have been okay, some have been mediocre, some have been really bad! I know get nervous every time we go out as I have at the very minimum, expectations that we'll get a nice table, the food will be tasty & warm, & the staff pleasant. That doesn't always happen. In fact, it seems as if the trend has become the opposite, which is so disappointing when we look forward to going out. 

On Friday night, we were able to make a reservation ~ unheard of on a Friday night! That was our first clue that this night would be different. From the moment we walked in the door until the moment we departed, the service was impeccable! We let the staff know how much fun we had & how much we all appreciated the great service. Today, I'm sending the manager a note. I believe that if that is the level of  service always, they should know. 

We may have found our favorite new spot!


Elizabethd said...

It is so disappointing if you leave a restaurant feeling let down, especially having paid a large bill.

Chy said...

The last two experiences we had, I sent a note to the manager/owner and on both occasions, they offered us gift cards. One we took, as it is a place we do enjoy, despite the service. The other we declined and asked them to donate it to someone or a cause. But this one was incredible!!

~Carla~ said...

So happy that you had such a great experience! :) We rarely go out to eat (I have far too many food allergies) but when we do, the service is usually awesome. I guess they don't want you puffing up and having to use an epi-pen in their restaurant. lol! ;)

Chy said...

Carla, we rarely went out for years, because I also have huge food allergies. When I'm asked what I'm allergic to, I often say "how about I tell you what I can eat, that list is smaller than my allergy list!" I carry an epiPen too. But we've found now that many restaurants are much more sensitive and willing to make my meal work. I didn't write about this but part of the great experience was how concerned they were about my allergies and how they bent over backwards to make sure my meal did not touch anything, even though I'm quite relaxed about it. We'd definitely go back!