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July 23, 2021

Curtains Up.

I finally had time to drag the stepladder
out of storage at work and hang up my
lacy curtains in my office. I love how it
seems so serene and calm now. On my
list next is to bring in a little half moon
table for the seating area and more pics.

~ Chy

Pretty Petunias.

At least I think they're petunias! I love
this shade and hope to find it for our
front veranda next year. These are on
the porch of my hospice. Love them!

~ Chy

July 11, 2021

Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday to this sweet baby (isn't she the prettiest baby), who made us parents for the first time after such a long wait ~ we started dreaming of her 4 years before she was born. We even had her name chosen 4 years before! She keeps us active with our grandson. She is THE BEST hockey mama, and the most amazing stage mama too. You will never find a more compassionate nurse, and we know a lot of nurses. Always the best hockey fan ~ Go Oilers! An incredible big sister to all her younger siblings. And of course the most amazing daughter anyone could ask for. It was a great birthday weekend, that we started yesterday with lunch at a restaurant, all in person, but with masks until it was time to eat. Later at home, there was a fun gift opening, singing and ice cream cake. Tonight we had a BBQ, with more cake and lots of laughter. Our dark haired baby, with big blues eyes, was super blonde from the age of 1, until her mid 20's, when her hair started to turn dark. Now she's a dark haired adult, with big blue eyes and the sweetest personality. Interesting, as both dh and I are still blonder (with lots of grey), but our kids keep getting darker and darker as they grow. When they were small, we looked like a very typical Scandinavian family. Now we look pretty eclectic, which describes us perfectly! Another birthday done. 

~ Chy

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... jeans, blue flouncy button down shirt with cap sleeves and pearl buttons, bare feet, my favorite necklace, beaded bracelet and hair down for the day.

What I'm reading .... still reading the same book. Still slow ....

What's happening in my kitchen .... lots of chopping and marinading, prepping and laughter. Our daughter's birthday is today and we took the girls and our grandson for lunch yesterday. Tonight, we're having her favorite dinner. Can't believe our baby is so grown up, with a baby of her own!

What's outside my window .... the bbq is heating up, waiting for dinner. Sunny skies, slight breeze, warm air but NO rain, which we truly need. It may rain next week. I sure hope so!

What I'm thankful for .... we are ready to list our other house. I'm thankful for the guidance of my dad's best friend, who will take this on for us. I feel like as we deal with J, it feels like my dad is watching over us. Hopeful for a quick sale and no issues. And the relief that will come soon, once all of this real estate stuff, dealing and waiting is all done.

What I'm smelling .... the dinner on the bbq as it cooks.

What I'm hearing .... the sound of the 2nd season of "Succession." We're prepping for the next season to air in the Fall. LOVE this series. Hope it can continue on but if not, we'll watch it again, and again. A great piece of entertainment.

What I'm crafting .... waiting for the windows for dgd's dollhouse. She is going to be so excited once it's all done.

What's on my mind .... the other house, the variants, the market and life. No big worries, just hopes and dreams.

Words to live by .... the beautiful quote above speaks to me. I hope it does for you as well. Sweet tattoo but not mine!

Namaste, my blogging buddies.

                                      ~ Chy

Blue Butterflies.

Last year, we had tiny blue butterflies
that were everywhere on the acreage.
I had never seen these before, so it was
magical to have them all around us.
This year, we've only spotted a few
but now we have gold butterflies all
over. I'm not sure the color difference
but wish we could have the blues back.
The gold ones are pretty but they are
in great abundance and are everywhere.
On my plants, on the furniture, on the
windows .... everywhere you look you
can see them hanging about. Maybe
they are keeping the blues away ....

~ Chy

July 10, 2021

Finally, Home.

I grew up with a very eclectic home life. We never stayed in our homes very long. My dad was a realtor, so we moved every time he came across a house that he thought would be just perfect for us. The walls stayed white, only a few pictures would be hung and our basement was always full of boxes, waiting for the next move. Some years, I'd attend 3 different schools. It became harder and harder to say goodbye to my new friends and make new ones. That has affected me all my life. And I knew from a young age that all I wanted and all I craved was "home" ~ a place to be, to live, to grow. A place to put down roots and stay put. Home.

