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June 16, 2013


We have exactly 12.5 days to get ready for our upcoming 10 day holiday. Can't wait to see this beautiful, sunny vista again: 

We'll be heading out to the airport on the morning of the 29th to catch our 9 a.m. flight (paid in full by careful weekly saving since January). By noon, we should be well on our way, with our rental car (paid for by Airmiles), on the ferry, waiting to disembark on our special island. We'll drive to our cottage (paid in full by careful weekly saving since January) on the northwest side of the island (the sunset side) & unpack, before we head back out to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the Saturday Market. At some point, we'll stop for a late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite spots. Many pictures to follow, once we're finally there. 

But to get there, we have lots to do. I've been literally stuck in bed for much of the last 10 days, battling a cold, that turned to bronchitis, that turned to pneumonia & today, an added bonus ~ pink eye! My poor dh has relinquished his special Father's Day to care for me. We had to cancel our dinner plans with our family so no one else would get sick, especially the grand babies. I'm miserable & in pain & can't remember what it feels like to feel good. Panicking as I realize that my original plan of having things done early before we go is slowing becoming an almost impossible feat, even though my family reassures me that it will all get done. We'll see!

I'm one sick puppy right now ....

Here's our to do list so far: 

*print off our taxes to send in for our refunds.
*finish sorting out the Art Studio & the Library.
*send out new posters for our Summer Daycamps.
*finalize participants for Summer Daycamps & notify all.
*create a raised garden bed for our herbs to be planted in.
*finish off counseling sessions & support groups before we leave.
*clean out closets, sort clothes, take donations to the charity shop & make sure the garage is still tidy.
*create the final financial report for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) next Saturday to present to our Board of Directors & our families.

We're lucky we did a big spring clean before I got sick & things are in order, except for the Art Studio & the Library, which had become one room while dh finished up the flooring. Now we just need to finish moving things back to the Library & sort through the boxes, bins & bags. I did some yesterday while dh was on the film set & am happy with that process but still have lots to do. I know it will get done but when you're stuck in bed, doing nothing, it feels so helpless to know the time is ticking away. But I also know if I push myself right now, it will take longer to get better & I truly don't want to be sick on our holidays. That would definitely be worse than this, hands down!

Wish us luck that we get everything done, on time & without stress!

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