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August 31, 2017

My House in August #31: Blanket.

 We found this blanket at the Antique Mall
one day and couldn't believe how soft it is.

The hours of work that went in to it
and yet it was for sale, cast off and alone.


We were quite happy to make this vintage
and comfy blanket part of our living room.


My House in August #30: White.

It's hard to think about but it won't
be long at all before we look out our
windows and see a white landscape.
Not looking forward to the first storm.


My House in August #29: Kitchen.

Just one view of our sweet and
cosy kitchen. Our gathering spot.


My House in August #28: New.

I love when we get new dirt for the gardens.
It makes everything so fresh and new again.


My House in August #27: Leaves.

The leaves here are still green but if
 look close, you can see orange coming.


My House in August #26: Candle.

The candle at the end of our yoga
sessions. A warm blanket and light.


My House in August #25: Art.

Two decades of dreaming of having
our own Art Studio are coming to an
end. The dream is now real, minus
the flooring, window coverings and
two lights over the island. We are so
excited to have this precious space.


My House in August #24: Vase.

My little Holly Hobbie vase holding
pretty thistles from our garden.


My House in August #23: Stripes.

Stripes in the ceiling of the veranda.
And a sweet birds nest with babies.


My House in August #22: Chair.

We almost bought this chair a few
weeks ago for our Great Room.

But the color wasn't quite right and the
family that was selling it was super
"shady" and we couldn't wait to leave
the house. You can't always tell from
an email conversation if something is
legit but this just felt off. The guy was
a bit aggressive when we decided not
to take it so I'm glad we said no. Didn't
need any bad karma that might have
been attached to the chair in our home.


My House in August #21: Light It Up.

Can't wait to see our fireplace in
use this Winter. I love the glow
of the embers and the light that
fills and warms our bedroom. For
now, a shot of morning light from
the window, lighting up the box.


My House in August #20: Relax.

A favorite spot on our front veranda
to kick back and relax in the sunset.


My House in August #19: Cake.

On the 21st, we celebrated our tiny
daughter's birthday. She would have
turned 19 years old that day but on
her birthday, she arrived in our arms,
without opening her eyes or taking a
breath. We loved her before she was
born, we loved her the day she was
born and we continue to love her each
and every day, for now and forever.
Our little cake to honor sweet and tiny
Ciara~Rose Kennedi, our princess 
that we will cherish all our lives.


My House in August #18: Cosy.

I dread Winter but coming home to
this sweet house is heavenly for us.

A cosy home in the white landscape.

Just waiting for us to come through the door.

We still 2 years later marvel at our new
home. Our biggest home was that we'd
create a cosy home and I truly feel we've
succeeded in providing that in our setting.


August 28, 2017

My House in August #17: Paint.

 I'm an artist by trade but not a painter.
Now that I have an Art Studio, I'm learning.

I can't paint this good but hope one day to
have a steady enough hand to try a challenge.


August 27, 2017

My House in August #16: Bedroom.

Where we safely observed the total
eclipse the other day. We were so
exhausted and thankfully both had
the day off so this was our view point.


My House in August #15: Green.

Our new green armchair for the
living room is my choice for the
prompt "Green" today. Love this
comfy chair and the look it provides.


My House in August #14: Metallic.

We have been dreaming of a wooden
gazebo to add to our landscaping but
the price was a bit too high this year
with all the other things that are in 
our budget. So we took the gazebo
off the spreadsheet for now. Then we
found a bunch of great deals and our
budget bottom line went down. A
sale at our local greenhouses gave
us a new plan ~ a metal gazebo. We
went back and forth between this
one and another one big black one
at the other establishment. In the
end, we chose this more Victorian
styled version. And the price we
paid was at least 1/6th of the fee of
the wooden gazebo. For now, this is
our lovely compromise that we are
both excited about. And down the
road, once we have a few extra $'s,
we can sell this one, likely for more
than we paid for it and buy the
wooden one. Love this plan and
the style of this more vintage look.


My House in August #13: Photography.

I'm still learning on a daily basis how
to take great photgraphy shots.

I've discovered that I like to take pictures
from different angles and not always show
all the pieces of a shot. This one was a
tiny bouquet I received from my work.