My dh had a similar experience with moving frequently but his was more centred around their lifestyle choice to not buy but rent. So if the rent went up, they'd move. If they moved in and didn't like something about that neighborhood, they'd move. If they settled in and then his dad was transferred, they'd move. He went to multiple schools like I did. And he also had a wish for his family to have a more stable life.

For the first few years that we were married, we did flip houses so we could move up the ladder. Our 1st house, we had for 4 years and that felt like forever, especially because we knew it was not our forever home. Our 2nd home we stayed for 1.5 years, our 3rd home was 2 years and then we had a temporary stay in a condo for 2 months when we had a fire in that house and had to rebuild. We moved back but it was super hard on the kids. We knew we'd have to move at some point so they could settle again. Then we visited a home that had gone on the market quite by accident. We were out and about one day and happened to drive by a home we had seen 10 years before when it was a show home. And there it was, our then dream home, up for sale, newly renovated and in our price range. We stayed in that home for 24 years, and then when we built this cottage, we chose to keep the house as our dd was at the time interested in buying it down the road. She's now changed her mind, our beloved tenants are ready to move back home and we're ready to sell. We're meeting our realtor at the house this afternoon. Ironically, we bought it 30 years ago tomorrow and if all goes well today, that's when it will hit the market. Nervous but hopeful we'll find a lovely family to buy it, and love it like we did, all these years. Our kids never had to move schools, or pack up their rooms (until they formally moved out), never had to wonder if they'd have to leave their very loved play room or their amazing back yard. Our 5th home was a good solid house that is now be ready for a new young family.  Fingers crossed for a quick sale. 

The cottage is our 6th home. It's taken the last 6 years for it to finally feel like it's truly ours. Finally, we are home. We know we won't be here forever as in time, the work of keeping an acreage in decent shape will become too much as we age. At that point, we'll be retired and either move out to our little island in a tiny home OR have a condo here OR do both! Whatever we decide at that time, we know we'll look back with fond memories of this home. We created every nook and cranny, the look, the feel and the atmosphere. It is just as we hoped and we still pinch ourselves that we get to live here every day. I love coming home when it's dark but lights are on. I love walking in to the warmth of life in our little cottage. I love we went bold and didn't follow what the builder and his wife suggested to stay "neutral" and "in trend" but instead painted our walls a lovely lavender and created the "English kitchen" of our dreams, centred around our AGA. There's nothing we would change, though over Covid we realized a separate office space would be handy (on our wish list now). I love the look of our blinds, the light that highlights the butler's pantry, the turret that spans 3 stories, the balcony overlooking the front door, the many windows letting natural light in and the fireplaces that keep us warm on cool nights and rainy afternoons. I know this home will be the hardest one to sell down the road. Not hard in that no one will buy it because we've already had realtors gush over it and tell us it will sell no problem. But it will be hard to leave. I'm sure tears will be shed. My hope will be at that point that a beautiful family wishing to live in the country (but not far from town) will fall in love and embrace this sweet space. Thankful though that we don't have to think about this for a long time. For now, we love it, we live in it and we continue to make it even better. I hope where ever you reside, for you, it is HOME. Namaste dear blogging buddies. Thank you for stopping by our home!

~ Chy

July 8, 2021

In the Garden.

Bunnies and butterflies in the garden.
A perfect Summer day at the cottage.

~ Chy

July 6, 2021

Every Day ....

Bereaved parents struggle with being
two places at once and Angela Miller
has captured this in her amazing art.
Every day .... a balancing act of love.


~ Chy 

July 5, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.


What I'm wearing .... light green leggings with a ribbon bottom, light rose tank top, with a light teal blue cotton tank over top and bare feet. Messy but clean hair, with one long braid on my right side. One necklace and one bracelet.

What I'm reading .... still reading the same book. I'm slow ....

What's happening in my kitchen .... quiet for now but dinner will be starting soon. No idea what it will be, just yet.

What's outside my window .... dark clouds .... really hoping for rain! We are dreaming and wishing for the drops to start.

