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June 5, 2013

Half Success!

My long list of items to tackle for yesterday didn't get completely completed but all the gardening items were addressed. The only thing I have left to do this morning is finish the weeds in the back garden & plant the two large pots that sit on either side of our garage. Once that is done, a bit more weeding, turning some dirt, I might plant the last few flowers right into the garden as I seem to have run out of pots! I still want to seed some wildflowers & create a herb garden but dh needs to construct me a raised bed for that one. Maybe on the weekend. A storm is brewing, with thunder & lightening in the forecast for early this afternoon, so I've got a time limit. Pictures of my pretty pots to follow!

Once my gardening is done, a long, hot bath is on the agenda (or cool, depending on how I feel), then it's "tackle the taxes" time! The bulk of it is done, but the fine tuning needs to be finalized. I started a press release, made calls, sent emails, wrote up the deposit, updated our organizations' various FB pages, updated the website & washed the floor. I didn't take time to input the receipts or box up the computer but I was happy with my accomplishments for today & am pretty confident the rest will all be done today. 

Back to work tomorrow. Pretty light day & then a BBQ in the evening for our local Arts Council. Dh is the President & I'm the VP. Our administrator is leaving after 8 years of  incredible work. So the BBQ is a celebration of her time with us & a goodbye, although she lives here & we're now all connected to her in different ways, so it's not a true goodbye! Should be a fun night. Hopefully, the bad storm on its way is just for today. 

I'm off to garden. Have a great day!!

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