My House in August #12: Favorite.

Last week, one of my summer students was
finished up all her hours. She is still going
to help us with our two big events this Fall
and help me continue to upgrade our tiny
website. I'm so grateful for her help and her
energy. And all her great ideas! She has truly
been such a great asset to us this year. On her
last day, she surprised me with my favorite
chocolates, along with two amazing gifts.
She was our true gift so I was humbled to be
thanked for her time with us. And she knew
that white chocolate from Purdy's is my favorite. 


August 25, 2017

My House in August #11: Shelfie.

My "shelfie" in my office at hospice.
A collection of kids books and many
for teens and adults as well. Teddies,
candles, thank you cards and my
lunch dishes. On top, "writing hat"
that I sometimes wear if I work out
in the garden while writing and the
wind is breezy. I love having a spot
in my office to store and display things.


August 21, 2017

My House in August #10: Happy Place.

A tiny little sneak peek at our almost
finished Art Studio. This is where I'll
set up my sewing machine so I can
continue to learn how to quilt. My
new happy place to create and dream.
Spacious, airy and nice and big.


My House in August #9: Flowers.

Our Wedding Anniversary was on
Friday and my dh surprised met at
my office with this precious gift
on Thursday. We've been enjoying
this bouquet ever since. I do truly
wish it could last forever and ever.


My House in August #8: Living Room.

Our living room .... a favorite place
to read, reflect and chat. I'd love to
find a nice cozy area rug to soften
it up a bit more. Love this space.


My House in August #7: Table.

The prompt for "My House in August
#7" was table, so I chose to showcase
the tiny night table that sits beside the
bed in our guest bedroom. It holds a
sweet little lamp and a vintage metal
wall hanging that I've rested on the
edge with a small bouquet of fabric
hydrangeas in light green and soft
pinks. This room is done in a variety
of light shades of pinks and greens.


My House in August #6: Color Pop.

Beautiful flowers that were so pretty in
the garden when they were in full bloom.
Slowly fading now but I hope to see them
again in the Spring, after a short winter.


My House in August #5: Outside.

I had a hard time choosing a picture
for tonights' photo challenge. We have
so many outside shots. Living in the
country has given us an amazing back
drop for capturing nature right outside
our front door. But this picture I took
a few weeks ago shows a lovely and
quiet evening on the veranda. with
warm sun and a quiet landscape. I
hope you like it as much as I do too.


August 16, 2017

My House in August #4: Dining.

I love our dining room. It's not quite
a finished room yet but still a favorite.

I love the peaceful calm and quiet it
alludes too. Before dinners of course.

A place of great food and infectious
laughter, teasing and good fun.


My House in August #3: Rug.

We decided that as much as we love our
hardwood floors, we wanted a bit of a
cushy feeling under our feet at times.
Especially in the winter when it's cold.

We stumbled across as sale one day and
fell in love with this very soft and very
plush area rug. It's hard to tell from this
angle but it's very thick, even too thick
to run the vacuum over it. So we rake
it and give it a good shake. Love it.


August 14, 2017

My House in August #2: Tiles.

One of the items that we had to choose
when we were building was tiles for
the kitchen. I found it excruciating as I
knew I wanted a vintage aged look.

Our builders' wife took me on a few
trips to their regular supplier and then
to another one they sometimes used.
It wasn't very successful at the time.

Then I went on my own one day and
ended up in the back of the warehouse
where they had a clearance section.
And that is where the perfect tile was.

Tile that had that tumbled look, with a
wide variance in color and tone but in
the same family. And tons and tons of
it so we could use it in many areas.

This is what we ended up with. Because
it was on clearance, we had a credit from
our builder that we used for upgrades with
other items. So happy with this choice and
how well it all came together in our new
home. No regrets at all with our tile choice.


August 11, 2017

Garden Colors.

Our garden is a mix of natural foilage and some
planted perennials and annuals. It is truly an ever
changing and evolving landscape. We know it
will take us years before it's exactly what we
truly want it to look like. For now, it is what it
is and what it is is an eclectic mix of colors and
fragrance. We have greens, whites, purples and a
bit of blue. Pretty, fresh and so very, very alive.