What I'm thankful for .... the heat wave has ended but now everything is tinder dry and we need tons of rain ....

What I'm smelling .... the new candle I may light later. A pink rose with a light scent. Just smelling it is relaxing. 

What I'm hearing .... Coronation Street on the tv. Our favorite! Lots of action these days. Our break each day.

What I'm crafting .... ordered the windows for the dollhouse.

What's on my mind .... the busy week ahead. But I'm ready for it .... organized by my very bright sticky notes ....

Words to live by .... see the sweet quote and graphic above. 

Namaste, my blogging buddies.

~ Chy

July 4, 2021

We have Hemp.

Our weather has cooled but the promised rain for our region has been fleeting. I was really hoping our rain barrels would get replenished as we had to use them a lot all week to try and keep our gardens hydrating. But so far, with the bit of rain we've had, they're only sitting at half full. Hoping that the rain for this afternoon is good and the 2 to 4 days coming up over the next week produce lots. A dry Summer would not be good. The threat of fires really scares me.

I was capturing some of the wild flowers in our garden last night and realized that this plant is spreading all over. We had a bit last year in one spot but now it's down the whole front and I'm in love! Thankfully today someone posted on our FB gardening board asking what it is, so now I have an answer. It's called Hemp Dogbane and it's NOT invasive or noxious. I always worry about what we'll grow each year in the wild as our neighbor next door has a few times given me wrong info. He told me our White and Purple Daisies were the noxious weed ones, so I started pulling them. But we had a County guy out here after a number of conversations with said neighbor, who clearly doesn't like that we have let the area in our forest remain wild. His is neatly trimmed and ours is "wild" though where we have our gardens and grass is neat. This is what we've always envisioned and as much as I respect him, we're hidden away back here and I don't feel he has the right to force us to manage our land the way he does. I'm so glad the County was open to showing us what was invasive and relieved to learn that the only 2 items we have to control are Thistles and Horsetail. And those aren't everywhere, just in a few spots. The County guy was "pull them if you like but they are harming anything." We do pull as they come up and the Thistles are pretty controlled but the Horsetail is all over the subdivision and it' clearly not going away anytime soon. So my Daisies are okay, and all the purple flowers are NOT Creeping Bellflower but in fact, Purple Vetch. Yes, victory!

Two weeks from today, we'll be tired but happy as our Music Festival will be done for another year. First year was outside and amazing, 2nd year was Covid but we didn't cancel ~ offered an online virtual experience that went so well, and this year, we'll do both. A small audience as per guidelines and online virtual at the same time. As far as I know, we are the first Festival this Summer and the only one providing both options. Great lineup, wonderful volunteers and excited community members. The next 2 weeks will be busy but worth the time and effort. Today, we're working outside for a bit this morning, then in for showers, and hope by then the rain will fall. Our plan for the afternoon is to put on a movie and work on the website, send out our newest posters, update the volunteer list and ensure all our artists are ready to go. We hope in 2022 to be back to a big outdoor Festival. But so thankful we've kept our momentum going with these mini versions that have been so well received. Dinner and a quiet night before a very busy week. 

Wishing you a beautiful and safe week.
And Happy July 4th to my U.S. buddies!

~ Chy

July 3, 2021

Fairy Garden.

This showed up on my FB feed today
and I captured it for a post. While we
garden and try to make a sweet haven
out of our little forest, I dream of a
tiny Fairy Garden. One that will be so
whimsical and magical for our grands.

Do you have a Fairy Garden?
Or do you dream of one like me?

~ Chy

Blush Rose.

In response to my June 30th post about Canada Day and our dilemma, our day ended up being quite chill. To honor the children who have died in the residential school system, we chose to stay at home and not participate in the activities that were available throughout the day and the evening. We chose to not hang our flag up on the veranda for this year. We chose to be still and reflect, to ask questions and share, and to be home, where we always feel safe and secure. It was interesting to go on FB yesterday and see that it was a very quiet day, that many did just as we did, and for those that did venture out to activities, they participated with our Indigenous community. It was beautiful to see and made my heart feel slightly healed. We have a long way to go. This will not be likely solved and resolved in my lifetime. But I have hope for my kids and grandkids that better days are ahead, that wounds will be healed, and hearts will guide us as we seek justice and peace. I hope whatever you and your family chose to do on Canada Day was meaningful to you. Our Canada is amazing and we have much to learn from this experience that has gone on far too long. Namaste to all.

