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June 9, 2013

Front Yard Garden.

Our front yard garden
is a mix of perennials that
have been gifted by friends
as well as some Fir Streets,
Mugo Pines, Cedars & a
mystery bush. I don't 
know all the names of
the plants, other than the
Cherry Blossom in the first
shot, so enjoy the visuals,
without any commentary!

We have some new perennials
to plant as well as some
Wildflower seeds & need
to create edging around the beds
like in the back yard. I'd like
to also create some kind of short
fencing to go around the 
perimeter of our property
to keep puppies out for 
walks their owners out
of our flowers!

Lots to do but it's fun
to watch the transformation.


Elizabethd said...

I agree with you, transformation of a garden is such a fulfilling thing.
I think your pink flowered plant looks like a phlox?

Chy said...

I think it is too. My friend who gifted us the plants when she moved from her house is coming over this week, so I'll confirm with her for sure. She dug up her plants because the new owners didn't want them and said they would be pulling them up, so she gave me half and planted the other half in her new yard. Sadly, many of hers died but mine have thrived! I'm going to now gift some of my new ones to her as I can split them.

~Carla~ said...

Lovely! My garden looked great for about 6 weeks but now needs weeded & I can't do it because I'll get hives/asthma attack. :( But I do love beautiful gardens!!

Chy said...

I usually take a few puffs on my inhaler & sometimes even a Reactine but this year has been so wet, it's not been a concern. I hope that the weeds magically disappear so you can enjoy your garden again Carla!