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August 13, 2014


Hi everyone!

I've fallen in love with old wicker and have collected a number of pieces for our future veranda. To date, we've bought 2 rockers (1 white, 1 green), 2 white chairs, 2 green chairs and some nice baskets to put plant pots in. I'd love to find a couch and a porch swing. Maybe a small table but waiting to see how much space we have once we're out in the country. Keeping my eyes open all the time for the next piece, look what I found today online, in our community: 

Wouldn't this be a sweet addition to the veranda? I can just picture it, sitting off to the side, with a soft crocheted blanket gently laid across the interior. I've sent a note to the seller to see if anyone else has expressed interest. Fingers crossed I get a positive reply back! Wish me luck. Send a blessing!!

Do you have a sweet veranda?
What special items grace your space?


Penny Miller said...

What a beautiful little pram! What fun to plan all the furnishings for your new house ! X

Chy said...

I just got an email back from the lady who was selling this but unfortunately, it sold the other day and she hadn't taken down the listing yet. But at least I now have a picture of what I'd love to have one day!