My little rose bush has produced some pretty buds this year. A Morden Blush, we only got 2 roses last year but this year, so far, we've had 4 and more are on their way. Patience is a virtue is a lesson that I'm learning in being a new gardener. My 2nd little rose bush on the other side of the flower bed has had a couple of roses pop up and many little buds so I'm quiet hopeful this year will be a great "rose year" for us. 

I'm off to finish up some work in the garden.
It's never ending but also so enlightening.

~ Chy

June 30, 2021

Canada Day.

Tomorrow is the 154th birthday of Canada.
Each year, we gather to party and show honor.

But this year is different. Our country is in
mourning. We hold shame and we are all lost.
There is a movement to cancel our birthday
tomorrow. I'm torn. It is a dilemma. I'm also
thankful for Covid, as we can stay home and
don't have to choose if we'll be part of the big
celebrations or just quietly spend our time all
day with each other instead. Our dilemma ....

~ Chy

Cottage Life.

Cottage life is very eclectic. I imagine if someone lived in a modern mansion, everything would match and be very sterile looking. Or a home filled with minimalists may be quite stark and very open. I personally love a very comfy environment, one with items that suggests that we love our home but we also live in it. It's always tidy as I have pretty high standards. Except for the garage and the art studio. Those are always in a state of "projects are happening here" mode. I suppose it would look quite strange to have these two spots absolutely spotless. I would love them to be tidier than they are but can live with it if the rest of the cottage and the acreage are tidy and in order. Cottage living means soft colors that complement each other, lace curtains, framed photos, a variety of plants, doilies to soften furniture, birdhouses, lots of tiny lamps, soft couches and overstuffed chairs, wood floors and area rugs, colored cabinets, vintage stoves and hidden fridges, antiques gifted and antiques found, projects in progress, books everywhere and the sound of music and laughter. Cozy quilts, warm fireplaces, many windows of different shapes, big verandas and long hammocks. Green gardens, singing chickadees, croaking frogs and buzzing bees. Warm cookies cooling on the counter. Lemonade chilling in the fridge. Laundry drying in the sun. Blooming flowers and gravel paths. Cottage living.

Can you imagine it all? 
Or do you live in a cottage too?


~ Chy

Unbearable Heat.

It is so hot, the benches at the park have curled up.
It is so hot, people are dying from heat stroke. I can
not remember in my entire life this kind of heat. It's
so unbearable, but I am so thankful we have central
air in the cottage and at work. I wish I could work
in the garden today but other than watering it all, it
is not comfortable to be outside. So today, we'll stay
in and keep cool. I may do some office tidying and
work in the art studio but other than that, it will be
a lazy day of cooling down. Hope you stay cool!


~ Chy

Vacation Days.

It's 8:45 am in our cottage, and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Today is the first day of my little vacation, which ended up coinciding with everyone else in the house. I'm the only one awake and only because we were originally going to head over to Costco at 8:00 am to pick up more cool items for the next few days. But this bed is too cozy right now to leave, especially as it's cool and quiet. So here I write, while everyone else sleeps. No complaints.

Had a chat with my boss a few weeks ago and vacation days came up. Turns out, everyone else in our hospice is amazing at taking days off, except for her and I. She informed me that I have the most days logged and should start to take them soon. I thought I might have 4 or 5 weeks but was quite shocked to learn that I actually have 10 complete weeks to use up! That's 2.5 months I could take off. But won't, because there is so much work to do right now in settling in to our space and re~opening all our programming. I think I'll take the bulk of it in little chunks, save a big chunk for Winter and use up a bit when we head to the coast for our son's wedding in September. The little chunks I'll centre around long weekends/stat holidays to get a nice rest in. Tomorrow is a stat (Canada Day), so with today, tomorrow and Friday, then the weekend, I have a nice little stretch to be lazy, or in my case, be slightly lazy but get a few things done on my task list! I'll check emails in the morning and late in the day, and my work phone will be off. I may take a few days next week to but if the weather is still so hot, I'm not going to get outside work done. At that point, I'll keep those days for another week when the weather is reasonable and I can work outside. My plan.

