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June 26, 2013

Flood Watch!

We live beside the capital city of our province. It is currently under a Flood Watch. Below is a picture of the river that is high & expected to crest by Saturday night. Those trees are normally hovering over trails for walking. Now the trails are gone & the trees are falling into the river. Fast moving & filling up.

Bit nervous about leaving our home at a time like this but we don't live near the river so I think we'll be okay. Fingers crossed that the river begins to recede quickly so those in the more affected areas are not flooded out. Scary! And sad. 


Cheapchick said...

Very scary, there are still lots of houses way too close to the river. Hubby just left Alberta yesterday and said it was raining like cats and dogs.

Chy said...

Yesterday was bad for rain. No rain so far today. A bit of a reprieve and it looks good for the next few days. Warm and dry.

Friends of ours live in Riverdale. Trying to get a hold of them to see if they're ok. They have the most beautiful house they built just a few years ago. Hopefully, it's ok.

Lorrie said...

My sister-in-law and family live close to downtown and were evacuated. They are home now, with water damage in the basement.
This weather has been unbelievable for Alberta. I read an article yesterday that said channels and waterways in the Rockies have been changed forever and new mapping is required in places.
Stay safe and dry.

Chy said...

We're good here so far. Talked with our insurance company today & will be moving dh's film equipment from his basement office up to my studio for the next little while. We're far from the river but with the amount of rain we keep getting, sewer back up is the biggest concern ~ thankfully, we are covered for that but are still taking precautions. Waiting to hear from our son who is traveling through the mountains today on the way to the sea.

Lorrie, I'm sorry to learn your sister~in~law and family have had damage to their home. I hope it's not too bad and they are able to have it cleaned up quickly. So much mess every where. We're used to and always prepared for winter storms and wind in the summer but water like this is not something many of us know what to do with!