About Me

March 31, 2018

The Office.

Not really but we did use the hot tub
for more than just relaxing in it. 

It became our "office" to discuss
a number of topics and points.

We made future plans, talked about
the past and in between, tried to
make headway on some big items
we need to spend time exploring.
It was a great experience to enjoy
the comforts of the hot tub but
also have time to just sit and talk.
I highly recommend a warm hot tub.

Spring Flowers.

A coastal climate means that Spring
flowers are vibrant and full in March!

The Sea.

We've not been to our little
island for a couple of years. 

There are so many things we
love about our special place.

But the sea that surrounds the
whole island is a favorite for us.

The waves, the smell and all the
things that wash ashore are amazing.

And then ....

.... the clouds disappeared and
the bright sun appeared again.

The cottage is so much nicer in
the sunlight, don't you think?

Almost all gone now. The
clouds were thick and white.

So happy they weren't here
very long and are gone.

Much nicer to see the pretty sun
and feel it's warmth and light.

Vintage Book Store.

Have you ever watched the movie "84 Charing Cross Road" or read the book? It's personally one of my favorite old movies. My cherished scenes are the ones in the book store. So much to look at in such a small space. If you haven't seen the movie, I encourage you to do so. And to take in these shots of the book store we love to visit.

My favorite spot in the local book store on the tiny island is the tiny windowed office that the  store manager uses for bookkeeping and the daily duties of her job. Upstairs, the other manager was very busy making new dust jackets for books that were waiting to be placed on the shelves. They were talking about a recent visitor to the store who was in to drop off her resume for an assistant manager position within the store. I would hire her on the spot as one of the first comments out of her mouth was "I love the smell of old and vintage book stores. The books tell their story but the smell speaks of history." Perfect new staff member for this vintage book store.

In the Clouds.

When the air gets misty and clouds form,
up on the mountain, we can get disoriented. 

We are used to looking at the side of the
mountain but with the clouds low, it's gone.

March 30, 2018

Perfect Find.

But we have no way to get it home. Isn't
it amazing? We need to send our old arm
chair in the Great Room back to our ds
and his wife, who asked us to keep it in
safekeeping for them when they lived on
the West Coast. But now they're back and
need to chair to fill their space. So we're
on the hunt for a replacement chair. Sigh ....

Quiet Monday.

After a busy Sunday, it was nice to sleep
in on Monday morning. We hot tubbed ....

.... then decided to head in to town for a
late lunch instead of an early breakfast.

Found a sweet little cafe on the waterfront.
With roses in cups and cool drinks to sip.

Dh had a pate of lamb and herbs and fresh bread
and pickled veggies. He really liked it. I had a taste.

But mine was even better. Fresh, homemade pasta
with shrimp, crab and scallops and fresh dill in an
alfredo sauce and fresh cheese bread. So good! I
hope to have this again when we're here this week.

Warm Dinner.


Our first night's dinner was simple affair
of Cream of Mushroom soup with fresh
bread and warm butter. Filling and all
we needed after a very long day of travel.

Claw Foot Heaven.

I remember sleeping over at my gramma and grampa's house when I was small and gramma would always give me a bath before bed. They had a massive claw foot tub in their bathroom and I remember always looking forward to the chance to practice my "swimming" in the big tub. It seemed to take forever to fill but soon I'd be paddling away until my gramma would finally pull me out of the now chilled water, the floor wet and the towels soaked. Years later, they sold that tiny, vintage house and moved to an apartment and I recall the first time I slept there as a young adult and walking into the bathroom and feeling so much nostalgia for the old claw foot that no longer existed. I've always hoped that one day I could have one. In our new house, we tried to fit one in but it didn't quite work. I still hold out hope that one day, we'll enjoy baths in a claw foot tub. There is always hope.

It was a wonderful surprise to discover the cottage has a claw foot. I couldn't wait for my first soak in the warm water. As large as this tub is, I wasn't able to do any laps around it like I did as a small child. But I still enjoyed the spaciousness and the nostalgia of a tub that brought back so many wonderful memories from a sacred childhood.

Inside the Cottage.

Come on in and tour the cottage.
It's cozy and warm but bright too.

The living room that is comfortable
and just big enough for a small crowd.

The antique Welsh cupboard in
the kitchen to hold the china.

The bedroom. It was cozy and quite
comfortable. Just right for the two of us.

A beautiful antique dresser, a small
walk in closet and two nice windows.

The window seat in the living room.
I loved sitting and watching the sea.

On our second day, we lit the fire as
the rain had started. The warmth was
so welcoming. All week, we've
had many fires, even when it's sunny.

Welcome ....

.... to a tour of our little cottage on 
our little island on our little holiday.

I love the picket fence and the arbor gate.
We will be doing this at home this Spring.

A English garden landscape, which is not
quite bloomed just yet but buds are there.

The front door has a sweet bench
on either side. So relaxing to sit on.

The back deck with the hot tub and
the patio area, including a bbq.

The Adirondack chairs waiting for us.
Door is open. Come on in to see inside ....