Are you good at taking holidays?
Or suck at it like me? Do share ....


~ Chy

June 28, 2021

Don't Lose Hope ....

~ Chy

Hot Riders.

Too hot for me but our neighbors were
out for a ride today in the heat. Brave!

~ Chy

Garden Gate.

Isn't this the most amazing garden gate?
Ours is sweet but not this ornate. Love!

~ Chy

June 27, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.

Guess who's back to gracing our cottage?
Yes, it is our sweet little Oliver. He's back!

What I'm wearing .... my jean short overalls and a purple tank top, with grey socks and my black and purple runners. My black hat with a million flowers all over it. With all our hot weather, this was the next best thing to being naked!

What I'm reading .... still reading the same book. I'm slow ....

What's happening in my kitchen .... dinner prep is underway. BBQ tonight, with thick pork chops, corn on the cob and an amazing caesar's salad with bacon and croutons. I have a Mike's Hard Lime cooling in the fridge, just waiting to be cracked open and enjoyed. A treat at the end of a busy day.

What's outside my window .... our brand new, almost finished constructing shed, set on the brand new deck we built for it, and 8 pallets of brick pavers to start our hardscape landscaping. A Summer full of outside projects.

What I'm thankful for .... that after working so hard on all these projects, we're still married! We've found our rhythm. 

What I'm smelling .... the scent of fresh laundry that has just come out of the dryer. I LOVE this smell.

What I'm hearing .... the sound of dishes and silverware as we get ready to eat. Days like this we often forget to eat lunch, so dinner is very welcome tonight!

What I'm crafting .... dollhouse windows, flooring choices and fabric to sew. Excited to work on my granddaughter's dollhouse. Wish I had more time ....

What's on my mind .... the struggle in my mind over the call to cancel Canada Day this year, in light of all the newly found graves filled with Indigenous babies, children and teens. I've always felt so blessed and fortunate to be Canadian but today, I am struggling with this horrific piece of history that is now so public, as it should be.

Words to live by .... "the hot weather got me like ...."

Be well! Have a great week.
Namaste my blogging buddies.

~ Chy

No Open Windows.

It's too hot to leave the windows open.
It feels quite dark in our cottage right
now as we have the blinds closed and
the curtains drawn. Even with a/c, we
do still try to keep it cool in here so
we don't have to use the a/c all the time.

How are you staying cool this wickedly
hot this weekend? Namaste and stay cool. 

~ Chy

Sunday Morning.

Heat wave continues. We're up and off
to finish building our new shed before
it gets unbearably hot. Fingers crossed
we can get the last bits done today ....

Namaste. Stay cool!

~ Chy

June 26, 2021

Heat Wave.

We are heading out this morning to continue to work on our projects outside. But this time will be limited as we are now under a 10 day heat wave. Warnings out here to take care of ourselves, pets and our community. Calls are out for water for our inner city residents and for everyone to find a cool place to be and stay there. We'll come in after we get a bit of work done and enjoy the a/c as we get ready for our realtor to visit @ 1 pm. Just as we started thinking we should take advantage of the hot real estate market and sell our old house, the amazing family who have been renting it from us for the last 4 years made the decision to go "back home" as the husband is working 6 to 7 days a week out of town and she is raising 4 sweet boys all on her own. They are so sad to leave and we feel so incredibly blessed to have had such great tenants, our first. But now we can sell this home we've owned for 30 years (next month) and have 1 less thing to worry about. Fingers crossed it will sell well and quickly. This will be our first experience selling a home without my dad. He was an owner/broker with ReMax but died in 2002. Prior to that, he always took on our real estate transactions and not once did we actually ever have to put our home on the market. He would just ask his realtors if someone was looking for a house, show those prospective buyers, and bam! House sold, no commission. So lucky but this time, we'll have to go the traditional route. Thankfully, we're not living in the house and our renters have it so beautifully staged, so fingers crossed. I'll be so nervous until this is done, so hope it's fast! Wish us good luck. 

