About Me

November 25, 2018


I see painted, distressed furniture every
where and love the look but am still
a bit nervous to paint vintage furniture.
I love this cabinet and chair at a bakery.

I've done an old hutch for our kitchen
nook (will share soon) and I think it's
truly turned out nicely. I'd love to find
a piece like the one above. So sweet,
so vintage, so inviting. Another spot
to put all my tea cups and tea pots!

Do you have vintage furniture you'd like to pain?
Or have you been painting yours and love it?

Snow Ledge.

I'm not fond of snow, except on days
 like Christmas Eve or when I have a
day off and can stay home, warm and
cozy. Or moments like this when the
flakes accumulate on the oval window
ledge. So pretty but already melted ....

November 24, 2018

Brekky Done.

When little granddaughter slept over
a few weeks ago, this is how she left
her brekky plate for us. Toast all done
and crusts left for us in a flower shape.

Dinos Down.

Little guy was away for a few days
and asked that I don't move his dinos.

I made sure they were safe and sound
and all in their spots. And then little
granddaughter came over to our house
and that was it .... dino's down! But
dh had taken a picture, so we set them
all back up. However, he is way too
smart and figured out within a minute
that they were NOT in the EXACT
same spots as when he left. Next time,
we'll have to put police tape up so that
there will be NO way for anyone to
get near them. The wrath is too much.

Hockey Cake.

Pretty lucky kid to celebrate at
school, at home and at hockey!


Grampa helping the excited birthday
boy enjoy some of his new toys.

Easy Dinners.

Two of my favorite dinners.
Grilled chicken on a fresh Caesar
Salad, with lemon, bacon and
cheese. So incredibly yummy!

And Chicken and Broccoli Pie on
the same Caesar Salad. Mmmm ....

What are your favorite easy dinners?
Can you share so we can drool??

New Bouquet.

After the "flower fiasco" in the previous
post, here is the fresh and new bouquet.

Bolder colors, sweet smelling and
definitely not any mold to be seen!

Credit ....

.... should always be given for art
work but I can't remember where I
found this sweet graphic. I tend to
tuck these away and then I forget
where I grabbed them from. But
here it is and I truly thank the artist!


After returning home from Ottawa, my
Board surprised me with beautiful flowers.

From the opening at the top of the package,
they looked amazing and smelled heavenly.

But when we got home, we discovered mold
and discolored flowers and not a great smell.

Thankfully, my President was able to get a
lovely new bouquet and we did keep both.

I cut back the mold and the discolored petals
and we ended up with more than enough blooms.

November 22, 2018


Wishing all my American Blogging
Buddies a beautiful Thanksgiving
today. I hope your family is well
and able to be with you. I hope your
dinner plans go well and everyone
has an amazing time together. Our
Thanksgiving is in October here in
Canada but we still honor yours by
sending our wishes to all and every
one of you today. A feast and family!

November 16, 2018

Two Pucks.

While we were in Ottawa, we did some
Christmas shopping. It was fun to hunt
and find neat gifts but I truly hated paying
the sales tax, something we don't have
in our Province. Ugh! We were very
successful though and came home with
these 2 pucks for our dd and gs, both
huge hockey fans and of course, a
hockey mom and a hockey star! Perfect.

Posh Event.

One of my contracts is working for
our local community based hospice.

Because we are community based, we
are not funded by our health care system.

So we have to find the funds each year
to keep our doors open for our families.

Each Fall, we host a luncheon that is
not just a fund raiser but a friend raiser.

A way to introduce new individuals to
the concept of palliative hospice care.

The posh hotel we have this event at each
year makes the most amazing meals.

Mine is often specialized because of my
vast food allergies. But oh so good!

Flowers from the silent auction. And below,
the violinist and pianist who serenaded us.

My lunch included ginger butternut squash soup, smoked chicken with a white alfredo sauce, beets, carrots and broccolini. I ate every last bit and every time I see the pictures above, I get super hungry! I must stop looking!! For our dessert, everyone else received Black Forest Cake but I'm allergic to cherries, so my dessert was a raspberry sorbet with lemon and lime. Heaven, pure Heaven to me! I love that each year, I have to submit to the chef a list of my allergies and every year he creates this amazing feast for me. And often, every one at my table will be often jealous that I get such am amazing dish. Theirs always looks good but I often notice that some don't finish the entire meal. I savor mine and cherish the thought that someone would take such time and care to ensure I have a meal that won't cause an Anaphylatic Reaction. I always ask to thank the chef personally and he always is so pleased that I love his food! A posh event that is so elegant, so well attended, so fiscally worth the work for us and for me, so delicious!

November 12, 2018

Canal Colors.

Because our hotel is the Rideau Canal
and the colors are incredibly amazing.

Even on a rainy, cloudy day, the Fall
leaves are outstanding against the sky.

Our path was full of leaves both on the
trees and crispy crunching under our feet.

Back home, our leaves have long gone
and snow has blanketed the landscape.

November 11, 2018


After our scrumptious dinner, we wandered
around the huge hotel to explore for a bit.

Came across the ballroom which was
being set up for a big event the next day.

The ceiling was amazing. I would spend
the entire event staring at it's beauty.

What used to be a working fountain is
now a planter out in the long hallway.

First Dinner.

After settling in to our posh new room,
we ventured downstairs for our dinner.

Zoey's turned out to be a great choice
for two very hungry weary travelers.

A ginger ale for me an a pint for my
lovey as we waited for our dinner. 

He had a very tasty burger made with
Alberta beef (our home province).

I had a lobster sandwich with a lovely
Caesar Salad. It was so good and filling.

A pumpkin on the bar counter. They
had a Halloween event earlier in the
evening for families who may be
staying in the hotel. Lovely touch.


A lovely greeting in a tiny airport.

No checked bags for us - we backpack!

Our first room that we ended up not taking.

Just too tiny for my claustrophobia.
Thankfully we were the first to check
in that afternoon and the front desk
very graciously not only found us a
better room with 2 windows, they even
upgraded us to a little suite with a King
bed. We didn't ask for that but were
so touched they would offer this to
us and even charged us less for the
suite. It truly made our trip even better!

Flying Away.

On Halloween Night, my lovey and I
boarded a plane to travel to our Capital.

We've never flown in the Emergency exit
before. Loved all the extra large leg room.

Our trip was planned in just a few days.
We've been asked to speak in the House
of Commons, an honor most will never
have. We were so touched and eager to
do so and we will share our "amazing trip
of a lifetime" over the next couple of posts.