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June 5, 2013


There is a huge storm brewing. 

Warnings are flashing across our 
tv screens & we've been well
cautioned to stay inside. Severe
thunder, lightening, wind, hail
& heavy rain are expected. 

I got 95% of my gardening done, 
just in time! Then had a long, 
hot bath, feeling the effects of
the pulling of weeds & the 
turning of dirt. 

Picked up warm, just baked
blueberry muffins & chocolate
milk for comfort tonight. I hate
with a passion thunder & 
lightening. We've altered our
plans so we can be home. 

Safe & sound!

The rumbles have started &
the wind has picked up. 
Sprinkles of rain are pitter
pattering on the roof. 

Wish us luck that in the
end, all will be well!

How do you weather 
a storm this big?

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