Wishing you an amazing day and hope wherever you are, the weather is not as hot as ours will be. If it is hot, stay cool. Namaste my dear and sweet blogging buddies.

                                     ~ Chy

June 22, 2021

Sunny Summer.

After a rainy week, we've had a great start to Summer with blue skies and warm air. It's going to get super hot next week, so I'm taking in the current forecast, which is decent temperatures but not brutally hot. This is my last week to work and then I'm going to be off for 2 weeks. No big plans yet but landscaping is high on the list, as well as re~staining this deck in the soft grey we chose, we do the front stairs as our builder didn't extend them to the columns like we asked, re~do the front path to the driveway (landscape pavers arrive this week), and re~stain the back deck in "Willow Mist" which is the lovely soft sage green we chose for back there. We did build the decking to hold the new shed this past weekend, so at some point, we'll also put the shed together, which makes me so happy as its a great size and we have a number of items that can come out of the garage and be housed in the shed instead. Then our plan is on a rainy day when we can't work outside, we'll re~organize the garage for the Summer. Can't wait to have that out of the way. Right now, the shed in its 2 gigantic boxes takes up an entire bay and its making it very difficult to move around in the garage. Frustrating. But we're almost there!

Work has been super busy and I'm looking forward to a nice break. We've settled in to a pretty good routine onsite. But the big change will be on July 5th, when all of our staff will be back together, in person, every day! I'll miss that as I won't be back to work until July 12th but we do see each other on Zoom all the time and most staff have come in a day here and a day there, so I won't miss anything. It will be fun to be back onsite once my holiday is over and see the offices filled up with staff. Right now, I'm at the end of the hall and can play my music thru the day as everyone who is currently onsite is at the other end of the hall. I'm going to have to get used to NOT playing my music so loud!

The birds woke me up extra early this morning so I'm now off to workout and shower, then drive in to work for the morning. I'll head home at lunch and work away this afternoon in our little office. No plans for tonight but likely I'll do some gardening as it will be cooler tonight. Last night, we were just going to head outside and stopped as the mama deer who frequents our forest had her brand new, still wobbly on his little legs baby deer with her. We froze then tried to capture some pictures. Mine are looking fuzzy so I'll ask my dd if hers turned out okay. They were so sweet together. I hope they continue to visit so we can watch the sweet baby grow. This happens each Spring but it still makes us stop and marvel. The moose family that visits has 2 babies this year as well. Tiny but impressive as well.

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday.
Namaste my blogging buddies.

~ Chy

June 20, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my black leggings with dark pink, white and green flowers. My hippy gauzy dress in dark pink that matches the flowers. Bare feet. It was a hippy kind of day!

What I'm reading .... "I Was Anastasia." Still reading. I've had a wicked headache all week ~ likely the humidity is the culprit. Not a lot of reading happened, outside of work related stuff. Today, no headache, so I might try and read a bit tonight. Unless I fall fast asleep in our comfy bed ....

What's happening in my kitchen .... closed up for the night. Clean and quiet. Ready for tomorrow's yummy creations.

What's outside my window .... very quiet outside tonight. A slight breeze is making the leaves dance on all the trees. The sun is getting lower and lower, and will set soon.

What I'm thankful for .... a sweet Father's Day for dh, a time of reflection about our dads, and missing our tiny babies a lot today. A beautiful but teary and hard day for so many. 

What I'm smelling .... my coconut cream on my hands.

What I'm hearing .... I just cleaned the kitchen, so I'm still smelling the dish soap ~ lavender, my favorite.

What I'm crafting .... our sweet granddaughter's dollhouse. Windows are on the way. I do wish I could create the wreath above. Isn't it sweet? I love the coordinating soft colors.

