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June 2, 2013

Finally, it blooms!

We've lived in our house for 22 years & one of my favorite things in our yard is our Caragana Bush. It always blooms on or right before May 5th every year, which is the birthday of our 20 year old, C. It is also International Day of the Midwife & for me, the beginning of our true spring, a sign that the garden & the earth is still alive!

This year, with the snow still falling on May 1st, our garden lay dormant for a couple of extra weeks. And then the sun came out, dried up the snow & suddenly the colors began to sprout & bloom. We were getting worried that our Caragana wasn't going to turn yellow this year but suddenly this week, on May 30th to be exact, the blooms appeared, vibrant & tiny. It will only bloom for a short time, then the pods will appear but the bush will remain a beautiful green for the rest of the summer. When we move to our new house, we will plant a new one & hope that it will bloom at the same time each year. 

How is your garden doing? 
Do you have a favorite flower, 
tree or bush in your garden? 

Sending this over to Claudia's blog for her weekly "A Favorite Thing." Hope you'll join in!


Claudia said...

Such a beautiful bush, Chy! I love how certain bushes signal the beginning of spring and all the blossoms that will follow. I'm glad you will plant one at your new home.

Thanks so much for joining in this week!


Chy said...

Thanks Claudia. We planted cherry blossoms this year, so I'm looking forward to pink blooms next year when spring arrives!

Have a great week!