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June 24, 2013

Sweet Goodbye.

Yesterday, Mona from Wsprsweetly Of Cottages wrote the most heartfelt post called "Freedom", which was a timely move as we prepared yesterday to say goodbye to B, A & their sweet baby, L. Today, they pack up their car & start driving west, through the hills, the forests & the mountains as they head towards their new home by the sea. We're so excited for them but prior to reading Mona's post, I was also becoming quite the blubbering mess, crying at the silliest things all week & generally feeling low. Her words changed my outlook & last night, we had the most amazing gathering at our home to say goodbye. Instead of a tense time, everyone was relaxed & had a great time. I realize now that my own mood had a lot to do with how the evening transpired. Looking at this young couple with pride for our accomplishments in raising him well overtook my original feelings of dread that we would never see them again. We know that as parents, part of our job is raising our children to become independent souls, to send them out into the big world & let them fall as they need to & rise as they will. This couple will do well & today, we're proud to see them embark. 

We'll visit, they'll visit, we'll watch L grow from afar, with daily Instagram pictures, Skype & notes. There will be moments of longing to hold each of them but knowing that they are happier where they are meant to be vs. where we wish we could have them makes it easier. And truly, we'll end up living by the sea once again & they'll be that much closer to us at that point anyway! 

Win, win for all.


Cheapchick said...

Just another reason to move by the sea! Still very tough though.

Chy said...

Absolutely! Now both of our older boys will be there. Just have to convince the others to move west! I'm pretty sure we're set on the idea of having a little home on SSI & a little home here in SP. The best of both worlds!

Lorrie said...

It is hard to say goodbye to children moving away. When my husband and left for South America, before email and internet connections, my parents and his were so gracious. Yes, there were tears at the farewells, but we never felt held back - they encouraged us to live our lives. Now that I have grown children I can understand more of the grief and sadness that my parents felt.
I hope your dreams of living out here come true soon.

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie! Yes, it's a sad happy proud kind of time in our lives. We'll be out to SSI on Saturday & we'll continue to scout around for our perfect spot to live .... one day!