What's on my mind .... how much we got done today .... I made dh breakfast in bed, we then went outside and levelled the ground, laid down the landscape fabric, gathered all the tools and the wood, and put together the deck that next week we'll build the new shed on, tidied the greenhouse, took the covers off the deck furniture, water the plants and the garden, swept the deck, planted my last 2 pots, while dh and dgs took the bins down the lane so the garbage truck can pick them up tomorrow I had my shower, then came down to our neighbors out on the deck ~ lovely visit, then we sat out in the sun for a while, came in when we got too hot, dh had his shower then went to play a game with dgs, I sorted and filed all the paperwork for May and June, tidied, vacuumed, dh made an amazing bbq dinner, then we celebrated him with gifts and cards, laughter and ice cream cake. Now everyone is ready for work and school tomorrow, and the cottage is quiet. I'm sure it won't take long for any of us to fall asleep tonight. Busy week but I only plan to work until late Wednesday, then I'm going to take a bit of time off from the 23rd until the 5th of July. Many plans to figure out before Thursday. And time to relax too.

Words to live by .... love this one .... hope you like it too ....

Wishing you a beautiful week.
Hoping it's a sunny. Namaste.

~ Chy

June 18, 2021

Love Cookie.

Dh made cookies the other night. We
have a tradition of buying the large
cookies from "Cookies by George"
at the airport once we're checked in
anytime we are traveling. But with
Covid, no trips to the airport, no big
cookies to buy. When I had a craving
the other night, look what dh made for
me to enjoy! And it was soooo good,
so much that we don't have to travel!

Have an amazing Friday. Namaste.

~ Chy

June 16, 2021

Deficit Mode.

Storms continue to fill our days. And nights as well. I appreciate the rain but when you live in a forest, the crazy wind can wreak havoc on the trees. We have one that looks like someone pushed it over and it's trying so hard to get back up. I'm sure we'll have to take the chainsaw to it on the weekend. Today has started out windy with cloudy/sunny skies. Not sure what the forecast is just yet. It's almost not worth the time to look as  it changes hourly around here anyway. Hoping to get thru today without tons of thunder and lightening. It's definitely not my favorite thing.

As you can see by my photo above, I'm working away on creating a memorial table at our hospice to remember our residents who have died. We have the tall candle, the short pot to hold pens and a lighter, and the memory box behind where staff can write notes to share memories. We'll also have a scrapbook with a page for each resident if the families are open to this. I'm almost done and hope to set this up today. Then I need to start to look for an item we can order to give to each family when their loved one dies. So many wonderful ideas that we can incorporate in to our programming. I've got a short day on site this morning, then a long afternoon into the evening with counselling from home. I'm feeling super tired today but hope a quick workout will help before I shower. My energy is definitely in a deficit mode this week. Hope you are doing well and have an amazing day today! Be as kind to yourself as you can be.


~ Chy

June 15, 2021

Sewing Vignette.

Over the last year of working from home and living from home, all the time, we've worked on various projects to keep busy. The art studio was one area that got a lot of our attention. It's been fun pulling it all together. We're almost done. A bit more organizing to complete, then some curtains to source or sew, and hang. Then I'll take photos and show how we put together this amazing spot to create. 

As you enter the studio, on the left side is a little alcove and we placed a vintage dresser in this spot. Inside the dresser is baby clothes that had meaning and we've kept. Some very vintage from my childhood up to our little grand babies. Not sure yet if these precious items will be shadow boxed or made in to quilts. But for now, they are safely tucked away in my dh's grandfather's dresser. The bottom drawer also holds the overflow material I've collected for quilting. We have a tall dresser in another corner that holds the majority of my material, as well as lace, extra doilies my gramma made and sewing tools. Now I'm all ready to sew again.

I created this sweet corner with sewing in mind. The lamp was a thrift store find and perfect as we've added a bit of teal into this space, along with our traditional lavender, sage green and ivory. The carved shelf was a clearance bin sale from Michael's. The original tag said $69.99 but I paid $10.00 for it. A collection of thimbles, buttons and scissors grace this space. The tin sign was an antique mall find and it finally has it's home. Ejoy my little sewing vignette!

Off to shower and get ready for work. Sleep last night was not great with the storms but they've finally stopped. I have a break later today between work and my board meeting tonight, so a nap may be in order. Hope your day is amazing and quiet! Namaste my dear blogging buddies. 

~ Chy