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August 31, 2023

Sweet Charlotte.

We bought this beautifully framed painting
last year at the Antique Mall. It's often paired
with a little boy. But we scoured the Mall
and could not find him. The title for this
one is "Charlotte" and we hope we'll find
the boy "Peter" at some point. Wish us luck!

~ Chy

Fall Garden.

It's only August and usually by now the
leaves on our trees in the forest are all
turning yellow, orange and red very fast.
So far, this year, we are still surrounded
by green. Not sure why but happy that
we have a bit more Summer around us.
My flowers are starting to fade though.
I'm sure they will stop growing very soon.

~ Chy

August 30, 2023

Born to be Wild!

And now that we have a licensed motorcycle driver
in the cottage, guess who wanted a ride? "Born to
be Wild Carys" of course! She had a short ride but
that was all. Carys looked great in her green leather!

~ Chy

New Driver.

He did it! Got his motorcycle license
on the very first try. Proud of my guy!

~ Chy

August 29, 2023

One Task at a Time.

I'm working on a Fall clean now that
the weather is starting to cool. And
my process is "one task at a time."
This week: cleaning out each kitchen
drawer and next week will be each
kitchen cupboard. A great system!

~ Chy

August 28, 2023

Refinishing a Scratched Vintage Frame.

I picked this up at the recent boot sale at the
Antique Mall. No one seemed to want to buy
it ~ I'd watch them pick it up and put it back
down, likely because of the scratches. I made
an offer to the seller, she agreed and off I went.
An hour after arriving home, the scratches were
all gone, as you can see by the bottom photos.
I'll take a pic once I have it hung up in our
little cottage in the big woods. Perfect spot in
our front hallway, just waiting for a vintage pic.

~ Chy

August 27, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

"Set wide the window. 
Let me drink the day."

~ Edith Wharton ~

What I'm wearing .... jeans, bare feet and a Fall colored loose tank top with wavy hair from braids.

What I'm reading .... blogs, research and many emails.

What's happening in my kitchen .... the dishes are washing and we can hear the laundry room busily washing some clothes. Not so quiet tonight!

What's outside my window .... it was a hot and sunny day, with some cloud that made it not as bright at times.

What I'm thankful for .... my family, my home, my friends and our community.

What I'm smelling .... a candle we lit from Michaels. A new scent for Fall called "Autumn Walk." Feeling so cozy with this cozy scent in the air. And a bit of yellow outside.

What I'm hearing .... dh is watching a CFL game ~ our team is winning in the moment, which is truly a miracle.

What I'm crafting .... smalls boxes and cellophane to create gift "bags" for our upcoming baby loss gala in October.

What's on my mind .... things I don't wish to think about, so I read my mantras and set them aside. Very excited for new staff joining the team tomorrow.

Words to live by .... the sweet quote above. I love the graphic too. So very me, especially with the long, yellow dress!

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

August 26, 2023

Pretty Summer Blooms.

I truly love this time of year when all the
local greenhouses start to put perennials
and trees on sale. Found these beautiful
and very colorful Hydrangea's at 68% off.
I can't wait to get them planted and hope
they will take well. Pretty blooms next year!

~ Chy

August 25, 2023

Four Months Today ....

.... we'll be waking up to a snow
covered landscape and precious
new memories to create with our
family and friends. Hard to believe!

~ Chy

August 23, 2023

The Green Door.

by artist Joe Gilronan.

I love fairy houses and have been gathering
miniatures to create a little spot in our garden.
Now I just need to figure out which area to
use. Two acres of forest means there are a lot
of options for this project. I chose this artist's
work for inspiration as I LOVE the green door!

Do you have a fairy house in your garden?

~ Chy

August 22, 2023

Relaxing View.

We love sitting on our deck, when the
skies are not smoky and the sun is out.
Realizing we took our railings down to
re~stain but haven't put them back yet.
Added now to our growing "things to
do before the snow flies" long list!

~ Chy

August 21, 2023

Sweet Baby ....

Tonight, you would have been 25 years
old. Instead, you remain a tiny being in
our broken hearts, safe with your big
brother and little siblings in Heaven,
watched over by your grandparents and
other cherished loved ones. Forever a
baby with everyone who thinks of you,
but all grown up in our dreams. Every day,
we live so you know how loved and
dearly remembered you are, sweet baby.

Happy Birthday Ciara~Rose Kennedi.

Love, mom, dad, all the kids, their
partners and our sweet grand babies

August 20, 2023

Salads are Back!

Our favorite grocery store in the Big
City finally has the salad bar back after
Covid slowed down. We drove all the
way in to munch and oh, it was so good!

~ Chy

August 18, 2023

Our Anniversary.

I cannot believe we've actually made it
to 39 years of marriage. How did that
happen so quickly? Now I'm feeling a
bit old with the realization that we're
not quite 18 anymore ~ the age we met,
not the age we got married at! We had
a lovely celebration, very low key and
at home. But next year, we'd love to do
something "big" to celebrate the big 40! 
Sharing ideas and dreams together now.

~ Chy

August 16, 2023

A Borrowed Puppy.

We had the pleasure of babysitting a sweet little
puppy named Piper for our daughter's friend. It
was a lot of fun to have a pup in the cottage again.
A collection of her antics over the weekend. Fun!

~ Chy