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January 31, 2023

Her Name Is ....

.... Carys-Rhiannon. Still working on a
middles name, that if we follow the way
we've named all our kids, it would start
with a K. Carys is Welsh name and means
"to love" and "precious." I also love that
her creator named her "Mary" and I did
want to find a way to somehow use part
of her original name or have some way to
connect the two. This was a perfect choice
and we love how unique it is. The second
part of her first name, again like all our
kids, is hyphenated. Rhiannon is another
Welsh name and most often linked to the
album "Rumors" by Fleetwood Mac. Lots
of connections to this one for us. It took a
while for us to choose her name ~ made
me remember when we tried to name our
fourth baby and we had a name but the
kids overruled us with the name they in
mind for her. Took quite a while but in
the end, they won! This was almost as
painful. But in the end, we love it and
she truly suits this sweet name. Now we
just need to find a K middle name ....

~ Chy

January 30, 2023

Christmas Lego.

We were gifted some amazingLego sets
at Christmas. This one we bought after
the holidays as its a "rare find" model now.
Finished putting it together and I love
the little tree that lights up. Now we'll
have to get the rest all built to finish up.

~ Chy

January 29, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... Grey patterned leggings with my green tank top, flowered hoodie, grey socks and teal sleepers. I feel like my clothing choices for Sundays are pretty boring. BUT it's our day to be at home as much as possible, to kick back and just be. So no fancy clothes on Sundays for this mama!

What I'm reading .... blogs and articles about Blythe dolls.

What's happening in my kitchen .... dh is puttering around making an amazing ham dinner. I can't wait to enjoy it. 

What's outside my window .... snow, wind and clouds. Cloud weather descended the other day but this week it's supposed to get warmer and sunny again. We had almost Spring like weather for 4 weeks, so it was time to have Winter again after all the warmth we enjoyed.

What I'm thankful for .... the supports I have as I navigate the unknown. Stressful but I'm Irish, so I'm on it!

What I'm smelling .... dinner in the oven and my wheat bag on my very achy, making me feel older.

What I'm hearing .... "The Crown" on tv. I could watch this over and over and over again. Oh wait, I am watching it over and over and over again. Love this program!

What I'm crafting .... nothing today but dreaming of finding, creating or buying tiny Blythe clothes!

What's on my mind .... the busyness of this coming week. I'm ready for all the work ahead. Makes the days go faster.

Words to live by .... see above. A sweet January quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

A Spring Project.

I am so determined to have a bit of a
veggie patch this Summer. Our next
door neighbor burns his garbage and
if the wind is just right, some of the
ashes fall on our beds. I'm trying to see
if there is a way to know if this is a
big concern or if we'd be okay to eat
the veggies. Until then, in between all
the other "stuff", I'm dreaming of a bit
of a patch south of the house in the
fenced in gardens. Aren't this markers
the best? I think I could make them!

Are you dreaming of a Spring Project?
Or a lovely green garden to grow?

~ Chy

January 28, 2023

Almost a Name ....

She patiently waits every day for the
reveal of her new name in our cottage.

I set up the board but then we had a
hard time choosing her name ....

What would you name such a sweet being?

~ Chy

Addition Dream.

When life gets too stressful, I start
dreaming about adding an addition
to our little cottage in the big woods.
We have a big window seat in our
master bedroom that we love and
use often. But the long one in our
kitchen is a waster of space. I think
we may pull it out and put some
cabinets under the window instead
for more storage and counter space.
If we do add an addition, I would
love to have this more functional
window seat at the front door so
guests have a spot to sit to put their
shoes on. Isn't it the sweetest little
spot? Dreaming, dreaming now!

~ Chy

January 8, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... Grey patterned leggings with my soft pink pullover and matching pink socks. Breaking in my new pink boots for Spring. Cozy and comfy!

What I'm reading .... blogs and articles about Blythe dolls.

What's happening in my kitchen .... at the moment, it's quietly waiting for dinner preparations to begin in time.

What's outside my window .... warm sun and dry roads. 

What I'm thankful for .... that currently we're in the 2nd week of amazing weather. I do wish Winter could be like this all the time. I know it will change but for last week and this coming week, we'll just be grateful and feel blessed.

What I'm smelling .... fresh laundry as we fold.

What I'm hearing .... a documentary by Robert Downey, Jr. on his dad called "Sr."

What I'm crafting .... thinking about making a tiny quilt for the Blythe doll.

What's on my mind .... work. A tiny quilt. Making tiny clothes. Tiny boots.

Words to live by .... see above. A sweet January quote.

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

January 3, 2023

Winter Memories.

The sweetest print ~ my favorite from Susan
Wheeler. It reminds me of many cold Winter
evenings when we would light a big fire and
the kids would join us to read or play in the
warm, cozy family room. It didn't matter how
bad it was outside, we were safe and warm
together in our home. Such good memories, 
even when the weather was not great at all!

Do you have sweet Winter memories of cold days?

~ Chy

January 1, 2023

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... pyjamas and a big wooly sweater. It's warm outside, I just wanted to be extra cozy tonight.

What I'm reading .... notes for my first day back to work tomorrow. Excited to see my team and hope they are too.

What's happening in my kitchen .... it's all quiet and clean, ready for the week. Laundry is tumbling in the dryer.

What's outside my window .... new moon and sparkly snow.

What I'm thankful for .... a beautiful holiday season. Family and friends. Incredible gifts. Phenomenal food. 

What I'm smelling .... fresh laundry in the basket that I just folded. We purged our closet today and my last task of the night will be to put all the clean clothes away.

What I'm hearing .... "The West Wing" marathon. Almost done all the seasons.

What I'm crafting .... grand daughter's dollhouse ~ still. 

What's on my mind .... all the things I hope to get done this week both at home and at work.

Words to live by .... see the sweet quote above. 

Having an amazing week!

~ Chy

The New Year.

And just like, it's 2023! With high hopes for a
year filled with all new adventures, good health
and love all around. My calendar is filling, our
budget is done, plans are made and we're ready!

~ Chy